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2010-09-04 14:36:13
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Eragon review


Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Genre: Young-adult, Fantasy

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This is a re-read! The first time I read this book was right after it game out (I believe it was 2003).

This time I made it to pg 246 (softcover).

This time around, I couldn't get into Eragon. Quite frankly, I found it boring. The first time I read it, it was "the thing" to read. My brother read it. My dad read it. Some of my friends read it. Therefore I have people telling me "You have to read this book! It's so good." I do like the plot line, but getting there takes too long. I wish it was a book with "deleted scenes" because some stuff doesn't really need to be there. Paolini spends a lot of the time describing the world he created and what it looks like, that the characters get left standing.

Again, the plot line is good; it just takes too long to get there.
/ [*Phoenix*]

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2010-09-12 [Draymond]: To each their own.

2010-09-12 [*Phoenix*]: Ya, I really liked it the first time, but for some reason, I just couldn't get into it this time around. I think my taste in style of book has changed somewhat since then.

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