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2007-06-05 11:20:46
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Obsolete or Rejected Suggestions

Here are suggestions that either have been rejected or were "solved" already in some way. Do not suggest these again. You can discuss them in the Suggestions forum if you wish to have the decision re-evaluated.


Elfwood Moderator Question Forum
It has been suggested that there should be a forum for asking Elfwood moderator questions. I believe that the Elfwood newbie questions forum could be used for that.

Deleting old inactive members
By [Daniel36] : I have a suggestion. How about deleting people who havent updated or visited in the last let's say, 200 days? I am pretty sure they won't mind! It would make the random member button be a lot more fun to use, as you'll actually meet people who are active within Elftown!
Answer from Hedda: Members will not be deleted. Maybe members that haven't been here for a long time, will be hidden somehow.

Delete Yourself From Elftown Button
I think the delete yourself button is a little too close for comfort if you only want to edit your page, could someone make it so it is in a safe place where you can only push it on purpose.
Reply from [peura]: You shouldn't worry about that. Have you tried clicking on it? Try it, it's safe.

Message system suggestion
I ([Artemicion the Forgetful]) suggest a 'Select-All' button for memos for easy and quick removal of all the messages.
Reply from [peura]: This has been suggested several times. Hedda doesn't like the idea, because then people will accidentaly delete messages they wanted to keep.

Suggestion: elftown chat in a pop up window so we can get on with other things here at the same time.
Reply from hedda?: It's better if you learn how to use your browser. Open the chat-link in a new window and then you can continue to use the rest of Elftown.

Clock Improvement
Is there some way each person could have a personal clock on their house page, one that corresponds to the timezone their location is in?

An enhanced clock, I mean let's say the time should be clickable. and when clicking on it, it takes you to a page, showing times in ceratain time zones.
I mean more central places, like:
NY time
London Time
Moscow Time
Hong Kong Time
etc. -[Ittai]
Reply from [True, plain and simple]: This has been suggested many times, and each time the response has been to learn how to subtract. There is a clock on your computer for a reason! Using Elftown time for meetings is much more convenient for two people wanting to talk at the same time on Elftown.


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2006-04-09 [iippo]: I moved the Tutorials-suggestion to the implemented suggestions part, because... it is implemented.

2006-11-11 [Stephen]: "Private" wikis does exist though, through forums. Can I update that or something? /:

2010-11-27 [desdenouva]: Allow people to delete their profiles. As a fraud analyst who hasn't really touched her site since 2004 to find it now, still active and still visible, this is ridiculous. People should NEVER NEVER NEVER have to have any information left on the internet against their will.

And I don't care that you've already said you won't do it. I read your stupid little "we can't, we won't" garbage. What a loser, lame, retarded thing to do. Can you not figure out how to do this? Facebook did before they got into too much hot water!

I do not want to be on this site any longer. I should not have to be. No one should have to be.

2010-11-29 [Teufelsweib]: delete everything from your profile, change your username, same effect. it's not that it's not impossible to programm a way to delete your profile for ET, it's just that it brings a lot of other unnecessary mess along with it (+ people might want to return one day) and just deleting everything yourself will work just fine.
if you don't want to be on this site any longer, you're free to go.

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