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Laenga Tirth

Created by [Lin Star]
For Mystery Kit

Laenga Tirth (Lay-en-gah Terth Think "throaty" when saying her name)



Acquitaur (See Tauric Creatures; in this case, Laenga can shape shift between fully human and fully bird, even though the bird she turns into is the same body-mass as she is.)
Known Bird Species: Wandering Albatross, Peregrine Falcon, and Quetzal. (albatross image:
falcon image:
quetzal image: )

Human: Laenga has an average height, 5'4", and an average weight, 142 lb. She is usually wearing a very primitive style tunic that is cut short and jagged, ending at a point on the back of her left, as if wrapped around her on an angle. She goes barefoot, even in deep winter, and rarely wears more than the tunic of plain cloth. It's a dull tanned brown color that has paled with thick string of a similar color tied around her waist. The stitches are very obvious. Her hair has a base color of white that fades into a rosey orange/brown color. Along the ends of it, horizontal stripes of black intersect her natural hair grain. Her hair is short and spiked in the back, although it looks quite smooth to the touch. At the base of her neck are feathers that grow naturally. She has one rather oddly long bang hanging to her right, but grows from the exact center of her hairline, that's a bright green, blue, and yellow graduated strand. This long bang hangs to about her hip line, but she generally ties it up to keep it from getting into things. Her eyes are a dull gray and her skin is a rosey orange color.
Bird: Her bird form encompasses the exact same body mass she has in her human form, making her height the exact same. While her height may be the same, her frame is not. She has a very thin, elongated frame with wings to match. Her wing span is nearly 12 feet. Her colors start with a base of white and, for all her feathers individually, graduate to the rosey orange/brown color with horizontal stripes. Her head graduates from white to black. Her tail is an exact replica of the Quetzal and her beak has a bright yellow tip to the dull brown/black gradient that covers it. While her beak is longer than any pure Falcon acquitaur, it's shorter than the pure albatross, and hooked at the tip. She has sharp talons much like a hawks. She has a duller red underbelly.
Mix: In her mixed form, she appears human with bird wings for arms, but has protruding digits on the joint as well. Her skin is covered with short, small feathers that give her a very fine, smooth appearance. Her legs have shifted joints, much like an actual bird's, and her thighs graduate into longer feathers before becoming the scaley taloned claws. Her face has also become more feathery with a slight beak in place of her nose and mouth. She does not have teeth in this form, and has the same tail as her true bird form. She still wears the same tunic.

Other (Appearance):
Around her neck, she wears a golden chain, on which a small bird cage-fashioned piece hangs. Inside of it appears to be a miniature bald eagle that always seems to be watching. There is no apparent door in the replica.

Laenga is as immature as a 25 year old male. She has great ideas and knowledge far beyond her years lived and doesn't mind sharing that knowledge. While she has a very motherly feel to her, she has a very short fuse and an easily upset temper that can make her the worst enemy or the best of allies. Granted, while she seems to have infinite patience to match her knowledge, she's only holding herself back because she doesn't like being an angry person.

Laenga was born far away from Acquitaur lands because of what she's mixed with. While it might seem odd that both her parents that raised her are pure blooded Peregrine Falcon creatures, she was not born directly to them. How she came to be is a mystery as most creatures tend to mate with similar races rather than the vastly different ones that give her the uniqueness she was born with. Acquitaurs are well respected historians in the world and tend to be the history keepers of all other races, despite those races having their own history keepers. Chances are, if you can actually reach their lands, you will find everything you would ever need to know on any subject in the world.

Laenga has always been a true nature person and a peaceful one at that; she has charisma enough to be able to convince a dragon not to hoard gems and treasure if she came across the notion to, but she doesn't even realize she can do this.

Laenga can communicate telepathically to any creature on the planet through touch perfectly. She is currently working on communicating over a distance, and is still a novice at it. (For the touch communication, think Mind Meld from Star Trek* but less personal. If you don't know what that is, feel free to look it up.) She has no other magic than her natural transforming ability.

*Basically, Vulcans can combine their mind and emotions with another living creature. Usually, this is only done if two Vulcans have become intimate with each other and have had a long-lasting relationship. They have to place their fingertips on nerve endings in the face to mind meld completely, but they can touch any skin and be able to pick up a few things from the mind. Vulcans will rarely do this to other creatures without dire need.

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