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This is a free rp-ing page, but it is set in a fantasy realm..and please not too much foul language and nothing inapropriate.
thank you

[Darth Jacein]

In the small two story tavern, next to a crystal blue lake, nestled between the woods and the mountains, two figures sat in the back of the tavern,in a darkened corner drinking tall mugs of god knows what.
Jace looked up at his brother Liam, the veritable definition of a nordic warrior. Liam's head was thrown back, the mug being downed for a third time. small droplets of the drink sat on two of the three braids his blond beard was made into."we need some fun." Liam shrugged and waved a tall fair haired elven bar maid over to the table, asking for a refill.The woman smiled and refilled the mug, giggling as Jace gave her a smile and a wink."We need to feed in a bit too."

The back door slid open just long for the cloaked figure of Zzeey Do'Urden to slip into the room, and join his friends."how goes it?"He said, sliding the cloak off, letting it rest on the chair, His ebon skinned hands running through his stark white hair. His two teal orbs scanning the room.

A piece of the roofing opened up, dropping bits of the thatched roof onto the floor. It closed and a figure draped in black-purple velvet cloaks dropped silently to the floor. It stood quickly, pulling back the hood and revealing a sweaty female face. She walked over to the bar counter, panting somewhat and handed some coins to the owner from a gloved hand.

He looked at the coins, then at her and retreated into his office. " 'Bout time you, paid, lady. Pick that thatch up while you're at it."

She smiled and laughed lightly, picking up a drink and falling onto a bar stool, hanging her head and not paying attention to the rest of the room.

Jace laughed at the grumbling owner, he apeared to be a surly dwarf,but he wasn't half as mean as he seemed. Jace walked over to the bar, ordering another pitcher of some ale. he sighed and eyed the woman at the bar."hi.."

The woman looked up and blinked at him. "Jace. Been a while. What brings you here?"

"Just meeting some friends.."Jace said nodding to his brother and their drow friend."wanna join us?"He asked aureus.
Across the tavern Liam and the drow where talking of swords."say what you like liam..the broad sword may work for you but the scimitars are my choice."Zzeey smiled, then his ears picked up Jace's conversation with aureus."Come sit, its been a while."

Aureus looked over to where he nodded and raised an eyebrow. "Sorry... Wasn't paying that much attention."
Standing up she shoved an extra chair at their table and looked at each person in turn. "It has been a while. What's everyone up to now?"

"Not much"Liam said, drinking from his mug. Jace nodded "Yeah same here." Zzeey stayed quiet, looking down at the small onyx panther figurine.Memories dancing in his eyes."I've been.. fine..."He said smiling a fake smile.his face a mask of happiness."i have missed you guys."

Aureus looked at Zzeey steadily out of the corner of her eye. She knew he wasn't 'fine.' But it wasn't like him to talk about it either. She'd let it go... for now. Turning her attention to the panther, she studied him nervously. "So this is who you keep talking about... I've never seen him before. you take pretty good care of him."

Zzeey looked at her and smiled."Yeah she take better care of me though..."he said, trying to be suttle about correcting aureus about the cats gender.

Her e yes gre big at him. "A... a she?! I see... I'm sorry, Milady. I didn't mean to get that wrong..."

She drew herself away from the big cat slightly, wondering if she would take revenge at her. "So... Zzeey, where have you and everyone else been? Not in the Underdark, again, have you?"

"Well...."They all said hesitantly."sort of..." Zzeey put away the cat and figurine."Yes and no.." He crossed his wrist's on the table.

The door to the tavern flew open with a gust of wind as a Feara walked underneath the frame her robes underneath her cloak flying in every direction. She struggles to shut it but finally manages to do so.

None of the other patrons noticed her but jace raised a mug and laughed."Feara,always one for a dramatic entrance eh? come and drink!" The female elf walked back over to the table, with a new pitcher and a new mug."thanks hun."Jace said with a wink and a grin.

Feara's face went bright pink, a bit from jealousy and a bit from what Jace said. "Well duh! And i see your flirting never stops either. I am still waiting for the day another elf slaps the crap out of you!" She said joining them.

Aureus slammed her forehead down on the table, then back up, glancing loftily at the woman. "Merry meet, milady." Leaning her elbows on the table, resting her head, she looked at him. "Care to tell me?"

Jace laughed at Feara, then looked to Zzeey and Aureus."well.."Zzeey started."Yes i will tell you, i went back down to try and forget this top world... but it didn't quite work, so i just..came back." Jace smiled and filled a cup and passed it to feara."and we are glad you ..umm drinks all around."Jace topped off the glasses and looked about nervously, this will end in a fight or everyone getting drunk, or close to ,and laughing.

Feara laughed with Jace taking the cup. "The same to you milady." She said turning to Zzeey, figuring the same thing, this would turn into an disagreement and all hell bracking lose. But it was something that needed to be done.

She sighed, sitting back in her chair and taking a gulp from her mug, nodding to Jace. "I forget.. What do you hate about this world, again?"

"I.."Zzeey paused. Jace sighed, this wont end well...

Aureus's purple eyes narrowed dangerously at Zzeey, the weary impatience for him coming forth again. "I forget how much you love secrets in this. Either tell me or don't. Don't start and never finish. It's not like I'll hate you for your answers, so quit making it hard on yourself."

A man wearing dark clothing and a black cloak walked in. a strange sword was strapped to his back. His eyes were a gold color and his hair was black coming near his waist. He wore a medallion of a dragon clasping a ruby around his neck.
He studied everyone in the room before setting down at a table his back facing the wall.

