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Banner by [Vampire Akis]

We are freaks and we can admit it proudly.
We are different, unique, rebelious, and we have peircings,
tattoos, and many other things that make us different. To
become a member and help me lighten this page up a bit contact.

Members and How They Are Freaks:
1. [Lady Alexiel] GRRRR! cool people are always putting freaks just like me down. GRRRRRR!
2. [ForfitTheGame]
3. [Kurus_Dreaon]
4. [Your Christ Is Dead]
5. [ll]
6. [wimplo350]
7. [Vampire Akis]
8. [Lady_Elowyn] I'm not tatooed or pierced or anything... but I think I'm freakish enough....
9. [♥Lex;;™] Yeah sumtimes... uhhh... what was i talking about again?
10. [Evil Ducky] freak on elfpack & freak on elftown Who are you again??? oh no RAPE RAPE!!!!! *runs into brick wall*
11. [Blood Sucking Beauty]
12. [{SaRcAsTiC *lOsS *oF* tHe *SuBcOnSiOuS*}] why does everybody have to stare at me when i go out? hmmmm.... oh well i dont give a FUCK!!!!
13. [Eyonic] I'd rather stick with the outcasts who are true friends you stupid preps!

Crazy Pictures Of Members And Crazy Things:

Crazy Phrases, Quotes, And Words:
-Jones where Smith had had 'had' had had. Had had "had had" had the examiner's approval.
Find out what it means. ;) [Vampire Akis]

'My cock is much bigger than yours! My cock can walk right throught the door with a feeling so pure it's got you screaming back for more! *barks*' [Vampire Akis]

Username (or number or email):


2009-03-26 [WildKitty4]: I got sent to Centennial Peaks mental hospital over the summer. ^_^ I was only there for five days for self-mutilation. (a.k.a. cutting, burning, hitting myself, etc.) Other than that, nothing interesting has happened in my life. I have big scoop on my boyfriend, but I really don't think anyone cares so I'm not going to bother. ^_^

2009-03-27 [Evil Ducky]: Eh I've just been having relationship drama so I decided to stop dating for a while

2009-03-27 [WildKitty4]: Good job. I'm proud. I turned 18 and got my lip pierced. That's about everything physically different with me.

2009-03-27 [Evil Ducky]: Mmmmm
Growing my hair out? Got my ears gauged....ummmm.....I'm on the swim team?
That's all the new stuff abouts me

2009-03-27 [WildKitty4]: How old are you???

2009-03-27 [Evil Ducky]: 16

2011-04-09 [Vampire Akis]: boo

2011-04-09 [Eyonic]: boo hoo?

2011-04-10 [Vampire Akis]: no boo be scared :P

2011-04-10 [Eyonic]: o.o scared... eep!

2011-04-12 [Vampire Akis]: :P

2011-04-14 [Dragon Wolf]: holy hell it lives

2011-04-14 [Eyonic]: >.> it does?

2011-04-21 [Vampire Akis]: yeah I'm alive xD

2011-04-28 [Dragon Wolf]: yay for liveliness...

2011-06-15 [♥Lex;;™]: i think i just died.

2011-06-16 [Dragon Wolf]: Then how are you talking? O.o

2011-06-18 [♥Lex;;™]: im a fucking zombie dude.

2011-07-20 [Dragon Wolf]: fair enough

2012-02-29 [Evil Ducky]: Wutsup peoples

2012-03-03 [Eyonic]: o.o ducky :O

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