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Rabellor Diater

Created By [Lin Star]
For Magic Simplicity




User Name:
(Just to know who you are or well your Elftown account, so I can contact you if there is something you need to know.)

Character Name:
(Of course, otherwise what should we call him/her?)
Rabellor Diater

Character Age:
(Age of your character, generally around 16 - 19, can be more, can be less but as a student then that's the normal age.)

Character Weight:
(Kilograms preferably but the other can be accepted as well.)
74 kg

Character Height:
(Meters and Centimeters also preferably.)
190.5 cm

Character Appearance:
(The usual, how he/she is built, their clothing and all that.)
Naturally tall and lengthy, it's a surprise to find out that this rather tall and mid-20s-looking girl is really only 17. Bell, as she's chosen to be called, is muscular and lean with a high metabolism, literally. She's been trying to gain weight to no affect. From head to toe, Bell has an olive tone common to Asians and the eyes to match. However, they are the brightest emerald green ever seen on a mortal being. She has slightly pointed ears, like an elf, with the delicate features throughout her body that they have. She has dull medium brown hair that hangs down to her thighs if she didn't pull it up. Usually, she wraps it around itself and uses two smooth sticks to keep it in place and if she had her way, she'd never take it out. Her hands have clawed fingers rather than the humanoid appearance, with protective scales around them that are a fire red. She also can sprout wings of the same color from her shoulders, even though it breaks through skin and causes some pain; she's used to that feeling so it's no longer considered as painful. She has a rather long tail that's just as long as she is tall that she doesn't care to hide. At both of her temples reside four horns, one that's long and curves behind her head and another that is short and points towards the direction her ears do. Her general clothing revolves around the dull earthy tones as a base color with lighter tones to accent it. For example, she'd wear a long robe of the common tree trunk color and accent it with gold, yellow, orange, or tan colored waist ties/belts, necklace, or decorative bead work. Often, she'd rather go barefoot than with protection over her feet.

Character Occupation:
(If he is to actually be a magi or a towns-person, meaning a soldier, mercenary, thief or something like that. And if he is a magi then what grade.)

Character Element:
(For mages, what kind of element they are ^^)
Fire (main), Air (very little; most basic accelerant to Fire)
Creation (main), Spiritualism (just started touching on)

(What your character did before and all that jazz.)
Not knowing where you come from can be a gift or a curse. To Bell, she could've cared less. Her life began with her mother dying at birth and having her father become everything to her. She started out with the right kind of child hood and while she may have appeared different, she never felt different. With most childhoods, children tend to be the cruelest with their lack of filtering through what they say. It started slowly, but soon Bell had begun to be teased about her odd appearance: her horns, her tail, and her hands seemed to bring out the worst insults. She began shunning herself inside and through general study before actually entering the school and discovering the way to feel good about being who she is.

Character Weapon(s) and the appearance of it/them:
(Due to both townspeople and magi can have different looking weapons, for example for magis then the shape of their staff, you are by the way here free to use a drawing if you prefer that.)
For weapons, Bell generally sticks to using her clawed fingers. If she has to use some kind of weapon, it appears to be a slightly mangled and bent long sword that appears to have random chips cut from it. The only people who know how to accurately wield it are Bell herself and Diater.

Character personality:
(You know the usual, gloomy, cheerfully, evil or shy or any of all that which you normally put here.)
In general, Bell is the average person who will often help someone who needs it and stick to herself when necessary. She's someone who hasn't really decided which way to go in the grand scheme of things. Her powers make her vulnerable to abusing them but also make it easy to realize when she's doing it. She is somewhat humble in the fact that she won't mention her feats just to get attention but when necessary she has been known to show it.


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