Jace, Liam, and Zzeey eyed the newcomer."I.. i didn't like bringing trouble."He said, his drow accent showing, slightly romainian."so uh..who wants to eat?and move to a larger table?"Jace said, trying to change the subject, also noticing the cramped small ,round table.

"That i agree to. I'll go order the food. The usual like old times?" Feara asked eying the new comer with a thought of logging for the evil power that she once had before. "Why is it when you give something up and go down another path it comes back and haunts the spirits out of you?" She mumbled.

A small dragon climbed on to the new comers shoulder he stared at it looking slightly annoyed. "Niada. You were supposed to remain in my pack." He sighed as the dragon curled up on his shoulder, its tail wrapping around his neck. His voice was fluent and elvish.

jace picked the table next to them, it would seat eight, giving them plenty of room."actually.."Liam began"I gotta go and get in the mood for a 'liquid' im out."He waved and walked out into the stormy night."ok..umm."Jace tried starting a conversation."Im sorry."Zzeey said, looking down at his hands.

The newcomer cocked his head as though listening to something, he sighed and walked over to their table. "May I join you?"

Jace looked up at the new person."I don't mind."He smiled and nodded to an empty seat."Zzeey ,its ok."Zzeey shook his head and walked to the bar, dodging the noisy patrons and the elven maid who was coming to take the new mans order, she was paying more attention to jace table then the dwarf bartender cared for but he didn't say anything.Ok any who, im jace, that brooding drow is Zzeey and this beautiful lady is feara."He said grinning, his fangs showing.

He sat in the chair with a smile."This is Niada, and my name is Arbain. Pleased to meet all of you.What do you know of what type of things are happening around here?'

Feara nodded her head at the man before finally taking off her cloak revealing long blond hair, elven ears, and a flowing red robes that signified her neutrality with the magic order. "Hello Arabin. Niada." She said in Dragon.

Niada purred happily.Hello Feara Arbain sighed an nodded, he removed his cloak to reveal black feathered wings. "Ahh much better." His elven looking ears were also revealed.

You are young no? She askes Niada still in her language. But looking around taking a sip of her drink.

Arbain looked into her eyes. Niada is only a hundred.She hasn't learned speech yet.Niada chirped happily

Well i am sure she will pretty soon. I can see it. That and start a small horde of her own soon. Huh Niada. Feara said with a big grin on her face leaning over to Niada and scratching underneath her chin.

Niada chirped happily. Arbain smiled. "So...about my previous question, what is happening around here?"

Aureus sighed, wondering if she had pushed him too far this time. She pushed him a lot, and she realized that. She only wanted him to open up a little bit, relax and have a normal conversation. She took off her cloak and put it on the seat of her chair, showing a near-open chest purple tunic and breeches, and a scimitar at her side.
Slipping quietly away, nodding to the newcommer, she followed Zzeey, and walked a few steps behind him. "Sorry, love... Can I help you now? Calm you down or something...?"

The door opened once again as an anthro black cat walked through, a large scar running down one eye, from forhead to the top of his lip, his jet black fur covered in thick pants and boots, leading up to a nice khaki jacket and thick rough, dirty, flaming red hair, he looked around his eyes narrowing slightly. Walking in a broadsword was visible, attached to his back, silently he walked to the bar, then, leaning against it he looked towards the bartender "Ale please." He asked curtiously. His hair was halfway down his back, half covering a symbol on the back of his jacket, his tail hung out and low, a normal feline's tail.

Feara watched the new commer walk through the door. Though there were many things about this person that caught her eye, the tail was the thing that interested her the most.  A tail, hmmm... interesting. I wonder.

Vanion noticed her staring and turned to her, his eyes narrowing, He recieved his drink and looked at her "What?" He asked, half rudely.

"Nothing nothing. I am sorry." She snapped back dropping her hand to her helt of her sword. She looked around servying the people in the taven.

Vanion's tail twitched as he turned back to the bar and took a drink of his ale.

Jace smiled at the newcomer."not too many anthros around here, where you from stranger?"He asked and sipped his mug.

Zzeey turned,looking aureus in the eye, then dropping his eyes to the floor."I'm fine, i just.."He paused and looked back up at her."Im sorry im not used to life up here."He grinned, nervously.

"Is it really that different up here? You don't have to run, you know. Just sit quietly. That's usually how people get socialized and used to things. Not running." She placed a hand gently on his shoulder. "Where were you going?"

Vanion raised his eyebrow "Im from the north shore. I was comming through with a friend, but we were ambushed, i managed to get out, but my friend died."

Arbain sighed and got up. He quickly covered his wings and hid Niada in his cloak.He headed over to the bar. "Have anything to eat sir?"

The red bearded dwarf look up at arbain from behind the bar."Whata ya like?" He asked in a growl, which recieved a laugh from jace."Master rumbledown isnt the most hospitable of hosts..isnt that right?"The dwarf growled again and then grinned."We have stew today, or some roast.."He sighed and walked into the kitchen, waiting for the answer.

"Yes things are very different here."Zzeey said."But.. i dont know where I was running.. I just.. left I supposse."He sighed and ran his hand through his hair, somthing he did when he was nervous.

Jace smiled at feara."So.. umm.. how've you been?"He smiled and refilled their glasses.

Feara looked at Jace. "Alright, been busy trying to keep from turning evil." She sad smiling.
Arbain feeling a little irritated became bold. "Anything that is edible." 

The bartender grumbled."Anythins IS edile, depending on how hungry you are..i'll bring you some stew in a minute."He said waving the customer away.

