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[the story of the phantom of the opera]

his voice calls to her nurturing her extraordinary talents from the shadows of the opera house where innocent chorus girl christine daae [emmy rossum] makes her home. only the ballet mistress madame giry [miranda richardson] knows that christines mysterious "angel of music" is auctually the phantom [gerard butler] a disfigured musical genius who haunts the catacombs of the theatre, terrifying the ensemble of artists who live and work there.

when tempermental diva la carlotte [minnie driver] walks out in the middle of a dress rehersal for the companys latest production, the managers eager new managers [ simon callow and ciaran hinds] have no choice but to thrust christine into the spotlight.

her mesmerising opening night performance captivates both the audience and the phantom, who devotes himself to casting his protege as the opera's next star. but he is not the only man to be awed by the young soprano,as christine soon finds herself courted by the theaters wealthy patron, the vicompte raoul de chagny [patrick wilson].

though she is enthralled by her charismatic mentor, christine is undeniably drawn to the dashing raoul, enraging the phantom and setting the stage for a dramatic cresendo in which soaring passions, fierce jealousies and obsessive love threaten to drive the fated lovers past the point of no return.
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2006-01-04 [The real life Bella Swan]: Not that I'm bashing on Erik or anything. I just don't understand why there's all this Raoul bashing. Raoul didn't really do anything wrong.

2006-01-05 [Blaze the Nameless]: I don't Raoul bash. I like Raoul and I like Erik.

2006-01-05 [3 Dreizig]: I'm not bashing him necessarily...he just seems a bit weak because rather than try to fight Erik (this, at least, is in the beginning) he cries to himself about Christine...he just seems sorta weak, but I don't mean to offend anyone

2006-01-05 [jaderii]: I don't hate Raoul, even if I do poke fun at him every now and then. I like both Raoul and Erik. -- Though, in the movie, Raoul totally passed up Christine when she was a slave girl in the performance. Only when she was singing lead did he actually notice her. That kind of made me think "okay, so he didn't notice his childhood friend until after everyone wanted a piece of her?".

2006-01-05 [The real life Bella Swan]: Well, I just don't like or understand Raoul bashing. Like I said, I'm an avid Christine hater.

2006-01-05 [Alfirin Lindlea]: Well when you're surrounded by attractive young women all dressed exactly the same just one of them doesn't really stand out do they?

2006-01-05 [The real life Bella Swan]: Exactly, and its not he'd seen her all grown up. I mean, the last time he'd seen was when she was was? 7?

2006-01-06 [jaderii]: True, but still. I would at least think Christine would look a little familiar to him. :I

2006-01-06 [Alfirin Lindlea]: He was probably too distracted by all the half nekkid ballerinas... I know I would be

2006-01-06 [The real life Bella Swan]: Welll, its not as if he knew she was there anyway. I mean, would you expect to find your childhood sweeteart dancing around in an opera house? Even less likely, the one you're sponsering?

2006-01-07 [jaderii]: Ehh, I guess you're right. But I still have some doubts about it. 

2006-01-07 [Blaze the Nameless]: Have doubts about what?

2006-01-07 [jaderii]: About Raoul. x)

2006-01-07 [Blaze the Nameless]: Why?

2006-01-08 [jaderii]: I'm not sure. It just seemed like he fell madly in love with her out of nowhere or something.. Even though they were childhood sweethearts.. Something like that. 

2006-06-15 [bookworym]: I haven't read the book. Is it horribly different from the movie? I really should read the book >.>

2006-06-15 [Alfirin Lindlea]: It's iiiincreeeedibly different. But a good read!~

2006-06-17 [The real life Bella Swan]: Its an interesting read, I'll give you that. There's also Phantom by Susan Kay which is probably one of the most incredible books I've ever read. I highly recomend it. I should warn though . . . Its quite sad.

2006-06-17 [Blaze the Nameless]: What's it about?

2006-06-19 [It Is Time To Let You Go!]: i've read that book! it took me about 2 days cause you cant put it down!

2006-06-22 [The real life Bella Swan]: Who else? The Phantom. It tells all about his life straight from beginning, and I mean very beginning, his birth and childhood, to finish. It's very well written. Susan Kay is a commendable author

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