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2013-03-20 23:56:27
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Please add your name if you would like to join
EPS: Members
1.  [Lothuriel]
2.  [Yuriona]
3.  [Thistlewood]
4.  [Perplexity]
5.  [Misty Lady]
6.  [Ariandra]
7.  [NOOOPE]
8.  [Paul Doyle]
9.  [Kileaiya]
10. [Elisha Kelly]
11. [moonscale]
12. [banu]
13. [TheRogue]
14. [Gav.]
15. [sequeena_rae]
16. [Avrora_Black]
17. [nightenfall]
18. [MisLuck]
19. [Morningstar Rising]
20. [Mordigen]
21. [Viking]
22. [SilverFire]
23. [Alexi Ice]

24. [July 47]
25. [Kbird]

Elftown Paranormal Society

Username (or number or email):


2009-03-12 [Lothuriel]: Thanks for joining [SilverFire]! ^___^

2010-04-26 [July 47]: july 47 wold like to join

2013-03-20 [Lothuriel]: Welcome [Kbird]!

2013-03-21 [Kbird]: Thanks!

2013-03-21 [Lothuriel]: You are most welcome!

2013-03-21 [Kbird]: I thought this place had died.

2013-03-21 [Lothuriel]: Well, I suppose in a way it has. I still try to update and post here as often as possible. My job keeps my very busy and I travel a lot now. So, I have mostly left it for members to play around with. :)

2013-03-21 [Kbird]: Well as long as it can still be used!^-^

2013-03-21 [Lothuriel]: Absolutely! If I can be of any assistance at all, just let me know.

2013-03-21 [Kbird]: Okie dokie!

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