Across the room Jace smiled and nodded."Well thats an admirable task if i have ever heard one."He smiled, he smiled the smile only the suavest of teenage boys have naturally,a smile he has had for the last three hundred and some odd years."when and why did you give up the necro lifestyle?"He asked reclining back in his seat, bringing the front two legs off the ground."If you dont mind me asking that is."

"You dont remember. Ah well. I gave it up cuz of you all." SHe said leaning back taking a drink form her cup.

He tilted his head to the side, like a dog listening to a loud noise."Come again?" He ran a hand through his auburn hair , and began tieing it back into a ponytail.

Feara smiled watching jace for a moment. "YOu dont remember the good times do you. When we went off on those adventures."

He smiled."no i remember just fine, its just.. i dont see why you gave it up."

"I know i wonder that myself at times. I guess cuz i didn't want to turn on you all." Feara said taking another sip.

Jace shook his head grinning ."You shouldnt have, we werent worried. and besides do you not think that anyone of us does not run the risk of turning against one of his or her friends?"He set his chair legs down."I mean seriously, i wouldnt have done..but that is just me."He grinned and leaned back again.

Feara smiled sittin up. "I know, but it is such a dangerous magic. Besides I think i might have made the right choice."

He smiled and made an agreeing noise behind his mug."Thats good..."Jace said, a bit distracted, his eyes wondering the room for the elf woman."I wonder..."

"Such the fliter we are." Feara laughed looking around the room spotting her. "Are you sure she is interested in you?"

He laughed."No, never am really.."He smiled and watched the woman glide around the room serving other patrons."But it doesnt matter.. im taken."He smiled, somewhat hesitantly.

Arbain sat down seemingly muttering to himself.

The tall blond elf woman glided over to Arbain, setting a bowl of stew of the table, handing him a spoon."There you are."She smiled and glided away.

Arbain nodded a thanks before he began to eat.

"And when has that stoped you before? Huh." Feara let out a soft laugh motioning for the elf woman.

Arbain lessened closely appearing as though he hadn't heard their conversation.

Jace looked at her, his face full of mock surprise."Every time my dear, every time."He finished off his mug and refilled it, just as the elf woman came over to the table."Is there anything i can get you?"She asked looking at feara, her eyes daqrting between her and jace ,for just aq moment then settled back on feara.

Feara let out another laughed and looked up at the woman. "Yes can i get a bowel of soup please." She says giving Jace a mock expression of him when the woman is around.

Jace sighed and shook his head."Oh feara, what am i to do with you?"He said after the woman nodded and left."the soups cold, it will take a minute to heat up."The silvery voice called from the kitchen.

Feara nodded her head and looked at Jace. "Oh what will you do with me?" She says back mocking his face. "I am an innocent elf."

He laughed and shook his head."if only.."He siad smiling.He happend to glance up at the mirror behind the bar, he seemed paler than usual."hmm i have to feed soon."He said with a sigh.

Feara looked at him. "If only what?" She let out a shiver when he said he had to feed soon. "YOu know it is one thing i havent gotten used to is you feeding."

Arbain became thoughtful.Hmmmmm interesting a vampire, been awhile sense I saw one.

He intentionally ignored her question."I know, I still dont much like it, and i have been doing it for three hundred years."He said with a laugh."Dont tell anyone but im kinda squimesh."He grinned, and blushed, still rather pale though, he didn't have much fresh blood in him.

Feara rolled her eyes at Jace. "Yea yea yea. Wait you squimesh, now that is hard to believe after all the adventures we went on. Still haven't answered my question. If only what?"

he sighed,still trying to avoid the question."The adventures..well when we fought, i wasn't thinking, i just reacted.But when i feed..i don't know, i cant slip into that instinctual self..its odd."He looked down at his wrist, the tiny veins pumping blood. someone else's blood.He shuttered, it just didn't seem natural.

"Well you cant stop who you are." Feara was determined to get the answer so she scooted over and looked at him with ice blue eyes. "If only what?"

Arbain watched them still sipping his wine. Hmmmmm and one with a concionce too

He smiled."don't worry about it, it was a thought i shouldn't have had."He said, his green eyes sparkling."

Arbain continued to watch listening closely.

"Okay. You know me stubborn as hell. BUt you want to know something i think you right. I think i miss the dead way to much." She said taking a sip of her drink finnaly noticing Jace was a bit to pale. But decided not to say anything.

He smiled."So, whatcha gunna do?"He asked, Then he sighed and looked around. Reo should be here soon.

Vanion's ears had flicked around, hearing all conversations. Smiling to himself he finished his drink and turned, looking at the people that had been talking before running his fingers through his hair and calling out "How bout some old fashioned bar games?"

"I am going to go back to my old ways." Fear said smiling at Jace. She turned tworad Vanion. "What do you have in mind?"

Vanion smirked slightly "Shots, and arm wresteling."

Feara rolled her eyes and laughed. "Typical. Well dont look at me."

Jace cheered."Arm wrestling!Yeah!" he grinned."But umm anyway.. i think you should go back to your old suited you."He grinned.

Arbain tensed a little hearing the suggestion. Just what we need more necros

Feara nodded looking toward the kitchen. "I think i will. i am just worried about he consequences of going back to the evil ways."

Arbain listened carefully.

Jace laughed."Feara, you know just as well as i do that evil is all a matter of perspective."he leaned back in his chair."But consequences or something you have to deal with either way..."he said, somehow remaining neutral about his advice, an old habit.

