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Perfect Tommy leaned back in his chair with a grin on his face. "Diamond Lil, eh? Now that's a bird. I heard about her before I ever saw her. Government Biometrical Design at it's best."

* * ************************************************ *  *

She walked in with the crowd of hopefuls at the Blue Blaze Irregulars recruitment center, scoring perfects on her tests and her physical aptitude made one of the watching Cavaliers take notice.
Reno, always on the hunt for a new wife, called over Perfect Tommy to watch a replay of the endurance test of a lanky blond who called herself Diamond Lil.

"Are you seeing what I'm seeing?," the short Italian pointed at the observation screen, where Lil was helping a fellow hopeful get past a particularly hard part, her eyes watching everyone and everything nearby. "Helpful, observant, built like that...I think I'm in love."

Perfect Tommy leaned in closer to watch. If there was a girl to get inbetween Reno and Pecos... he sat up straight. "She's not even breaking a sweat." He shook his head at Reno. "Not for you, my Brother. There is something off about her."
"Aw, man. You always say that." Reno chuffed. "I'm going down to the bonfire to talk to her." He walked down the hall to join the recruits, and PT reached for his iPhone to run a background check on the girl. Later, at dinner, Diamond Lil was the subject of conversation between the inner core.

"She has no background. I mean nothing. I don't even know how she made it past the primary screening process." Tommy shook his blue-haired head. "I don't like it. Even Hanoi Xan leaves a trail."

Pecos, a little Korean woman with drumsticks shoved into her belt loops, wagged her fork at he colorful bandmate. "She said she has sisters, and it shows. She wasn't the first to cross the line in this afternoon's test, but she was in the top three."

"She was holding back!" Tommy's voice was building in intensity, if not volume. The tension he had in his normally calm voice made Rawhide and Buckaroo listen intently.

"You wanna try her on the advanced course, to prove her?" Pecos jabbed at him. "She has just as many bruises on her as the rest of them, she breathes, laughs, and has just as many ghosts in her eyes as the best of us."

"So, maybe we find out about those "Ghosts" in her past, " Rawhide leaned into the conversation. Ever the Security Boss, his interest was piqued. Looking at Buckaroo, he nodded. "Let her join. If she's Hanoi Xan's, we'll find out soon enough."

Reno looked surprised, "Maybe the Lectroids are a pert of it too." his sarcasm wasn't lost on Pecos, who smacked him in the arm.

*  * *************************************** *  *
Tommy found her in the garage, talking with Sam. She looked like she was hanging onto every word the mechanic was telling her about the jetcar.

"Sam!" Tommy walked into the conversation, "The jetcar is NOT to be discussed outside of the Cavaliers!" Sam stood up, caught in his breach of the most sacred of rules, and looked at Lil as if he didn't realize what he had been talking about.

Diamond Lil looked confused, "Jetcar? He was talking about a prototype motorcycle that he had plans to make. And it's not like the jetcar is a secret. I read about the trans-dimensional mountain trip years ago." She smiled at the bassist. "Tommy, right? Oh wait," she thought for about half a second, "Perfect Tommy." She nodded to herself.

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