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So you have come to mer. What is mer? mer is like meh, but is usually created out of angry boredom. And whenever I ask people how they be, they are all like BORED BORED, DAMMIT, BORED! So this is mer. Not MER. not Mer, Just mer. No mer club. No mer wiki. mer. So, if you want to ban for this unknown cause, please add your name to this list. I love you all!

So you came here. Pretty desperate for some excitment, eh? Well, feel free to put the wiki picture of this and put it in your house! I have no clue how I did it though.... oh well!!

ok, so this is mer
spelled: mer
pronounced: mer
what does it mean?
thats it. 
end of story.

1. [Fresser] Founder of mer.
2. [Saya]
4. [Khelekriel] mer... i love it
5. [Jeesum Crowe]
6. [zinny]
7. [Lady Lilith] and the soul afraid of dying...
8. [Monoxide_Child69] crazy person
9. [Araglas]
10. [Schitz]blub.
11. [chemic red] I believe in the power of mer.
12. [SilverBlue82] Union of mer and meh!
13. [Brought to You By The Letter G] GO MER!!! GO RACHEL!!! lol
14. [Pnelma Tirian] mer.
15. [ChibiLady] mer. indeed. :/
16. [T87] mer?!
17. [kokoyroy]
18. [Der_Mann]
19. [*~:~* VrEiYn_StAr *~:~*] mer
20. [leaving fo good] omg MER!!!!!!!


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2004-09-10 [LittleLydia]: I know, mer is like the essence of life

2004-09-10 [Veritas]: mer. mer, mer mer.

2004-09-15 [Monoxide_Child69]: not having classes together sucks ass

2004-09-17 [Veritas]: i feel mer today

2004-09-17 [Tysenaar]: mer, etc.

2004-09-18 [ChibiLady]: MER damnit!

2004-09-19 [Veritas]: My mer is very mer

2004-09-19 [ChibiLady]: mer! >.<

2004-09-28 [Monoxide_Child69]: I am growing farther apart with friends I should not

2004-10-11 [Royal Vampire Server Gurl]: mer...SHALL BE ADDED TO MY VOCABULAry!!!!

2004-10-20 [Monoxide_Child69]: As with any other wiki site it has went all to hell and now no one will go on to say anything except how they are going to add mer to their vocab... tisk tisk tisk tisk

2004-10-20 [ChibiLady]: O.o

2004-10-24 [T87]: I am going to add mer to my vocabulary.

2004-10-24 [T87]: I am going to add mer to my vocabulary.

2004-10-24 [T87]: I am going to add mer to my vocabulary.

2004-10-24 [T87]: I am going to add mer to my vocabulary.

2004-10-24 [ChibiLady]: O.o

2005-02-01 [DracoDormiens]: You know, "Mer" means "More" in norwegian... I was amused when I saw the badge i someone's house. "They want more?" I thought. "What kind of Wiki IS that?"

2005-04-12 [Fresser]: lol An apology direct from the creator... Sorry I ignored you mer!!! I promise mer of "mer" from now on!!!

2005-05-13 [Brought to You By The Letter G]: GO mer!!!lol

2005-07-08 [ISK]: mer

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