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Private Star

This page is for any RP post ideas I have that I can't post quite yet, be it they're not ready or too early. Plain and simple as that.

"That was amazing, dear," an elderly woman said quietly, placing a hand on Moonrose's arm as she walked off the stage. She had a firm grasp on her staff and deliberately took forever to move center stage. She stood there, took in a deep breath, closed her eyes and relaxed a bit. When the woman opened her eyes, concentration came over her like a wave. She slid one foot forwards and to one side, firmly taking a very martial-based stance and brought up her hands as if in combat. With a quick wave of her hand, she caused a wave beneath the students to ripple from under their feet, not causing anyone to fall over, but to rise above the rest in rows for a moment before it passed. She shifted her position to face the students and seemed to brace herself for an impact. With her staff in one hand, she aimed it directly at a large boulder directly behind the rows of chairs and lifted it in an arc directly above her head. Suddenly, it dropped. Students looked back down at the old woman who let her staff fall to the ground before placing both hands above her head, stopping the gravity-pulled stone mere inches above them. With a contortion of her hand, she broke the stone into many pieces, her eyes darting to each student in turn as a small piece, no larger than half of her palm, began to break into a shape right in front of them. The stone that had broken away from the shape that was revealed was a ring. She then let the object drop, saw some students catch them out of instinct and others let it drop before picking it back up. She smiled and announced, "At the end of this year, bring me your rings, in tact, as you have been given them today, and I will have a gift for you. These items are fragile, but not in the way you might think." Moonrose was not the only teacher who could give gifts to the students. She bent slowly, reaching for her staff, and took the same amount of time to leave the stage as to enter it.


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