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Magical Kingdom



I am now willing to give breif summeries of the story to anyone that wish's to join


This is an adventurer's kingdom of magic and mystery, warriors maidens and amazing quests!Come join the adventure all are welcome to my realm, the smallest creature to the most vicious and evil villains to the greatest kings and queens and most skilled warriors and magicians.

A group of strangers drawn together by fate to fight a ancient and almost perfect evil. There was once a single weapon that could destroy this evil but all it’s power was wasted in the final battle 1000 years ago. Thinking that the evil was destroyed the people of Hivana started to rebuild there world, but now beings from many races have come to Pelerium the capital of Hivana without even knowing they are this worlds only hope. Now a single group must find a new way to win the war.


<img:>Magical Kingdom characters<img:>

<img:>Magical Kingdom the story<img:>

<img:>The Kingdom and people<img:>

<img:>The rules and instructions<img:>

<img:>Magical Kingdom Banners<img:>


You may read the story so far by chapters or you can read the whole thing with Magical Kingdom The Story ohh and by the way all the old stuff was moved to Magical Kingdom The Journey Begins and Magical Kingdom Through The Dark Forest since it was too long! All of the writeing is still done in Magical Kingdom The Story.

<img:>MK Chapter 1   The Gathering

<img:>MK Chapter 2 Elf Blood

<img:>MK Chapter 3   Mind Connections

<img:>MK Chapter 4   Escape With A Dark Shadowing

<img:>MK Chapter 5

<img:>MK Chapter 6

<img:>MK Chapter 7

<img:>MK Chapter 8 The Voice of Telacanacias

<img:>MK Chapter 9 The Meeting and The Last Weapon

<img:>MK Chapter 10 Footsteps of a New Journey

<img:>MK Chapter 11 Creatures in The Forest

<img:>MK Chapter 12

<img:>MK Chapter 13

<img:>MK Chapter 14


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2004-08-19 [Dryad]: awwww......that means I'll have to remember another character's name...alright.....I've just been using her for so long, it's hard to get used to being anyone else

2004-08-19 [Carol Lynn]: Just know that if you write here like in crystal exile I cannot allow you to stay....

2004-08-19 [Dryad]: ......why?

2004-08-20 [Carol Lynn]: You barley react to what other people are doing and you have no actions when your speaking, it's just dialoge mostly and I don't want that type of writeing on here.

2004-08-20 [Dryad]: okay okay

2004-08-21 [Carol Lynn]: I've told you this before....sorry....

2004-08-22 [Dryad]: it's okay

2004-09-17 [Gabreil]: Ya I am sure it dose.

2004-09-19 [wolf-pack_NL]: hey im sorry but i got to go now but i do like to jion here

2004-09-19 [Carol Lynn]: Alright...would you like a summary of the story? Or would you like to read it?

2004-09-19 [wolf-pack_NL]: i think a summary

2004-09-19 [Carol Lynn]: ok I'll work on that for you and than send it later.

2004-09-19 [wolf-pack_NL]: oke thanxx

2004-09-22 [wolf-pack_NL]: oke i jion yay

2004-10-09 [Gabreil]: well than write...

2004-10-12 [wolf-pack_NL]: oke i will but i got one guwestion where

2004-10-12 [Carol Lynn]: alright

2004-10-24 [Tivadar]: ooooooo, new member

2005-01-25 [Amerity]: hey tomb, heh, havent left yet, just curious if ya bumped me off yet?

2005-01-26 [Carol Lynn]: *thinks* oopsy daisy. Sorry I kinda didn't...

2005-01-27 [Amerity]: hehe. thats okay. I just wanted to see cause I wanted to cry for their end. heh. no probs!

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