Niada peaked her head out of his cloak, he started to feed her some meat from his stew.He still focused on their conversation.

"You know I hate it when you give both sides of the advise. It is soo annyoing at times. But that is why i love you." SHe says teasingly, pulling out a wand and looking at it. "Wonder if i can get as powerful as to call upon the bone dragon agian." She says more to herself than anything.

He shuttered,"dragons.."He didnt like to many of them,He could face down hundreds of enemies in a day, but dragons were not his cup of tea, especially dead ones."Well if you want me to give you one side of advice then here goes. You should start it again, it complimented you..personality."He grinned."plus the robes looked better."

Feara smiled. "Yes dragons, expesialy dead ones are the pets of necros this you should know. As to teh ropes i loved them, pure black and midnight. Oh how one could get lost in it. What do you mean it complimented my personality?" She asked iwth a raised eyebrow.

"well the carefree nature of fit the role very well, you didn't have to worry about as many,"He paused, thinking of the right word to use." some of the other magic users do."he shrugged and winced, rubbing his temple with two fingers.

Niada shivered hearing bone dragon.Arbain put a comforting hand on her head and stroked gently.

"True true. Just where to start is the thing. I think you need to go get yourself some food though Jace. YOu don't look to good." K'htressa said getting up speaking in a motherly tone.

He smiled weakly. "I think your right, its been a few days since i fed.."He stood."I'll.. be back."He waved and walked out into the storm that raged outside the safety of the tavern.

Arbain sighed, not sure weather to follow or not,Niada looked at him and emitted a series of chirping sounds.He seemed to understand her for he nodded a few times and seemed intent on listening to her.

Feara nodded moving to a table in the back as to not truly be seen by the non regulars of the tavern and casted a spell that stated she chose her path as a necromancer. As such her robes changed to midnight black and her eyes seemed to get a little bit lighter icy blue. "Ah this feels much better." SHe says in elven.

Jace had been running, but stopped once he reached the woods."ok.."he said panting, he closed his eyes and fell into the comfortable place in his mind."God i hate this."He shook his head, and stared up at the sky, rain falling in marble sized drops all around him.he screamed, changing into this form was allways painfull,his bones began to lengthen, cracking and reforming under his skin.his muscles stretched and bulged.His nose and mouth elongating, forming the razor maw of his hybrid state.His skin discoloring, a sickly grey, glinted in the night.His hunched form slunk through the trees, resembling a gain greyhound, he would feed tonight, like he dien every week, one night, just enough to get him through the week.this was his curse.

Arbain got up and left his hood over his face.He quickly followed Jace's trail.

Jace padded up to the small town near the tavern, a veritable buffet for the hybrid.Up on the wall of a house a man was climbing into a window. with a growl jace launched himself up , grabbing the man in his vise like jaws.

Arbain watched. atleast he is catching theives.He snuck closer keeping a close watch on the hybred.He wasn't sure wich he hated more, hybreds or vampires.He kept a firm hold on his weapons.

Jace looked up,His meal was spent,drained and picked almost clean, he looked to the cloaked figure. With a growl of warning he took a step back.

"Try it little puppy and you will regret it." Arbain promised remaining where he was.His hands still rested on th hilt of his sword.

jace shook his head and bounded off into the city.His nose scanning the air for another scent.

Arbain follwed swiftly.Damn this hybred is strangeer than any I have incountered before!

He lept over a small house, and turned, running town a street next to the one he was just on, and headed back to the trees.

"Come here puppy puppy puppy." Arbain said following him.

Jace ran further into the woods,snapping up a rabbit while he ran. dead leaves flying up in his wake.Rain falling harder, and wind blowing so hard, he had to fight to keep from falling over.

Arbain appeared a few feet in front of him. "Hello there, why are you running?"Smirks as he taps his sword against the ground.

Jace stopped and looked around.He didnt want a confrontation, but would give it if need be.He backed up a bit and lowered his ears, he was not yet growling.

"Strange, all of your kind I have incountered before lept at my throught, and yet here you are looking almost scared.Can you speak in this form?" Arbain asked, still looking relaxed, his sword tapping rithmically.

Jace gave a slow nod, and then sat, looking somewhat majestic, and somewhat like a malnurished six foot long Greyhound.

"Good.Is there another way you can live without feeding?"Arbain asked curiously.

Once more he shook his head.He could feed in the style of a vampire, but that ran the risk of turning someone.He would rather not do that.

"And do you only feed on the law breakers?"

Jace shrugged.

"What is that suppossed to mean?Do you feed on innocents too?"His hand flexes a little.

Jace sighed and walked away, he didnt have time for this. He heard a wolf howling in the distance. He took off towards the tavern.

Arbain gave chase.He didn't like questions going unanswered.

Jace stopped and faced arbain. crouching down he gave a low warning growl, his hears pressed flat to his head.He wanted to be left alone in peace, but this new man would obviously not give it, if he had too though , he would fight for it.

"You don't understand why I am asking you these things do you?"Arbain asked. Facing him.

Jace dropped to a crouch, but stopped growling. he listened for the mans explination.

"I need to know more about their eating habbits, and their ablities......I was bitten."

Jace tilted his head to the side, and reverted back to his human state."What?!"He asked shaking off the rain in his face. his pants hung in tatters on his waist and the shirt was gone, but he didnt care."Wolf, bat ,or hybrid?"

"Not sure...I woke up with the bite, I don't remeber what happened other than we were hunting, I guess it could be a werewolf but I'm not sure."Shakes head to clear the water.

