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Rolen Tabepe

Created By [Lin Star]
For Mystery Kit

Rolen Tabepe (Row-len; as in "lens"; Tuh-bay-pay) AKA Protogenoi (Greek for "First Born"; Pro-toh-jen-oh-e)



Human Vessel of Gods (Extremely Rare)

Normal: Rolen is a slim, muscular man that has evenly proportioned features all around. He's of an average height (5'8") and weight (184 lb.). He has dark blonde/light brown hair and natural color effects that give him the appearance of auburn in low light and hazel eyes that vary from green-blue to blue-gray, never really seen as a true blue. His skin tone is slightly tanner than most and he has quite a pleasant face with strong features there that seem soft at the same time.
Khaos: Khaos has no real gender to speak of, so the body for this being is genderless with features from both quite apparent. Khaos has stunning white hair that's as long as he/she is tall and no iris or pupil in his/her eyes. The skin tone is the exact same as Rolen's. Khaos is literally 8 feet tall and doesn't weigh a thing. Muscle definition is slim to none even though it doesn't matter as Khaos is a god and strength is no bother to him/her. His/her hair always seems to be moving, like wind and air.
Ananke: Ananke is a female and changes Rolen's body drastically to suit her. She stands around 6'10". Her skin is very pale scales and her hair is always coiled around her head in tight braids. Her hair is a pale yellow color and her eyes are very serpentine. Her tongue is long and forked at the end. She has little muscle definition and slightly smaller than average breasts. From her shoulder blades sprout wings that vary between bat wings (sized to fit proportionately to the body) or bird wings; the wings vary depending on her mood.
Khronos: Khronos appears as Rolen with longer, more flowing blonde hair and facial hair. His eyes change to a bright blue color and he appears older by about 15 years, without wrinkles. He stands around 7'3" and is proportioned exactly like Rolen.
Eros: Eros appears as Khronos does; without changing Rolen's appearance. He does not, however, appear older than Rolen. His hair merely changes to a more red based blonde color (this doesn't look odd, just more auburn blonde) and bright emerald green eyes. His height matches Khronos' at 7'3". His muscle definition is quite severe, however, appearing to add muscle to Rolen's form.
Gaia: Gaia is also a female, but merely appears as Rolen would should his gender have changed. Her height is exactly 7 feet and her hair becomes a dull brown and lengthens to her knees. She ties back only a portion, letting the rest hang freely. Her eyes are a very earthy brown with a hint of green on her right eye and blue on her left. Her breasts are quite ample.

Normal: Whatever suits a near brother to a prince. (I'll change this when I see Zann's clothing stuffs. lol)
Khaos: Khaos seems to have cosmic and earthly features swirling into clothing for him/her. Often, it appears as a robe of everything depicting the universe, beginning with stars and planets at his/her shoulders and at the hem appears dirt and trees and creatures of the earth with a sash of white belting it around his/her waist loosely. The whole robe swirls as if it lives and appears to flow like his/her hair does.
Ananke: Ananke's clothing is quite plain and almost bare. She wears a white Greek robe/tunic tied around her waist with long golden string. It ends a few inches past her feet and has decorative cloth hanging from her shoulders that attach to a band around her wrist, the excess hanging a few inches from that. She has bare feet and carries with her a staff (made of something no one can identify) with the head of a snake. The type of snake that appears there varies with her mood, as do the style of wings she has.
Khronos: Khronos wears a similar style as Ananke with the Greek common style, but instead of the hem hanging down to his feet, it ends at his knees and does not have decorative hanging fabric. He has golden bands around his arm just above his elbows and knees. He carries with him a circular disc with a centered hole cut in the middle. Carved around it are the 12 zodiac signs. This disc is about the size of a Frisbee and made of solid stone, even though it can float in the air should he want it to. This disc can shrink or grow as necessary and often hangs on his belt to his right.
Eros: Eros can be seen wearing the hottest new fashion of the century no matter what century he's in. Anything that makes him appear handsome can appear on him.
Gaia: Gaia's outfit is composed around earthy tones sticking to duller greens, browns, blues, and occasional grays with bright highlights thrown in. Often times, though it moves like fabric, it appears to be the earth itself. A general basis includes a short tunic of dull color with bright belts above her breasts, below her breasts, and around her hips. Vines wrap around her ankles and rainbow colored fish scales wrap around her wrist like a bracelet (she can even take them off like actual bracelets). She has a multi-colored precious stone necklace around her neck, evenly matched to the tone of her outfit that can change at her whim. Often, the color of these rare stones (and the material of them) changes with her mood.

Other (Appearance):
Around his middle finger on his left hand, Rolen has a silver band with a gold line down the middle of it that doesn't change with his appearance other than to fit his finger correctly.

