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Okay.. So my daughter wanted a pen-pal.. She tried to get the tooth Fairy to be her pen-pal, but she said that she was too busy.. but she had a friend that might want to trade notes with her.

So.. for this, I cut up small paper for parchment this is about 3X4 inches, dyed it with coffee grounds, distressed it, then baked it under the broiler, and burned the edges.. all the text is written tiny with Micron 005 pen and I try to disguise my handwriting best I can... I colored this with rose petals, leaves, dandelion fluff, and wandering jews.

My daughter keeps asking her what she looks like, and drawing pictures of fairies, to which Gris keeps laughing and saying I look nothing like that!

My scanner sucks.

True Story..
/ [Anvikit]

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