"Come on, lets get back to the tavern."he said, there was alot to think about."where were you hunting?"He asked as the stepped back in to the tavern.

"Some hill with a table shaped like a dragon, I remeber fighting something, when I woke my.....friends were dead...and I had this bite."Sounds faint for a moment.

"Well, i dont kow what to tell you, each one of us is diferent, so.."He paused.

"What?"Asks tensely.

"Well there aren't to many of us out there, as far as i know its just me and my brother, but there might me more.Not too many, but more none the less."He grinned."i think you may have been bitten by a wolf mate."He said sitting back at the table, his face slightly rosy and his skin warm, like it allways is after feeding.He could almost pass for human.

Arbain sat down across from him, his head resting on his left hand. "It's not a good thing you know.I was suppossed to hunt them.What do you suggest I do to return to normal?I was once told there was a way do you know it?"

Jace had been looking down at the table untill the mention of a way to go back."You mean like a cure?"He asked, his head darting up to look at arbain."where did you hear of this?"

"Only few know of the cure as you mettioned it my dear friend." Fear said approaching Jace and Arbain. "But not muttered at all. I would like to know how you came across of knowing it." She said in a stern voice standing behinde jace in her newly midnight black robes.

Jace looked up at his friend."I know nothing of it, but "He turned to face feara."is it true, is there a way to become human again?"His eyes were bright, with hopes and fresh blood.

"Yes there is my dear friend. But I have not told you for I dont bealive it can be done properly without hurting the person." She said trying not to dash his hopes but not tell him a lie either. "But yes there is Jace. I have known of it since I joined the dark robes when I was younger. For it was something a handful of us were taught to do." She continues with a sad voice.

"But it can be done?"he persisted.Not wanting to haer a no."how?"

Feara sighs. "Yes it can be done. How I will not say in such openess. But there is away. " She says starting to smile very evily.

"I know the way......the elders of my village knew it and taught it to us, only those talented and capable of the knowledge were told.It is a dangerous process. I was hoping there was another way,but it may be the only one.Tell me necromancer what way do you know?"Arbain asked looking up at her.

Aurora steps out of the darkened forest and into the sunlight. She smirks as a wolf rubs up against her leg. 'Yes we are back.'

Jace sighed, he couldnt become human, he never was one. but still he might be able to help arbain, and he would get feara to help the man if it killed him.

A tall slinder blonde figure floated down softly from the tree tops."its been a while."The french vampire said, his accent sound off in the night.he grinned and dusted some pollen off of his pin stripe jacket, and matching pants.

Didn't even bat an eyelash, "Talking to me?" Aurora keep her eyes straight. The wolf at her side, turned to look at the person who had spoken.

Lestat smiled."No, the gorgeous woman behind you.."He dropped his hand near the hilt of his black katana. ready, but not threatning, and hoped he hadnt made a mistake.

"Oh Lestat." Aurora turned around to get a look at her old friend. "Drop the hand my friend."

Lestat laughed."My apologies.. i've become a bit paranoid."He grinned."how have you been?"

Aurora placed her gloved hands on her hips, "No hug? No suprise?" She blew on her hair, getting it out of her eyes, 'I am well Lestat'

He smiled."Well..."He suddenly stepped up from behind her, giving her hug."Thats good, but you could be a bit more enthused."

A huge smile crosses Aurora's crimson lips. She threw her arms aruond his neck, "I have missed you so much Lestat!!!'

He smiled down at her."And i you..but tell me.. how are the others?"His voice was calm, but his eyes were buzzing with excitment.

"Others?" her tone was confusion. It dawned on her, "Oh ya mean Jace and Zzeey.... I do not know my friend. I have been away myself."

he sighed, and looked to the tavern."they're in there..Jace and Zzeey.. But Zzeey is talking to aureus..shall we go surprise jace?"He asked, making a theatrical gesture to the taver."it is rather wet out here."He held his hands up, catching the rain.

Aurora lightly laughed, she tilted her head, mouth opened catching the drops. "Yes please."

Jace had just finished his thought as the door burst open, and in dnaced two ghost from his past, arbain and his delima was compleatly forgotten."YE GODS!"He said as he rushed over to hug aurora."Its been so long!"He said grinning.

Aurora gripped her friend in her arms, tears welling up, "Jace...oh Jace..." She didn't want to let go. She turned her head and kissed his cheek, "I have sorely missed you my friend." Bumping against their legs was Sadron, also wanting attenion.

Lestat rolled his eyes and walked to the bar, receiving wary glances from the patrons."Brandy."He said to the dwarf bartender.
Jace however was extatic ."So have i!"He looked down at the little creature."Hello..."

"This Jace is Sadron, a loner who decided in joining me on my travels." She reached down and scratched behind his ears. Heart this is my wonderful friend Jace I told you about him, as well as Lestat and soon Aureus.

Jace smiled."oh hey check this out!"He walked to his pack and pulled out a small sword hilt, just the hilt."I found it in my travels.. it has drow ritten all over it."he said, and it was true. It had spider carvings all over it. the cross gaurd was a small spider, on its back with its legs slightly bent, making a small circle."I thought it might have been a torch but.. thats not it."He ran his fingers over the spiraling spider legs."It.. i dont know how to describe it..but its a sword."He laughed. He was just holding a handle, no blade just a handle."It sounds crazy huh..."

Aurora gazed at it for a long while. "Where did you find it exactly? Was there any other artifacts?" While she was gone, she had picked up the Drow language and symbolism.

