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[iippo]'s favourites

((Sorry about the lack of 'u' in the link -.-))

This page has no value to any of you (well, unless you like me and want to see what I like ^'^; ). It is only for me, since i use internet in so many places and can't add my favorites to "the favorites" sections. so i have an online favorites section. This here.

Tell me if there is a broken link.

[NEW! Now with Sub-categories!]

Webcomics I read:
These two are about role-playing (WoW-kind and normal kind)
This one is about... a wombat. >_>

For iippo's interest only
You have to be pretty weird and special to find interest in these...
Coventry City Library online catalogue search
Finnish-English online dictionary
Hmm, lemme check. Oh yeah, how to make a sriyantra. Don't bother, it is too hard.
Hideously amusing comic, at least if you have played Monkey Island 1.
Downloadable olde DOS-games, some of which work with Win, some need an emulator DOS-box (also available there) ad some need real DOS (which no one in this world even has anymore -_-)
Freeware programs listings...

General Interest
Many people may find these interesting.,%20The
Song-facts about Beatles-songs
Themes in paintings
Learn the art of debate! =D
Another artist.
Fractals? Not sure, have a peep.
The World's mood!

These are funky... Click if you are bored or want to see something oddly.
A strange, kind thing. I like it, nice idea.
It's better that I don't tell you what it is... just... click.
Cool art
This is so intriguing, look! Look!
Something that Greco showed me... English-Old English dictionary. O.o
Well. It's the moon. Go figure.
A tv-show online, without a TV...
No comments.
I don't quite know what the heck this is - I found it when searching the web for Georges Rouault...
Special happenings - in Finnish.
If anything has ever made anyone curious, this is it.
Bored? Go here. Needs flash.

Somethign to learn. It means you need to spend time on these.
A bit about learning Flash.
Reading about manga/anime/Japan-in-Western-world
Stuff about constellations. Interesting.
You know where that word came from, what is it's base meaning? Check it out.
Learn language
About the golden section.
Poetry by F.P.A.
Articles about the Roaring Twenties.
Schooner vocabulary

Fun shite
Have to link to this here... ^_^;
Cool game, join it, you despotes!
A cool puzzle, go solve it.
Three flash-musicvideos of three Beatles-songs. The first one is the most ace thing ever!
A game I want to work, but it keeps saying my browser doesn't support Java, so I need to find a computer that does (out of thousands of uni-comps... wish me luck) Knowing Finnish may help, but isn't necessary, I spose.
The man who made Leisure Suit Larry. This whole page is an endless mine of mirth!
The 30-second bunnies. A personal favourite.
New bunnisation coming today (5th of September)!
Monty Python in listenable and downloadable form. w00tah!
The best Donald Duck comicist's (Don Rosa's) DD-comics online. YOU CAN READ THE ACTUAL STORIES!!! O_O ^'^ *happy dance yeah yeah)

My to-see movie list. Link here so I won't lose it.

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2005-09-23 [iippo]: one for me and one for me

2005-10-29 [iippo]: This is strange enough to get in here:

2005-11-16 [iippo]:  XD Suppose it's safest to just put this under "for iippo only" XD XD

2006-01-16 [iippo]: Whee, howgeeky

2006-02-03 [iippo]:   !! The Kevin Bacon theory calculator! Yay!

2006-02-09 [iippo]:

2006-04-02 [iippo]: Wewt. Watch the clip for The Kid.

2006-05-29 [iippo]: Feff, that was such a cool page too. T_T

2006-11-17 [iippo]: <-- Harpo Talking, sound and video clips.

2007-01-07 [iippo]:
Different language stuffs, and the Finnish version seems accurate enough. Not broad vocabs, but might be useful.

2007-04-07 [iippo]: This looks pretty cool:

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