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Purity's Innocence

Created by: [Lin Star]

Even a man who's pure in heart
And says his prayers at night
May become a wolf
when wolfbane blooms
And the Moon is shining bright;
Or craves another's blood
When the sun goes down
And his body takes to flight.

If you have a better, more fitting poem, feel free to send it via message to me.
I'm up to posting awesome poems about the two species.

This is just your basic vampire vs. werewolf things with humans thrown in the mix.

Now since there's so much information on what is and isn't vampire, I've decided to create my own version so we don't get confused. This is all in my head, so if something doesn't add up, let me know.
Blood Suckers
And since there's a lot of information on what is and isn't werewolf as well, I've also decided to create my own version of them, too. This is all in my head, so if something doesn't add up, let me know.
Moon Howlers
And humans are humans. Pets are explained in their respective wikis (the ones above), otherwise, the humans you make will either be turned in the RP or die. If their purpose is to die, make sure you don't put too much into them unless you want them to die epically.

Informational pages:

Innocent History
This page is dedicated to the history of the RP, things like what's happened to lead up to the beginning and it will hold past RP pages I'll create as necessary.
The Pure
This is the page that lists everyone's characters. Check here for the character form and requirements.
Purity's Innocence 1
This is the current RP page. Check daily for the next page to RP on. It will change as days pass; play accordingly.

Any questions? Comments? Concerns?
Feel free to post in the comments here or send me a message!

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