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Hello and welcome to [kittygirl1017]'s campaign wiki!


Her wiki's

Kittygirl's art
ForsakenAngel 4 ever!!!
Marfism Badges
Marfism Support Photos

check them out if you like! :D


Her Support members

1. [zwhit]go couzen!
2. [kittygirl69]WWOOOTT! KITTY
3. [Senor Tocino] !sela aduilla!
4. [Bulma]My Favorite only little SIS! :D
5. [Vegeta1017] LOOOVE YOUUUU!!!
6. [Mullet_man90]Go baby! I love you! She has never let me down, and I know she will make a wonderful leader (or whatever she wants to be) on Elftown! And shes a great kisser. *kisses and wishes*
7. [Cell-o]Because I adore her
8. [lyubomir]
9. [Melocrie] Because she's a friendly, caring person and I have great faith in her! GO KITTY GO!! XD
10. [Vyse] Beacuse she is a friendly, caring, helpful, person. GO KITTY!! XD
11. [I dribble on people] Recently kitty's been teaching me japanese... I havn't gotten very far yet but she was the first person to agree to teach this crazy loony and to me that's something special!
12. [Woolf]


Why is Kitty doing this?

I truly love Elftown, I have full respect for it. I would love to help Elftown in any way. I have reported a few stupid people, like people who have used Elftown for their own pleasure (if you know what I mean) I have entered contests. Chain Mail Bikini for Newbies Entries,CPGD, Entrants,ET Academy Drawing Contest, Page 1,Joy, ET Desktop Design Contest,Elftown House Art Competition Entries halloween poetry 06, page 1. I have made six wikis. I have also helped fellow elftowner's with graphics, art, how to make wikis, and how to make IMGs in your house. My house is a Safe Zone. I am one of the EG Artists, one of the Portraitists and Donors of Art.

I'm a part of these wikis for Elftown,
Take Elftown Back
shallow free members 6
Safe Zone


About Kitty

Name: Kitty
Age: 16
Been on Elftown: Since 2004.
Interests: art/games/wrighting.
Currently: In highschool.
Likes Elftown because: I love to talk to other artists! I have fun showing people my art. I get to learn how to improve my art. There is a wiki for all most everything! When I'm down or mad, my Elftown friends cheer me up in a matter of mintues. I can meet new people with new cultures that I have never heard of. It's a place where I can feel safe.


Thankyou for reading my application! :3


Username (or number or email):


2006-10-26 [kittygirl1017]: Bruised?? What happened?? :O

2006-10-27 [Vyse]: when i was playing dodge ball monday i went for the ball and slid on the floor which cuased my knee to chrash into the edge of a steel fence post

2006-10-27 [lyubomir]: wow its f**king bad

(18+) :D:D:D

2006-10-28 [kittygirl1017]: aaawwww pooor VY!
*gives you hug*

2006-10-28 [Vyse]: *hugs back* my knee doesn't hurt anymore but i still have the mark from the incedent

2006-10-29 [kittygirl1017]: aaaawwwww!!! I found a bruse on my upper leg today, I don't know how i got it. :D lol

2006-10-29 [Vyse]: weird

2006-10-29 [kittygirl1017]: I know! :O
It just showed up out-of-no-ware!

2006-10-29 [Vyse]: are you sure it came out-or-no-ware?

2006-10-29 [kittygirl1017]: wat did? the bruise or the object that hit me? ^^

2006-10-29 [Vyse]: both

2006-11-02 [kittygirl1017]: grrrr.... noone well sign it. -_-

2006-11-11 [kittygirl1017]: yep.

noone cares. <:(

2006-11-12 [Bulma]: i care

lllllllooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2006-11-12 [kittygirl1017]: LOL
Thanks sis

2006-11-12 [lyubomir]: my duckie is allways with you know :D:D:D ..uhhhh
Obey the allmighty duckie. lalala

2006-11-17 [kittygirl1017]: yep.... thats big letters

2006-11-23 [kittygirl1017]: Did everyone see me crowd surf?? <img:img/mood/44166_1164144892.gif>

2006-11-23 [lyubomir]: hahah

2006-11-23 [kittygirl1017]: I'm so proud of myself! :D

2007-09-01 [kittygirl1017]: Dose anyone...go on this anymore? :P

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