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The dying sun sunk slowly behind the mountains. The bustling city below calmed it’s beat as the traffic dissipated and the now empty streets glowed with the light of two hundred fairies when the streetlamps flickered on.
“I hate fairies!” Sana grumbled.
Beside her Gowan sighed and ruffled his pale spiky hair. She always grumbled about one thing or another, at first it had really annoyed him but now he knew her, knew how funny and charming she could be, he had become immune to it. Sana grumbled, and that was it.
“Don’t scratch! It’ll get infected!” she nagged
“I can’t help it,” Gowan replied calmly, still scratching at his new tattoo. His left arm was going red. “I…what are you doing?” on the wall in front of him Sana had flipped her lithe body up into a hand stand.
“What?” she said flicking her hair defiantly, “I’m doing a handstand.”
“Because I like doing them, you can’t control me like you do your sister.”
“Watch me!” she stuck out her tongue in response.
“Speaking of which wasn’t your darling sibling supposed to meet us at sundown?”
“Sorry I’m late,” Apologized the blonde as she slipped silently over the wall “Nice underwear Sana.”
“Why thank you.”
“What kept you?” asked Gowan solemnly tightening his wristbands.
“Oh Lucius, you know him, there’s always something he’s wanting to be rushed off to.”
“Still waiting hand and foot on that long haired, hippy, poof, are you?”
“He’s not a poof, he’s…”
“Izzy, why do you even hang out with him, huh? He’s a mortal, he’ll never make you happy!” added Sana
“Not in the long term no, but he’s alright for a laugh.”
“As far as I’m concerned, the thing a mortal is good for… is food. C’mon I’m starved.” Gowan started to move off still scratching his new tattoo.
“Blood bar?” suggested Sana skipping to catch up to her idol.
“Nah, I’m thinking something more, shall we say, fresh.” He added with a grin
“Alright!” smiled Sana linking her arm through his, “Coming Issanda?” she shouted over her shoulder.
“If I must.” She sighed, tying up her hair.

The trio wandered slowly into the night, chatting and joking away. On the outside they seemed your average teenagers heading out for a good time at one of the local bars, but inwardly they peered down alleys switching to night vision, searching for the perfect victim: Big enough for all three of them but not too fatty, too much fat meant their fangs wouldn’t penetrate to the veins and too small a victim would mean that they would have to kill again and too many bodies was dangerous.
Turning on to Cherry Street, Gowan’s ears picked up, he turned to a doorway on the other side of the street and motioned to Sana.
“I’m on it.” she whispered. Taking a deep breath she sprinted forward a few steps and leapt into the air. She flew twenty meters into the side of the apartments opposite before extending her claws into the brick. Having got a strong grip on the surface of the building she wheeled around so she was facing downwards and began to stalk down the wall.

Meanwhile Gowan and Izzy had split up, Gowan angling his way to the left and Izzy wandering innocently along to the right. Their victim, a lanky hobo, shifted in his sleep, trying to find the most comfortable position on the cold, hard concrete steps.
Sana reached him first, creeping over the doorframe and…
“Owwww!” cried Izzy, the other two jumped and spun to face her with annoyed looks. She had blown their stealthy approach to pieces. The hobo woke with barely enough time to scream as Sana pounced.
“I stepped on some glass.” Sobbed Izzy as Sana battled to keep the hobo under control.
“Oh your God! How many times have I told you to wear shoes on hunts? Now we’ll leave a blood trail you Twaz!” Whispered Gowan
“Sorry.” She whimpered
“Gee, Thanks for all the help you guys are giving me!” called Sana, her every word oozing sarcasm.
Gowan left Izzy and approached the struggling pair as a figure leapt from the shadows and preceded to mace Sana. In the confusion the hobo ripped himself free and speed down the street.
Switching targets Gowan leapt upon the man and wrestled the bottle from him, he was about to take it a step further when Izzy pulled him off the newcomer.
“No Gowan! Don’t!”
“What the hell are you doing?” Gowan yelled back making for the man again.
“Stop, it’s Lucius you idiot!”
“Ahem,” Izzy took a breath, calming herself, “Gowan, this is my boyfriend, Lucius. Lucius meet the psycho who calls himself my brother.”
The man straightened his silk shirt, rearranged his hair and extended his hand as a greeting.
“It’s a pleasure to meet…” his voice wavered under Gowan’s cold stare.
“Well, there goes that meal.” remarked Sana having recovered from her brush with pepper-spray.
“Indeed. And it would seem that we have dear Lucius to thank for it.” Spat Gowan, all his hatred for mankind glowing unguarded in his eyes. “Maybe he’d like to serve as replacement?”
“Gowan, shut up!” Izzy whispered pointedly.
“What’s he talking about?” Lucius directed at Izzy.
“Nothing,” She said a little too quickly, “He, uh, he’s had a bit to drink, not entirely with it.” She smiled nervously, hoping her lame excuse would work.
“Fangs!” coughed Sana. Izzy gasped and retracted her fangs as Lucius began to back away.
“Lucius it’s not…”
“The hell…”
“Please, you don’t…”
“Are you?”
They were advancing down the street as Lucius searched frantically for a way out.
Gowan rolled his eyes, “Less chat more splat!” he cried leaping on Lucius fangs and claws extended.
“Nooooo!” Izzy’s scream echoed through the street.

To be continued…

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2006-08-27 [EmeraldGrizzly]: I like it, nice format :)

2006-08-28 [Titanium Tiger]: awsome I like it its thrilling!!^_^

2006-09-25 [Life Drones On]: Hmmmmmmm. Will Izzy forgive her brother and mend her broken heart?

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