Normal: Rolen himself is quite a mind to even talk to, let alone grow up with. He has knowledge of things he's never even seen before thanks to being a vessel of the ancient protogenoi gods of Greece. He is very stubborn on the occasion, usually tactful but when emotional becomes quite blunt, and has a generally warming aura about him no matter where he is. Rolen has always been a charmer and a thinker. As odd as it sounds, philosophy is a subject he's taken quite an interest in and has excelled at it simply because of the source of his knowledge. The fact he is a vessel is unknown to him at the current point in time.
Khaos: Although Khaos has no real gender, there are characteristics suggesting either throughout his/her personality. Khaos has the kindness befitting most women, and the caring portion that feels motherly while having the brute side that screams masculinity. He/she is often very deliberate with what is said and speaks only when necessary, often pointing out things rather than explaining in detail. Khaos is usually the most unbiased gods that take form through Rolen and rarely gets emotional.
Ananke: Being quite pessimistic, Ananke often has a "everything happens eventually" kind of attitude and portrays boredom at its peak. She has a very strange view of the world that causes her to make things happen sooner than they would without her intervention. She's very emotional and tends to get bored with everything quickly, almost like ADD but not with any hyperness involved.
Khronos: Very aware of what needs to happen when, Khronos is often the kind of person to rush things or slow down. He fluctuates in his speed of when things need to get done and can always do things by the time they need to be, never early and never late. To others, he may seem early or late, but they are for reasons unknown to them. Otherwise, he's the kind of person you want as a friend and a good friend because he can be a very dangerous enemy. He protects those he cares for (in this case those Rolen cares for) and he will stand up for what is right.
Eros: Eros is the all-time playboy. He loves women and boy do they love him. Chances are, if he's not talking about sex, he's getting it. He's rather horny and tends to do things to attract a large amount of attention. He follows most of his whims without a filter and says exactly what's on his mind at that moment. He has never met any female of any species he couldn't satisfy and it has been his mission to do so. While he may always be thinking about sex, he is not dumb or blind to the world around him and is rather smart and helpful when he needs to be, but really, only then.
Gaia: Gaia is the mother of all and certainly acts like it. She loves everyone until they've given her a reason not to. While she may love everyone, they need to love her back to really reap all of the benefits of what she can do. The way she sees the world can be somewhat broad spectrum and seem like it doesn't matter, but she can set long term goals and reach them. Often enough, she tends to be the healing hand for many people and can make pain reverse itself even after years of having it set in.

At birth, Rolen seemed to glow with power, literally. Without realizing it, he'd become the most important person in everyone's lives, at least those who knew of him. At his birth, his mother died. His father followed shortly after naturally from a heart attack, so Rolen never knew his true parents. He was taken in by the King and Queen themselves to raise along with their own son, Zann. He aged normally until his 20th birthday, when his body simply stopped aging. His family had been very near royalty when they died and very good friends with Zann's parents that it seemed quite natural to do such a thing. While Rolen himself wasn't true royalty, nor was he required to grow up as Zann was needed to do, he prided himself on knowing that he could, in all means, call himself a Prince as well. He never did, not really caring much for titles although knowing enough about them to impress most scholarly types, and recently came across a new chamber that was never opened. It was locked with no key hole to unlock it and no doorknob, either. Rolen, while not technically being royal but having been adopted at a few months old into the family, also has a ring on his hand that is silver with a gold line down the center. It represents he is of authority, if not of the royal family, but usually, Zann and Rolen are always together, so most of the rest of the country has assumed them to be twins, despite the fact Rolen isn't related.

Normal: Rolen is quite charismatic and a great talker. He's skilled in most sports with natural athleticism and has a smart mind. He specializes in languages, religions, and philosophy.
Khaos: Khaos knows all, literally. He/she won't let you know he/she does, he/she just does. Khaos often speaks in riddles and has a way about twisting words to say what he/she means without really saying it, but still speaking quite clearly. Khaos is very unbiased in everything and that rarely changes.
Ananke: Ananke can communicate with creatures of the earth and has the ability to cause events to happen that will always happen in everyone's life. (puberty, old age, inherited diseases, basically anything that will happen because of something that happened)
Khronos: Khronos can stop time, speed time, transport himself to any point in time and anywhere on earth. He uses his stone disc to do so, but can do minor things without it.
Eros: Eros can instill feelings within anyone, be it love or hate or any emotion what so ever. While he does this mostly to gain himself a new lover for the night, it has come in handy to calm rowdy and angry men or to inspire people in the right direction. (consider him a sex fiend until proven otherwise)
Gaia: Gaia can communicate with nature and cause things to grow acceleratedly or die in such a fashion. While she is far more tolerated by animal kind, she cannot speak with them, but they have an understanding of one another that doesn't require communication. She also can help people grow or can cause them to revert into childhood once more.

Normal: None
Khaos: Khaos can control life and death and has many abilities he cares not to mention.
Ananke: Ananke controls the effect. (think cause and effect)
Khronos: Khronos controls time and space.
Eros: Eros begets feelings of any caliber.
Gaia: Gaia helps the world grow and shrink as necessary for all life.

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2009-10-20 [Thrice]: OMFG

I think I may be inlove with him

2009-10-21 [Lin Star]: Oh wow. You're welcome to use him in other RPs if you want. We'll have joint custody!!! (I call drawing him, though. O.o Even in his other forms. <3)

2009-10-21 [Thrice]: Hahaha. That's fine. :) I was just saying that he sounds awesome. :P

2009-10-21 [Lin Star]: Yup. It's hard to come up with six characters. >,< lol Especially in one guy.

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