"no see the thing is..i found it on the surface, no where near any known passageways to the underdark. and that was the only thing...other than the bodies."He grimaced. he had come across a party of drow, all of the bodies seemd to be bound at the wrists and linked together by chains on the ankle.The heads had been cut off, the skin cauterized."it was in a human hand..."he said, slightly puzzled.

"Human or drow bodies?" She was still examining the hilt. It was oddly familiar but she hadn't been to the Underdark in a few months. That was how she came across Sadron, who was captured and was being held.

"Drow, and one human"He said."But the blade was active then.. it was black and glowing.. like it was made of..i dont or lightning.. or some sort of energy...and when i picked it up it shut off and i cant get it to turn back on."

"The drow bodies were chained together?" She kept firing questions.

"Yeah, like prisoners.."he said, thinking."like they..were killed in cold blood."

Aureus smiled. "Well then, come on and let's try again." She tugged him by his hand back into the main tavern room. Immediately, she spotted Aurora and ran over to hug her.

"Aurora! You're back! You look well. What have you been doing? And look, you have your wolf friend with you. Hello, there. You still don't like me, do you?" She bent down and looked into his eyes.

Zzeey's heart spiked for a second at aureus touch, then he spotted aurora. "Hey-"He was cut off by aureus ramblings.He chuckled, he didnt mind."Never was one for conversations."He said. As he walked out in to the main room, he noticed that the dwarf was closing up the taver, and tossing jace the keys."lock up when you leave hybrid.."He was saying, leaving the friends the whole tavern to them selves.

Lestat smiled at feara."long time no see my necro friend."He grinned a toothy grin, his fangs showing."how are you?"

Aureus grabbed Zzeey's hand, holding him in the room. She turned to the blonde. "I'm sorry. We haven't met yet, but you seem to know my friends pretty well. My name is Aureus. Who are you?"

Feara looked at Arbain, "I know two dangerous ways of preforming such an act and both takes a toll on the caster and the victim. But-" She looked up at Lestat and totaly lost her since of mind and just stared at him for a few seconds before blinking back to reality. "M-My good friend. Long time no see for sure Lestat. I am doing alright. Just takin some time for everyone. How have you been?"

"I have been amazing actually."He said, smiling.He turned to aureus."We have met...once.."He looked over the room, now empty except for the friends." have you been?"Lestat said hesitantly."Fine."the drow replied somewhat heartlessly, and lestat did not blame him. He wouldn't want to talk to himself either, if he were in Zzeey's shoes.

Feara seemed to had missed the whole Zzeey not talking to Lestat but figured if it was something needed telling it would be told and left it at that. "So it looks like we have the place to our lovely selves.." Feara commented with a tone dripped with evil thoughts.

Aureus froze, her grip on Zzeey weakening. Lestat... Zzeey's last lover, which apparently, they can't be together even if they did have feelings for each other. She glanced biefly at his ebon face, wondering what he was thinking at the moment. "I see... And how have you been doing?"

Zzeey tightend his grip on Aureus' hand."Well."Lestat said smiling tightly,somewhat sorrowfully. there was a tense moment.Jace was the one to break it."So what do you have in mind feara? I saw the glint in your eyes..."

"Oh not a lot but a little of something." She says the glint still in her eyes as she taps a finger to her chin. "I belive i still have a spell book that has some helpful rearangemenst and improvement spells that could make this place seem a bit more conforting." She said smilling evily.

Jace laughed, and lestat grinned."What are you planning?"They said in unision.

"Something a little more fun and yet enough to tell people i am back." She said still smiling but moving to her pack adn pulling out a spell book leafing thought it.

Zzeey scooted away, slightly wary,and jace made the sign of the cross, at which lestat rolled his eyes."what are we in for exactly?"Jace asked.

Feara looked up pointing to a spell in the book as to not lose her place. "Oh come now. I wont kill you. Just spice this place up a we bit." She said laughing at Zzeey and Jace. She lookes back down at the spell. THough i dont know what the dwarf will say when he comes back in the morining."

"probabbly..'What in the nine hells happen!?'..or some variant."Jace said grinning.

"Something of the sort though i think he might go on a hunting spree." With that she starts chanting to the spell and room begins to go pitch black.

Zzeey gripped aureus hand just a little bit harder, and jace gasped.Once more lestat rolled his eyes."Whats.."Jace began to ask, but decided against it.

Slowly, the blackness began to retract leaving a dungeon like room behinde hit. "Hmm, not this is a bit better. Whats what Jace?" She askes still concentrating on the room.</b>

"Gunna happen.."He said, looking around.

"Home and much more secreative and fun." She said as teh blackness started to reveal a more medevil type taven but with stone walls and black seating and a midnight black wall. "ALl you have to do is think of what you want more and it will happen." She says smiling.

Lestat grinned."No"Jace said sternly.Zzeey laughed."Im not sure this is a good idea..."Jace said eyeing lestat,who was eyeing Zzeey.

Aurora bombarded by the many questions, she was left speechless. Prisoners? Doesn't make sense. Hating to interrupt, she asked, "Jace where are these bodies?" She already had a plan in mind.

Feara turned and eyes all three of them. "Ah, come now it is only a spot o'fun! Why is it such a bad idea? Though the only thing that can be thought up to add is like furniture and such like..." Feara raised and eyebrow. Hearing Aurora, she turns and looks at her. "Bodies??"

Aurora shruged a shoulder, then reaching for Jace, she pulled him aside so they could finish their earlier conversation. "E'cuse us."

