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These are all old, I'm shrinking them.

<img0*50:stuff/Kaimee_jacket> <img0*50:stuff/Kaimee_whoremakeup> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_swingbub> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_reading!> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_thinkybub> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_goddamnit> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_goddamntree> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_yellow> <img0*50:stuff/Kaimee_sock> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_rakuka> <img0*50:stuff/Kaimee_ha.jpg> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_roommess1> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_roommess2> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_bedhair%20XD> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_chinX).jpg> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_librarian_ohgod.jpg> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_bored.jpg> <img0*50:stuff/Kai_raku11.jpg> <img0*50:> <img0*50:stuff/kai_mirror.jpg> <img0*50:> <img0*50:stuff/kaishawl.jpg> <img0*50:stuff/kai.pjs.jpg> <img0*50:stuff/kai.hair_gah.jpg> <img0*50:stuff/kai_fox.jpg> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_eating.jpg> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_binishouse.jpg> <img0*50:stuff/kai_bwkate.jpg> <img0*50:stuff/kai_sillyfurjacket.jpg> <img0*50:stuff/kai_puterinbed.jpg>

More recent things...

Half a face for isi :P Only half! Mwahaha! Me glaring at puter trying to turn off webcam which is forever set to 'on' >.<
Muchly snoozy sleepy blurry middle of teh night photo.


TO BLUE OR NOT TO BLUE? :O (Kaimee went crazy)

For ittai - trying to find non messy photos of my.. habitat... >.>

A boy.. ignore that, that's my bed and my wall with my... crooked pictures.. damn. Messy.
A wall and some pillows and a pillow kitten :D

Another bed bed :O

Shelves! :O Stuff! Blurry!


For anyone "lucky" enough to catch me online drunk the other night... no idea what I think I'm doing with my hand... and a special one for isi...
<img:stuff/kai_drunkies.jpg>  <img:stuff/kai_drunkiestaketwo.jpg>

This is akaime on no sleep and lots of data entryand lots of tired burning eyes of deadness. But my hair smells good. Like sleepng.

I am supposedly tidying after having a crazy frenzy and rearranging things and now I have to put them back because, well, I am a crazy person. But instead I am lazy, and so I am photographing thec only thing I have tidied so far, which was some towel folding.
P.S How lovely is my lovely new frame for my peaceful lovely poster? Past 1am I am allowed to say lovely up to 5 times in a sentence.


I am feeling hayfevery with a little red nose. There are flowers everywhere and a beautiful spill of cherry blossoms against my window, carpets of yellow, orange and purple daisies on every inch of grass, and climbing roses blooming on the walls, but it all just makes my face hurt.

Ignore zis..

I'm clearing out my iphone photo albums and these are the only two photos that weren't of penises so I thought I'd share.
That's a lie actually, I think I took one of a wall too.

On second glance I realise that angle makes my boobs bigger than my head. Christina-Hendick-ed!
Anyways, taken with the super awesome funtastic Hipstamatic app, the smart and graphical way to keep me spending money on a single app! :D I have 5 lenses, 3 flashes, and three types of film :D


Couldn't resist posting this, really fun silly interview of me and another red haired designer in my city...


Awww, just came across this and realised it wasn't on this page! Tiny baby Pushka :D


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2010-06-29 [Ittai]: liver alone. :)

2010-06-29 [Sunrose]: Original :p

2010-06-29 [Ittai]: stuart (second killer) "Scream"... :P

2010-06-29 [smakeupfx]: man does not live by liver alone... ;)

2010-07-04 [Kaimee]: ... I see you all went insane. Fantastic.

2010-07-04 [Ittai]: Right-right! :O back to what we really here for...
Dont she have the most amazing hair? and such deep color, absolutely goregous! *faints*

2010-07-04 [Kaimee]: That's right, I will ignore your sarcasm and take the compliment seriously, as I believe it should be >:P

2010-07-05 [Ittai]: :O me? sarcastic? nooooo

2010-07-05 [Kaimee]: noooo? Oh, ok then :P I'm sure if you made an ittai's page of... him it would be photos of your hair too xP

2010-07-05 [Ittai]: My hair is not as fabulous and exciting.. :)

2010-07-05 [smakeupfx]: who's is? ;)

2010-07-05 [Sunrose]: But you do have a red beard :D

2010-07-05 [Kaimee]: *is going to go to town on that at some point*

2010-07-05 [smakeupfx]: umm,  i really just don't know what to say to that XD

2011-05-16 [Linderel]: KITTEN! *flail*

2011-05-17 [Kaimee]: She's bigger now, but still freakin adorable <3

2013-04-20 [Kaimee]: Took me a little while to remember this page. Anyone still around? :3

2013-04-20 [Sunrose]: Ovcourse..

2013-04-22 [Skydancer]: We do look in from time to time. :)

2013-04-23 [Kaimee]: Hello there you two :)

2013-04-23 [Chimes]: :3

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