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Rhymed inscriptions written on a Christmas presents

Or what we in Swedish call "julklappsrim".

The idea is simple. Write two to four rhyming lines of cryptic text that should somewhat reveal what's in the package.

The julklappsrims

I know you are fierce
With this you can your foes pierce
The present: A sword

Maybe you are not handsome
But I think you can get-some
If you drink this gift
You'll get chicks swift
The present: A bottle of whiskey

Every day you curse Bill
But with this gift you not will
And it's very small
With no MS at all
The present: A Linux netbook

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2009-03-12 [de Morte]: Cute! I'm going to start using this!

2009-03-12 [Hedda]: You have some time to work on it...

2009-03-12 [de Morte]: I do! ^^ Haha!

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