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Username: [Lin Star] ...

Name: Fyrae Maredra (Fear-ay Mare-ray-drah)

Race: Half-God, Half-Seamarin ...

Gender: Female ...

Age: 286 ...

Powers: White (Colorless) Mage some mastery over basic offensive/defensive spells
complete mastery of neutral spells
can also slow time for herself and those near her
(distance relative, time relative)

Occupation: Princess of and Emissary from ... (Need Ocean Name)

Appearance: Fyrae has dull olive colored skin with off-color markings all around her body that appear a more turquoise color. She has very elvish ears, coming to a point far off of her head, but with the impression of a fin, rather than an actual ear, even in a humanoid form. Her eyes are the mirror of the ocean, green and blue swirling constantly. At a first glance, her hair appears a short crop cut, what people call a pixie cut, but closer inspection would reveal it was only her bangs that appeared as such, with a face frame. The back of her hair had grown long enough to brush her heels when she walks. Usually, she ties her hair together at the nape of her neck and keeps the length in front of her shoulder, rarely leaving it down whilst in a humanoid form, but rarely tying it up whilst a seamarin. The color matches her scale color in a gradient tone, a dull green at the roots with a steel blue color at the tips, no matter the length of her hair at any given point. She stands at an amazing 213.5 (approx. 7') cm, almost 214 cm tall and weighs approximately 98 kilos (216 lb.). Her bulk is mostly muscle, 75-85% being leg muscles. She's slenderly built with her height in her legs, rather than her torso, and has very long, sleek limbs. Along her chin line, ulna (the flat part of the forearm), tibia (aka: shin) and spine are visible scale-like markings that feel as soft as the rest of her skin, simply colored and shiny. (like fish)

For clothing, she wears simple garments that seem to have formed from the ocean naturally. Her strange array of outfits include broken fishing nets, sunken clothing torn to suit her active style, and empty sea shells. Should she be in the ocean, she would add star fish to the whole ensemble. Currently, she has on a one-shoulder "wrap" of a thin broken fishing net made to catch minnow, a band of dull-colored wrinkled material across her chest underneath the netting wrap. She has on a similar piece shaped like a loin cloth that hangs to just above her knees. A thin twisted strip of the same netting was used to hang it around her hips, and add a second around the outside, slightly lower than her hips to keep things in place.
Seamarins can come in many different aquatic forms. Fyrae inherited a similar appearance to her mother with the exception of her scale color and ear shape. Her ears stay the same as in her humanoid form while her hips begin a 'coating' of scales that create a lengthy base with elegant fins sprouting at the end. From the base of her neck and along her spine erupts a sharp fin that runs along to where one could assume her knees would form from. Her hands become slightly webbed between her flexible fingers and also beneath her arms. A thin film covers her eyes to prevent infiltration from contamination in any kind of water and allow her to see where she's going, not that she couldn't find her way around already, having highly sensitive skin to begin with. When she's in this form, usually she forgoes any kind of clothing or decoration, her hair acting as some kind of coverage over some certain parts, otherwise, she's wear the same kind of top and carries the same weaponry/travel gear.

In the case of royalty, special clothing has been set aside specifically for official duty of royals. She only carries the simplest of these garments with her, to be used in humanoid form mostly, with her as a precaution. That clothing is built of a strange metallic-type substance and crafted specifically for Fyrae as no piece made from the metal has ever been copied. Hers resembles a fishing net across her shoulders but swirls around her breasts, leaving her stomach bare. A very fine, thin, white sheer cloth hangs from it to the ground, split down the center. She also has a flexible white cloth, similarly fine to the sheer cloth but not transparent, with a similarly swirled metallic belt that covers from her hips to her mid-thighs. The cloth, wherever used, flows with any kind of movement, appearing to ripple with no wind only because the cloth reacts with much more sensitivity to mirror the seamarin's skin. With a head band of the same metal swirled in the same way as her garments, a crest has been placed in the center. It points towards her nose and can rest on or underneath her hair. She also has two wrist bands and ankle bands in a similar manor without the crest.