Feara nods her head moving out of the way and taking a seat on a black chair. "So you two going to add anything? THe spell is almost up?" She asks looking at Zzeey and Lestat.

"Honestly."Zzeey said looking around."It cant get any better."He said smiling at his friends, his first real smile in ages."I cant think of anything."He finished."I sure as hell can!"Lestat said grinning."we need furniture.. not these ..chairs.."he said grinning, imagining his furniture from his youth. all silk and fur and high backed. gold in layed arm rests and fine oak tables."Hmmm"He said contently.

"About a days journey , but this was weeks ago.. the bodies wont be intact, if there at all."He sighed and scratched his bare chest.

"Picture it in your mind for me Jace." Aurora placed on hand on the side of his head. "I need vivid picturing."

"Ok"He said. This wouldnt be hard, he didnt forget anything.
His eyes closed and his mind returned to the scene on the side of the road.The bodies where bruised and clearly had been tortured, the hands were bound at the wrists behind them, and the ankles were all liked together, to keep them from running.The clothes where not drow clothes ,but rags that seemed to be just thrown on them.The heads were no where to be found,and the neck woulds were all clean, and clearly a single chop.There were three males and two females."Thats what disturbs me the most."Jace said, still remembering,and the veiw point shifted, as if the person whose eyes they were looking through had turned, and obviously they had, this was jace's memory. the image of the pale human arm holding the spider sword hilt was vivid. the blade was glowing and black, and seemed to be made from pure energy. jace reached down and picked it up, the color faded and the blade dissapeared.
thats where the memory ended."So.."Jace asked, stepping back.

Having those images in her head, Aurora spoke, "Blade was hot, red hot. Blows were cauterized. Makes sense, no blood no trail..." Aurora dropped her hand, eyebrows furrowed. After a moment, she looked up her whole facial features changed. "Thanks Jace." She didn't say more, letting him go back to what she took him away from.

"wait...Whats up?"he couldnt just let it drop like that."Oh hey Zzeey,catch."Jace tossed Zzeey the sword hilt.The drow cought it in one hand, not even looking."so anyways whats-"He was cut off by shouts of surprise,Jace turned ."what the hell?"He asked, The blade was on, glowing bright green."I.."Zzeey started.

Aurora didn't have time to stop Jace from throwing the hilt to Zzeey. She wasn't even surprised that it glowed. Damn it to all.

"What just happend?"Jace asked."Its a..i've seen one of these before."Zzeey said."They... where did you get it?"Zzeey stammered. He closed his eyes and handed the blade to lestat."Facinating."He said as the blade turned black."what the hell."Jace said in surprise.

Liam stumbles in drunk as always and looks around. His attention is caught by the blade. He looks a little closer and pulls out his sword and slurs what sounds like a "HA!" as he passes out and falls on the floor.

Aureus looked over to Liam and quirked and eyebrow. Walking over to him, she lifted him up and put his arm over her shoulders. "Care to sit down, my friend?"

Liam looks over at Aureus plainly then a look of suprise over took his face. "HEEEEEYYYYYYY! I KNOW YOU! Howzya" pauses as he burps as politely as possible "beenz Au-re-us?"

She laughed loudly and smiled, brining him over to a fur couch and laying him down. "I've been well. What exactly have you been doing? And don't say drinking, we all know that already."

"Drinkin, hah I didn't say it I win." Liam smiles childishly looking back to the floor "Aureus I can't walk, can you go get my baby please?" Liam points a shaking arm to his sword lying on the floor.

She rolled her eyes. "Fine, fine. What if I didn't?" She grinned at him cruelly.

"Pwease." Liam looks at Aureus with puppy dog eyes and pulls his bottem lip out sniffing a couple of times.

She grunted and picked it up for him, handing it to him hilt-first. "Where've you been?"

Liam takes the sword from her stands up and puts it back in its sheith and sobering up from the question said "Thanks" in a somewhat depressed manner. "I'll tell you someday. But for now look..." He lifts up his shirt showing her the rune carved into his chest, then puts one finger up as a blood red and black flame ignites on his finger the rune on his chest glows. "I picked a little something up from where i was though something that may come in use." He puts his finger back down the flame and the rune both stop glowing.

Feara smiled at the furninture that appeared but made sure the chair she was sitting on didn't go anywhere. "Yes that is a lot better." She said chanting the finnal last words of the spell sealing what was ever in the room. She looked up when she was done and stared at Liam. "Drinking we have again?"

Liam looks at Feara and like magic is back to his drunken state "Heh only a little." Liam walks over to the bar and asks for some bread trying to sober up.

Hearing a familiar voice, Aurora spins around and then groans at what she sees.

With a mouth half-full of bread Liam looks around wondering who groaned and for what reason...pauses...then notices it's Aurora swallows the bread then runs gaily to her and hugs her "AURORA! HOW HAVE YOU BEEN?"

Aurora tries to push Liam away, not cause she didn't want to see him, it was just his breath. "Well for starters hun, please lower your voice, and step away." She gave his cheek a quick kiss.

"Heh heh" Liam scratches the back of his head, "sorry about that Aurora. So how have you been?"

Feara put her book back in her bag and got up and walked behinde the counter taking a bone cup and filled it with elven wine and watched Liam.

Liam pauses thinking Aurora is mad at him and walks back to the counter "So Feara..." He pauses to look her in the eye, "What's up?"

Feara looks back into your eyes with her pure icy blue ones. "Oh nothing much just being my normal necromancer self." She says smiling evily before taking a drink. "Want anything to drink Liam?"

