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Contests [iippo] and [ally] have entered or plan on entering.

Open Contests that...

...Neither have entered:

What if... Deadline: April

... [ally] has entered:

Thus we heal
[ally] has entered a WoW priest x)

urban hieroglyphs
[ally] has entered a traphic sign bathing in the sun
[iippo] is host of this contest

Song Styles part deux
[ally] entered

art corner Deadline: 20 aug
[ally] entered

...[iippo] has entered:

Art of the Natural Nude Contest Deadline: end of august
[ally] wonders if this contest is dead
[iippo] Submitted "Because it is natural to dream"

Darkness, Humor & Mad Skillz Revisited ?
[iippo] Entered "Star Wars Centrefold", may make another one
[ally] won't enter this one...

Ink It Up No deadline yet!
[iippo] Done and entered 2
[ally] mebbe

Photo Forum - Current contest: Joy
[iippo]: Entered
[ally]: If I find a good subject I'll enter
Update: good subjects are hard to find...

From Paper To Skin No deadline yet
[iippo] Entered Fishy leg hennas
[ally] nah

DC art contest
[iippo] - Batman and Poison Ivy

GreekGoddess Contest Deadline: 25 entries
[ally] plans to enter
[iippo] Entered Hera and Gaia

Race Against Time Contest
[iippo]: Entered

...Both have entered:

Wrapped in a Canvas of Blank Paper
[ally]: entered Paper Wings
[iippo]: Entered

Closed Contests:

tentacles of insanity contest 
[ally] didn't enter
[iippo] didn't enter

Halfling Vices Deadline: 8 aug
[ally] entered a while ago.
[iippo] Didn't enter
Voting in process in the wiki

General Manga Art Contest deadline: 20 Sept
[iippo] done and entered "Anyone remember the hippies" and "Merry Christmas from cK"
[ally] done and entered
Vote in <poll:61814>

Art A Story Contest Deadline: oct maximum entries: 30
[ally] not started yet
[iippo] work being planned and sketched, but not properly started yet
Vote in <poll:61802>

HeraldContestArena - A Heralder Wedding Deadline: 15 Sept
[ally] done and entered
[iippo] Won't enter
Being judged, I suppose.

Creature Feature Contest Deadline: 20 aug
[ally] done and entered
[iippo] didn't enter
Over and winner was [Amerthyst]

Fables & Fairytales Contest Deadline: end of august (deadline extended)
[ally] didn't enter
[iippo] didn't enter
Winner [Yncke]

Best of your Race Badge Competition Deadline 5th Nov
[iippo] Entered a duck

A Coloring Competition! Deadline: 20 entries
[ally] Didn't enter
[iippo] Didn't enter

Bald Beauties Contest Deadline: 20 Entries
[iippo] Didn't enter
[ally] Didn't enter

Darkness come to life. No deadline yet
[ally] Entered and won 3rd place!
[iippo] Entered

Incarnations of Immortality Deadline: 20 Entries
[iippo] Forget 'Luck' that's in Finland with no change of getting it. But I'll do something.
[ally] Sounds interesting

Animated GIF Contest
[iippo] - Hmm, yes. Deffinately.
[ally] doesn't know how to make them

Kissing Contest
[ally] Entered
[iippo]: Entered and won hosts favourite

song Styles
[iippo]: Entered and won third place!

Done in Paint Voting in progres
[ally] done and entered

Morbid Fae Contest 2 Deadline: 30 Entries
[iippo] Some strange oekaki-mess... Ehh... -_-
[ally] Idem

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2005-08-29 [Linn Scarlett]: if you say so, i thought Godiva was a dutch thing, cause ive refered to it more often, but nobody ever heared of it *shrugs* anyhow, he isnt godiva, nor do i think a viking/saxon in his right mind owuld ride naked trough a village...then again, they just about might... if they are really confident that it will attract ' tha ladies'

2005-08-29 [ally]: *is still curious about the contest iippo was talking about*

2005-08-29 [iippo]: Godiva is a Coventry thing. And it's a big thing in there. They have statues of her, many places are called Godiva this and that and Peeping Tom etc... You know the way some clocks have little people come out of them to bang bells or something like that when it's full hour? Coventry has Godiva ride out of the clock and by it and Peeping Tom come out from a window above. Anyways, it's late now. Good night.

2005-08-29 [Linn Scarlett]: *cracks up laughing like an idiot*

2005-09-03 [iippo]: Hoee, what contest are you technically hosting allsen? Oh, and I was thinking that there should be a musical-contest. Having to illustrate a scene from a musical, or make a poster for one or something, criteria would be how well the mood of the musical is there and how the music is portraied in the piece...

2005-09-03 [ally]: Itay's fan art contest, but it was actually more of a joke than a serious contest and it died right after the first entry XD. Problem with hosting a contest is that you can't enter it. Hm musical contest seems like a good idea...

2005-09-03 [Janouk]: (I'm working on one actually :p)

2005-09-04 [ally]: No way XD Hehe well I just saw there were two entries, so maybe I should take more care of it ....

2005-09-05 [ally]: Ack so many contests. I should get to work. Good thing my exams are almost over.

2005-09-06 [iippo]: ^^;; I'm searching as many contests as possible, all the time...

2005-09-06 [ally]: Will have a busy after-exam-time ...

2005-09-07 [iippo]: Wha? After-exam? Why? I thought busyness ends when exams end?

2005-09-07 [ally]: Hmm yeah usually it is like that. But the there's a month of vacation that has to be made up for ^_^

2005-10-05 [ally]: I so have to work on my entries -_-, gonna do the song-styles one of these days

2005-10-06 [iippo]: Heh. I have a feeling I won't be able to do too many. Maybe if I work pencils only, but nothing on the computer anyway.

2005-10-06 [iippo]: We should have a link to MC in here.

2005-10-06 [ally]: Idem // Oh why? Well feel free to add...

2005-11-24 [Linn Scarlett]: ahhhhh *was going to participate in some contest about anything celtic but lost the link* death and damnation!

2005-11-25 [iippo]: Search for it, maybe they put the word 'celtic' in the keywords (if they were smart).

2005-11-25 [Linn Scarlett]: hmm good point

2005-12-25 [iippo]: Thumbnail: crop a piece of your image and save as a separate file. Upload both to ET. Use the img-tag on the thumbnail and put the URL of the actual image under it.

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