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Micheal Depass

Played by [Lin Star]
in True Form

Micheal Depass





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His appearance seems rather rugged and very uncut. Micheal has
the strangely charming bed-head type hair that never really looks bad and the start of a decent goatee. His hair is dark brown, almost black, and he has bright emerald green eyes. His skin is easily tanned and stays generally tan all year 'round. He's very tall and muscular, general foot-ball player build even though he's not really into any other sport than swimming, and compliments his clothes to that fact. He wears muscle shirts under decent button-up shirts and slacks giving him a clean, yet casual appearance. He wears reds, browns, oranges, and violets rather well.

No one can remember his mother very well, other than she had given birth to twins, one being still born and the other barely alive. She was barely alive herself, in all honesty. She died a few minutes after asking the nurse to name him after the saint in her hand where she held a fake gold miniature statue of St. Micheal. She died after hearing the name. On the back of the statue, where it was flat to lay against someone's chest, was a name. The first part was rubbed off, but the same nurse was able to read the last name. Micheal Depass was sent up for adoption. He was always the quiet one, never really speaking up until spoken to, and always quick to please everyone. He didn't start swimming until he was 10 and that was when things fell into place. Swimming became his life at that moment. He got better grades to swim and made more friends who swam. By joining the sport, he became more social naturally. He'd already been through several foster homes who couldn't handle his silent lifestyle, but once he found swimming, he became manageable. He grew up in that foster home until he could strike out on his own, staying in touch with whom he considers his true siblings, Mimoza and Galian.

Micheal is the kind of person who would pick up the keys someone dropped when they had their hands full of groceries. He's the kind of guy who would do something just to do it and feel good. Often enough, he'd do anything and not accept the reward, even in his job. He'd always put others first, thinking mostly of what others wanted and waiting to give it to them until when they most needed things. He's very observant and catches things most others wouldn't know unless told.

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