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Investigation gone wrong --- by [Mordigen]

Woot! I get to post the first story, go me ;P OK, well this is a story from a few years back of a pretty funny case (looking back at it now) that went completely and horribly wrong. For those of you who dont know, I'm in Atlanta, GA. I was doing some investigations with a group of friends of mine -- we're not an official group, never have been and probably never will be because we just dont have the finances to establish ourselves officially or professionally, but we have some basic equipment we've snatched off e-bay and get together every now and then for investigation of places we're interested in, has a "history" and such that we've gotten permission from the owners to look into, or by simple word-of-mouth amongst friends and associates to check out private homes if they want. OK so, we have Oakland cemetery here in atlanta, that was named as one of the Travel Channels top ten haunted cemeteries in the world....right across the highway from the cemetery happens to be some lofts that have a history. It used to be an asylum that has a dark history of patient abuse, malpractice and patient-on-patient murder, and inhumane "testings". It was shut down in the early 1900s, later it was re-opened as a factory and warehouse in the 50s, which came with a lot of reports of strange and suspicious events occuring, and a lot of unexplainble accidents IE-machinery randomly turning on unexpected, even without the keys, causing things like amputation of limbs and even death, and other stories of people mysteriously being "pushed" off the cat-walks into machinery and dying (ya know, they could have easily just tripped or fallen...but you know how stories go) and the factory was later closed because of the high rate of injuries and unfortunate deaths. It was left for sale and abandoned for YEARS, when in the early 90s a company bought it to renovate it into lofts. The project took many many years, and as each floor was finished, they started selling and leasing the condo's that were already finished while completing the renovations. These residents started reporting many strange and unexplainable events -- noises at night, screaming, clumping around behind the walls, some of the building equipment randomly turning on in the middle of the night even though there was no one around opperating it. Things like that.
OK, sounds spooky, we got permission to investigate the un-inhabited portion of the building that was still being renovated, but we weren't allowed access to the floors already finished and rented out -- understandble, its a huge building so we still had a lot to work with and were pretty psyched about it.
OK, so we got out team together, loaded up and headed off -- and from the very beginning it was just chaos. First off, we had a certain 'crew member' -IE, a friend, but we tried to stay as professional as possible why we're doing this, so we refer to each other as teammember or crew members while on an investigation...even though we werent official and just a bunch of friends. This guy is known to be a "runner" as we call them -- at a different investigation we were in south GA at an olde forte that had underground catacombs beneath it. At this place we saw a light coming from absolutely nowhere (there was no electrivity anywhere in the forte) and our flashlights were off at the moment. He flips, and takes off like a bat outta hell, with out map of the catacombs and out flash lights leaving me and the other girl i was with in complete pitch darkness lost in the middle of the catacombs....GREAT! It took us 45 minutes to find our way out of there, in which case we found the doorway leading out to the tiny island barely big enough for three people to stand on in the middle of the freakin lake.....fantastic. Took us another hour or so to find our way back out to the forte....the bastard.:P On another investigation we were at a private property that had a LONG history in one of GA and Tennessee's most wanted serial murderers. At which point a lot of the reported activity was coming from the basement, though the basement door was nailed and screwed shut, we managed to get the top half of the door down, and two members at a time climbed over the bottom half of the door and down the stairs to investigate -- we saw a shadow that looked to be aprox. 8' high jet past us and then we heared a rumbling coming up from the ground, and started hearing scratching noises all around us....this same guy proceeded to spew profanities, take a running head-first dive over the door out the house and took off into the woods-- just leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves pretty much. OK, knowing this we thought, hell no he's not going on the investigation, but not having that many people we were a bit behind without him, so we though, ok - no investigation, but he can be in charge of the equipment....WRONG. This asylum/factory/lofts happens to be in Cabbage Town -- for those not familiar with Atlanta or haven't heard this story before, i'll let you know that Cabbge Town is no place to venture into...It's like the epitomy of all projects of the slums of the ghetto of everything. INCOMPERABLE crime rate, notorious gang activity, robberies, muggings, murders, people blantaly and openly selling drugs on the street - not even attempting to hide it, hookers walking around nearly butt-ass naked making no attempts to hide what their selling, people soliciting the prostistue on the side of the road (yes, that means you can walk down the street and see people bent over car's going at it)'s a mess, really. Scary enough being in that neighborhood, let alone right across the street from a notorious cemetery in an olde asylum. Fantastic! Well, we go inside, try to start getting an idea of the place, figuring out where to do main investigations, where we want to set up a camera (as we are HIGHLY limited, we try to find the best place to put what we have) things of that nature -- well, this guy proceeds to start unloading the equipment and setting up......we set up that load, go back to get more equipmetn The van is STOLEN. Gone, No more. We sane people go back inside, get on the phones trying to call the police and make a report while this idiot stands outside -- he said he was going to try to talk to people see if anyone saw anything, but instead he ends up getting into a fight cussing people out....NOT good, ESPECIALLY in this neighborhood, are you kidding me? We're inside yelling at him to let it go, trying to talk to police, trying to calm him down as he's yelling at these people across the street, and there yelling back....only, the people across the street are slowly growing in numbers. We're all getting upset, pissed off, worried and at this point ready to just go the fuck home -- and this is only about 30-45 minutes after we got there, when all the sudden we here it --- gun him! TERRIFIC!!! SO now we got a group of angry thugs shooting at us, we all race up stairs from the lobbey, he finally gets the bright idea to shut the hell up and he runs inside after us, try to get on the elevator to find out that only the residents can use the elevator, you have to have a special key for it -- we run up the stairs, now YELLING at the 911 operator, run through the first door thats unlocked we can get through -- which slams behind us. The guys run back outside yeling up at us from the street, still fucking shooting at the building, which this jackass proceeds to start cussing back at them ...again, only pissing them off more...the stupid 911 operator puts us on HOLD...HOLD!!! wtf?? and then one of our other brilliant members pipes up, "i wonder why they stopped following us?" well shit -- I'm no one to COMPLAIN or QUESTION when a group of pissed off people with guns STOPS following us, but then we realize she was right, they didnt -- we go back to check the door and find out that it's some sort of olde special security door...which is LOCKED now, or simply stuck shut because it was so old, we dont know which, but all we know is that it wont budge now, we cant get it back open -- so here we are locked in a room up on who knows what floor of this place, without any keys to the elevator and no other door to get out of, with a lunatic of a friend yelling out the window, with people yelling and shooting at us, put on HOLD by 911 and a van with a good bit of equipment still in it that has been stolen.....great fun!! Eventually the cops get on the line, arriving -- a few of the guys get arrested, but a lot of them took off when the cops came, only for them to tell us that they have to have a locksmith come get us out because they dont have the proper equipment to get through the door, they only have lil shit that wont work on this door, and that they dont have the jurisdiction to contact any residents in the building to get a key for the elevator because that could possibly put them in danger too, and the building's owner wont answer his phone and have yet to call them back so they cant get any key from him to get us we have to sit there until they find a lock smith to get us out, till the wee hours of the morning, only when finally we get outta there our friend gets arrested too because he provoked the situation, and then the van is eventually found, but stripped and the equipment gone...who knows, probably sittin at a pawn shop or on ebay by that point and long gone.

Terrific! but no one got hurt, the guy got bailed out the next day and got a fine and community service, so he's just fine, the guy who owned the van insurance company settled and he got a new car, the guys who were yelling and shooting at us got locked up for some 10+ years because they, obviously, had other things they were wanted for too, and everything turned out was a HORRIBLE experience and a horrible night, but one we were surely never forget, and years later now, it is hilarious to look back at how horribly wrong everything went.



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