Liam stares back with a small smile on his face, "I think I've had one too many already, my dear. So are you seeing any dead guys? Or are you still single?" Smiles a little more jokingly.

Feara nods taking another sip but chokes on it before finnaly getting it down. "You know how to catch one off guard dont you. No i am not seeing any guys. Why?" She asks suspisously.

"Well you know me, by nature I'm a flirt." He pauses taking a bite of bread and swallows it "Wouldn't want to get my ass handed to me by a hoard of zombies." He waves his hand for her to come closer.

She smiles and move closer. "Now that would only be if you piss me or another necro off." She said playfully.

"I'd watch meself with him.' Aurora says to Feara jokingly.

Jace smiled."natural flirt..right..."Jace sigghed and shook his head.Zzeey looked to liam and nodded."Hello son!"Lestat said, sounding somewhat like the stereotype father from a fifties sitcom.

"And he knows not to do that." piped Aurora, who had come into the converstation, standing next to Liam.

Arbain shook his head in confusion and started to leave.He would probably be better off trying to get answers else where, but suddenly he froze and turned to Jace. "When is the next full moon?"

Liam sighs a bit, "I know that for sure," pauses for a minute and gently piches Feara's cheek "but I wouldn't dare do that to my cute little Feara." chuckles a bit "I'm joking darling I just didn't want to pick too hard if you had a man. And besides" Lights the flame on the back of his hand and uses a cheesy line he saw a drow use before looks her in the eye pulls closer to her ear and softly says "You keep me in flames...litterally" extends his hand and forms the flame into a heart then slowly brings it back down to an ember.

Aurora chooses at that moment to leave quietly and head out the door.

Arbain sighs and leaves. <Great on top of all my other worries I have to worry about turning!</i>

"Don't worry it's not for another couple of nights." Liam looks back at Arbain seeing he's already left, "Well nevermind I guess..." He then turns his attention to Aurora "Well i guess it's just you and me mono-e-mono so," he puts a hand gently on her head "How have things been working out?" Makes a gun with his other hand and shoots a small black and red flame ball at Jace's thigh only big enough to get his attention.

"Well been away for a while now. Wandering here and there."

"Well it's good to have you back," Liam reaches over and hugs Aurora close trying to hold back tears "but next time...please tell me where you're going...I miss you when you're not around..." he hugs her a little tighter resting his head on her shoulder. "I know you can take care of yourself but...I don't know what I would do if I ever lost you..."

Aurora hugs Liam right back, knowing she should of told him, but she needed to get away. "I'm so sorry Liam." She leaned back and caressed his cheek, "Listen I'll always be with you sweetheart. No matter what, okay?"

"I know but...if something happened to you...I wouldn't be able to even look at my own reflection in a glass...because the burden i would have to face is..." looks back at her with tearfilled eyes, "is that I'll always hate myself for not being there..."

"Then you'll just have to die with me then." Aurora was trying to lighten the gloomy mood.

"Thats when I'd meet you on the other side." pulls out a silver stake "Keep it in handy just in case." He waves the steak as he speaks winks at Aurora then reinserts it into his pocket "Although I know I'm going to hell OI BROTHER?"

Aurora just shook her head.

"Ah I'm only picking." Wraps an arm around her neck in a brotherly love fasion "But seriously if you get into trouble send me a message I'll be there as quick as you can think of me"

Oh you know I will sweetheart. Aurora spoke to his mind.

Liam looks back at her looking her in the eye ich liebe dich remember that

She didn't understand what he had said, she just smiled in turn.

Liam smiles and puts a hand on her cheek I hope to tell you what it means one day just more of an incentive for you to keep alive

Aurora's whole face took on a new emotion, one she hadn't shown for a long while. Liam? Please don't make me cry.

Liam smiled lightly The only tears that I wish to make fall from your eyes are tears of happiness.

Then keep me staying alive. She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tight.

Your happiness is all I ever really wanted ever since I met you Aurora...(slight pause)...breathe deep, pace yourself, and stay alive as well ok? I'll do my best to keep my rucus down to a minimum. hugging her back he faded out into a sort of trance state I wish I could freeze time and stay in this very moment forever but unfortunately I can only offer you this embrace for as long as it lasts so lets make it last shall we? He lays his head on her shoulder.

Yes of course...anything you want my heart. She stood on her toes so he could better rest his head on her shoulder. Her arms were still around his neck. Always know that I love you Liam, now and forever, through hell and high water.

As will I be with you please don't ever forget He keeps her held close Aurora...I must go...but please take care of yourself ok? I promise you I'll be back. with that Liam ends the embrace looks her in the eye kisses her forhead and walks away.

Aurora drops her arms from his neck. Till later then Liam.

I'm sorry I intended to stay longer but...on my way back I got a job request I have to go make some money... Liam looks back at a quick glance knowing it may be the last time to see her. He looks her in the eye and nods, then turns his attention to everyone else "Til next we meet, I'll buy the food, drink, and entertainment! So please stay close and do not split up until I've returned. Goodbye for now everyone, Aurora..." He tosses her a book All of my personal feelings are written in that book keep it close to your heart. Remember a big man no matter how brutal always has a soft side. Goodbye for now Aurora.

Arbain reentered the tavern muttering colorfully. "Damn the road out of town is blocked!The storms damaged the bridge."

"Not the way I'm going," Liam picks up a violin and starts to play as he walks "oh and Arbain don't fret the moon isn't full for...I would saaayy...3 more nights." He waves the violin bow, "I'll see you guys later."

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