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2007-04-20 13:21:09
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[Half there:]
I follow you wherever you go
Just like a buck’s loyal doe,
You don’t understand,
You always force my hand,
You only half care,
When I’m standing there
You think that because we’re out
I have no right to shout,
Your thoughts are not as they seem
When you pursue your only dream
I used to approve of everything
But then you forget the song I sing
And it all crashed down
When I hit the ground
Catch me I said
But you were distracted
By something just for you
Something just to do
It wasn’t me
And I can’t see
Why everyone has left
Taken by theft
Now there’s only you
And you’re leaving too.

Brothers fight and don't agree
losing sight of relationsships that could be
The younger looks up and sees his dreams
wishing one day he could be as his brother is seen
the older looks down and sees a dud
knowing one day they'll be best buds
so now as they don't see eye to eye
the future will come and they'll see the times that past them by

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