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2006-11-30 15:59:16
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Art work by [Rizo *]

hello =]
BIG huge thanx to the amazing [Darian Hawke] for without his help this apge would not be =) he also helped me get privs for my picutes from [Sunrose] who was also a geat help. thankyou brave kinght ..x ^^
So after a few people telling me about how i should make one of these i finally decided well! i may as well give it ago.
[Rosario Dreams] is one of the fabulus people that have been behind me in this. He also has an amazing wiki page rosario dreams so check him out.
well this is just a page of my art really i dont consider myself very good but i'll leave it up to you to decide for yourself. what ever you think feel free to leave a comment.
i'd love to hear your thoughts and maybe a few tips? ^^
well this is all i have to say for now i hope to update this at a later date so.. just look around, leave a coment and enjoy!
much love ..x


1. Love faery. inspired by Jessica Galbreth. =] this was my very first faery drawing.


2. Flower faery also inspired by Jessica Galbreth.


3. this is my version of Jessica Galbreth's Moon petal feary but to me she is more of a pixie! i've made a few changes and given her the tiny glow of a fire fly in her hands =]


4. My faery on a mountain top - i love this one i took ages tryin to give the inpresion of a breeze blowing through her hair, she reflects the mood i was in at the time, i hope she gives the inpresion of being alone or atleast feeling alone.


5. Just a drawing of a girl in the moonlight.. i like drawing people at night . i've never quite known why ^^
any way this is my picture of Just a girl hehe! i couldnt name her she is not a feary she is just a girl!


6. Heart hands ^^
I got bored in english one day!


7. Sadness =(
i drew this picture for a good friend of mine who was going through a tough time.. he asked me to draw something intitled sadness and this is what i came up with...[PISSED OFF] this is for yoo.


8. this is not a very good drawing nor is it a good picture, but i decided to put it up because it was drawing i drew at a very bad low point in my life, i have writing on the page scribbled in anger and tear drops that the digital picture on a computar cannot show, the writing is lyrics from atreyu's bleeding mascara.. it says
['Look how pretty she is, when she falls down.
Now there’s no beauty,
in bleeding mascara.
lips are quivering
like a withering rose,
she’s back again.

What the fuck do you think love means? ...
It’s more than words.
And more than feelings.'


9. unicorn ^^
i hardly ever draw animals.. but when i do i love horses. i attempted this unicorn and it took me agesz! hope to get it scanned soon because i dont think the photo does it justice.



I was so happy when my amazing friend Ro asked me to draw for him he's an amzing song and poem writer and is currently recoreding! i really hope he makes it and goes all the way like i'm sure he will!
this is for you Ro..x

1. I loved this idea as soon as i drew it and i'm currently taking the design and looking into different backgrounds colours and materials ect.
this is the orriginal.


quick artwork study on card of my character Belladonna. her story is soon to be posted on another page when i get the time.


[please leave a comment on what you think about my work ^^
muchos love

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2006-11-13 [Rizo *]: hello visitors! =] please feel free to leave a comment.. all comments tips and CONSTUCTIVE critism is welcome if your just here to hate then please do not messgae me sayin so i have no time for nasty or bitchy comments. but any tips will be of a great intrest to me =] ..x
much love
rizo xox

2006-11-13 [Rosario Dreams]:

Captured Emotion, style, scene and designed so beautifully. I cannot wait to see more let alone what else you can do!

So amazing some of the pictures, but my favourite is definatly the one for Rosario Dreams with the angel and wings! I will talk to the album creator for your designs!

God Bless

2006-11-14 [BillyThePsycho]: congratz xD

2006-11-15 [Xeroxado]: woooooow rizo! congrats! your drawings are realy cool.
keep up!

2006-11-17 [Darian Hawke]: very nice to see you've got your work up finally...
My favourite is the Unicorn. I love it. Well done!
I'm proud of you princess.

2006-11-29 [Rosario Dreams]: See what your dedication to art and love for music has created
God Bless
Rosario Dreams

2006-12-06 [~angelus~]: they all great pics :)

2006-12-06 [pimpin monkey]: hey, love the work, its very good

2006-12-06 [Mooncows Shadow]: Where am I?<img:44166_1164903241.gif>

2006-12-06 [Mooncows Shadow]: ha ha sorry! That was random!

2006-12-10 [Mooncows Shadow]: Very nice pictures I must say!

2006-12-25 [gofer]: whats up people

2006-12-31 [Mainee]: love your pics

2007-04-10 [SlightlySpiked]: nice art!!

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