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One more thing:If you join,can you please write this there to export it and make it more popular? Thanks and enjoy! You may write anything you want me to see under this line,including character descriptions. You are also welcome to start a mini fantasy roleplay story here. After all five spaces are full,we'll start one right away! Vampireraven,you can start it.

Fantasy roleplay Characters list start here:
1.Silverwing [RavenTalon]
2. Ravenesce [Hikaru Hitachiin]
3.Dragonclaw[sir dragon]
4.Raven [Rabenu]
5. Vera [Pianomay44]
6. [umbraven](she can't make a link to save her life!)
7.Wowwwseeees[Igo woooowwseeeeeees]

You can start the Role Palying on this page ^^ Have Fun!! Ravens RPG page one

DaMembers list

Stories and story links (Or whatever else is goin' on in your head!)

Here is [Pianomay44]'s story Yoroshiku, Please read it and comment!!

Here is another story by Rt.Maryani

[ashleyamber] hehe i have the password! lol but i wont tell yew sence im super diddly cool
Here is a story by [RavenTalon] please read it and judge...
My Legend of Zelda **Mine!! Not yours!!!"

And here is something that has nothing to do with anything:Blinkygalore!!
And yes...this is by one of [RavenTalon]'s friends...not her!

[RavenTalon]'s best short story ever:Dragon Eyes

Raven's poetry Write poems right here!

Here's a new place to put the wikis of our members!If you want to go to any of the construction zone wikis,pleaase go to Da Member wikis

We need a banner!!
Thanks to [Pidjen] we have two banners. So anyone who really likes it can message her about it.
Here's number two:



These are the chambers that are out of the construction zone!
Yu Yu Hakusho Fans Unite!
CGL(Confederation of GIR lovers)
[Order Of The Phoenix@wiki] And us have done a banner tradeplease get the banner and post it in your house if you join!
Spiders should be rulers of the world
Let out some steam
Sailor Moon fans
White Phoenix's Corner

Come here:

Things that shouldn't exist
Lone Wolves <img:> *Won a wiki award*

[Igo woooowwseeeeeees] babababbaballlakkkkk a Koala
My Generation...yeah...eaten*Dances to DDR music*

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2005-01-14 [CelticMoon]: emmmm made alota sence that did lol

2005-01-14 [RavenTalon]: Ya, (Not). I was thinking about AK...but I think I'm trying to forget about the incident. Anyway, hi. I can only come here when my folks are...ummm...nit here lol.

2005-01-17 [garudaserpent]: heheh, yeah...

2005-01-18 [RavenTalon]: What happened to my page? It's...messed up like no tomorrow!

2005-01-18 [CelticMoon]: its been messed up before you left ...... ask the guards they might be able to sort it

2005-01-18 [garudaserpent]: it says at the top that it's supposed to be "real html" - I guess that's probably it; all the things that ET usually uses to show an image or bold font or whatnot don't work in normal html...or, that'd be my guess...

2005-01-20 [RavenTalon]: ...weird. Can anyone fix it?

2005-01-20 [garudaserpent]: mraw, sorry, i dunno html :/

2005-01-22 [RavenTalon]: oh, oh well! I'll just have a crapppy lookin page!

2005-01-22 [garudaserpent]: I guess you could just take out all the coding and the page'll be all wouldn't be as pretty as before, but it wouldn't be cluttered...

2005-01-22 [garudaserpent]: I guess you could just take out all the coding and the page'll be all wouldn't be as pretty as before, but it wouldn't be cluttered...

2005-01-22 [CelticMoon]: good idea

2005-01-23 [RavenTalon]: Ya. Thnx.

2005-02-04 [RavenTalon]: Working again

2005-02-04 [CelticMoon]: WOHOO!!!!!!! what did you do in the end

2005-02-04 [garudaserpent]: yay, pictures!

2005-02-05 [RavenTalon]: YAYYYY!

2005-03-17 [Igo woooowwseeeeeees]: howdy, wow havnt been here in a while either, hehe

2005-03-19 [RavenTalon]: lol!

2005-04-23 [Igo woooowwseeeeeees]: i miss rt!!!!!!! *booh0oo*

2005-05-25 [CelticMoon]: HAY PEEPS IF ANY OF YOU ARE ON ELFPACK COULD YOU PLEZZZZZZ DO ME A FAVOUR AND GO TO De'ladrei theres a link there and can you go and vote for her ...... ill love you all for ever

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