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<img:>The Magic Workshop<img:>

 Welcome to the magic workshop, one day nazarath started making fake magic the gathering cards (both serious and funny ones) and this is what he came up with. If you have an idea for a card you want or if you want a card made of you then just ask me here. Here are some requirements for you to send me if you want a card made:
1-a picture (or ask me to find one just give me an idea)
2-the card effects and properties.
3-Any other information about the card will help.

 If you want me to make a serious magic card that could be played in real magic the gathering games then try to not overpower it, if you want a card of you then make it as funny as you want.

Here is some cards I have made so you can see my work:
Cards for real play
 If you want to use these cards just print them out (they should be the exact size of a real magic card) and put them in a card sleeve with a shitty magic card that you dont use. If you make a deck tell your opponents these are fake cards and make sure you can use them, also DO NOT TRY TO USE THESE IN TOURNAMENTS.

The Nexus set
 This is a serious set ive made that I would actually like to use, it features a set of new mana cards that im very fond of. Probably would get banned in tournaments if they were released though.

Funny Magic cards ive made

Fake Decks
 If you make a deck out of cards ive made up (include any real ones to) send them to me in message form and ill post them here.

Username (or number or email):


2008-08-24 [de Morte]: All links from this wiki lead to empty wikis!

2008-08-25 [Nazarath.93]: yeah ill fix that later. I made this before work and havent gotten to it.

2008-08-25 [de Morte]: Okay...

2008-08-26 [Neferoth, the lethargic stigmata]: Sounds like a Mikey thing to do. XP

2008-08-27 [de Morte]: True...

2008-08-27 [Nazarath.93]: ok fine ill fix it :P
By the way how do I make it so pictures are clickable so they open a new window showing them enlarged? anyone know?

2008-08-27 [de Morte]: EASY!!!
Text my on MSN because if I type it here it will mess it up...

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