History: When your mother's the only parent you start off with, she's the one you spend most of your time with. Fyrae's always been rather alone in the world considering her heritage. Ever since birth, she was a different child. Marin, her mother, had been against the Chaos and fought along side her brother with Maloryn and Xandra. Her brother had died, causing her more distress than most other creatures considering the nature of seamarin to always be with another. After being thrown into the Elvan-Tiger war and the dragon king was killed, she returned to her home in the ocean. On the way home, she had met Aion, the god of Time. Fyrae never asked about the story, knowing about the "birds and the bees," or in her case, the "fish and the sea."
Aion had always been a part of her life, even if he is a neutral god and the woman he had child with chose to fight for the good of the world. Fyrae's story began long enough ago that she had known of, at least, most of the second generation following her mother's. She had since spent her time living under the ocean's surface, learning their ways as she appeared far more seamarine-like than elvan. With knowledge on general weaponry, adjusted to the difference of being completely submerged, Fyrae returned to the land for exploratory and emissary duties to her mother's kingdom.
Fyrae's got a tough outer shell and is hard to become friends with, even though she's one of the best kinds of friends. She puts up a front as needed and has been a great help to those who need it. She enjoys strangers' company versus people she knows because that feeling is much more strange to her than not knowing. (Kinda like the more she knows, the less she wants to be around, simply because she's semi-antisocial.)
She is also the daughter of the queen of the ocean (which has yet to be named) and hence, a princess.
She hasn't really met anyone but she knows of them and probably knows a lot of them.

Also, I can naturally assume that the more hidden and less-integrated of species known as the seamarin are quite informed of the land creatures and of the Chaos War which their current queen, Marin, had previously participated in and has sent her daughter, after a million years of training and education, as emissary to aid in defeating Rilion.

She carries with her a spear-like staff that's a good 30 cm above her head (12") and comes to a finely chiseled point. She also carries an old sailor's sack filled with most general traveling items. It's small, about 30 cm by 45 cm (12" by about 18"), and hangs from her shoulder, bunched into a cylindrical-type bag. (think messenger bag) ...




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2009-07-29 [Lin Star]: That's okay. I'll change it to 280+something in the one No biggie. ;D

The rest of her's okay?

2009-07-29 [Flisky]: Looks good to me.

2009-07-29 [Lin Star]: Awesome. :D Now I gotta catch up on the RP and then think of a way to join I take it most modernized technology (like phones and cars and junk) are out of the question? (Since it seems very ancient-style

2009-07-29 [Flisky]: There are some magical things, but yes, that stuff is out.

2009-07-29 [Lin Star]: That's what I thought. This is totally going to be a great sort of fun and I'm so excited to be part of it!!! *bounces in chair*

2009-07-30 [Amanda Bastian]: whoa.. how do you separate it into columns like that???

2009-07-30 [Lin Star]: Um...table pseudo HTML? :D I'm just pretty good at coding.
I can let you see it in editing form if you want.

2009-07-30 [Amanda Bastian]: please lol
I used to be good at coding >< I took Web design

2009-07-30 [Lin Star]: Well...I used to be on here long ago, so getting back into the grove became simple for me. (I ended up researching HTML to refresh my memory. They have a page for it...I'll get you the link, for future reference.)
And don't worry. :D You can totally jock my table idea. I just like organization. 8D

2009-07-30 [Lin Star]: It's Pseudo HTML. :D There ya go! Have fun, sweetheart. x3

2009-07-31 [Lin Star]: Flisk, I forgot to put in what her hair looked like and added some more information about what she looks like in the water. I also figured, since she is a princess from a place that is barely contacted, that she should also have some kind of official 'dress' for official emissary/princess duties, if you don't mind me taking liberty on it...>,>;

2009-07-31 [Flisky]: Looks good. ^_^

2009-07-31 [Amanda Bastian]: lol thanks!!
so what brought you back? ^^

2009-08-01 [Lin Star]: I got off ET for school. It's over and I start college in a few weeks. I figured, why not go back? I loved my time on here and I wanted to see everyone again. I had left when activity became low (since school and everything, but that's beside the point) which made me think that most people wouldn't be online here very often, but the people I talk to most are on here all the time, it seems. *nods*
I also like making new friends too, and figured I could convince people of joining, too. xD

2009-08-01 [Lin Star]: And thanks, Flisk. ;D I'm glad.

2009-08-01 [Flisky]: *grins* I talk to everyone. I'm just cool like that.

2009-08-01 [Lin Star]: I wish I was cool like that. xD

2009-08-01 [Flisky]: When I went on vacay for only five days, I came back to the entire screen filled with wikis, member changes, diaries, and no kidding, 20 some odd messages.

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