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S'rak Ighorn

Created by [Lin Star]
For Mystery Kit

S'rak Ighorn (S-rack Ig-horn Think "Hissing" when saying his name)

Dragonian: 56
Human: 127



Human: S'rak's skin is pale with a dull gray-ish tint. (Think dead skin look but quite living.) He stands at 7'7" (231 cm) and weighs 264 lb (120 kg). He has a very toned body that isn't quite chiseled with muscle, but definitely feels very solid. He has long extremities and angular features about him with mongoloid (Asian) eyes. His eyes are nearly black, but otherwise have a constant golden tint to them. His fingertips and toes are 'dyed' a pale gray/blue color with pointed nails that always appear in his humanoid form. His hair isn't long, but it's not short, either. It ends about half a foot past his shoulders and is considered short for dragonian kind, the norm being the lower back or longer. No creature in the dragonian species can grow facial or bodily hair besides the top of the head and the eyebrows, but rather have slightly scaled skin, even in humanoid form, despite the fact the scales are quite small and barely shine.
Dragon: S'rak's large dragon form weighs 3562 lb (1616 kg), is 75 ft (22.8 meters), with a 132 ft (40 meter) wingspan. He is slender as far as large dragons go, but he has very long arms, legs, tail, and neck and very long wings. His body length is exactly one third of his length, his tail taking a third as well. His chest is large to accommodate his lung capacity for flying in heights and deep sea diving. His eyes have a natural film that cover them for both allowing him to leave his eyes open without them drying out or blurring his vision. His stomach is a lighter gray/blue color, featuring a sky blue mixed with gray instead of the deeper blue that make up the main color of his scales. His wings have two joints and act as a second set of hands if needed, but otherwise give him a longer flight with fewer beats at a fast pace. On the first joint that would be his wrist, there are two small protruding digits that allow him to grasp objects with them. His facial features include webbed spines that are several inches long that follow his jaw line towards where his ear would be. There is no visible ear on S'rak, one of the few to go without them. He has two large horns protruding from his head, a few inches above his brow ridges, a second set that's slightly shorter on the outside of that, and a much smaller third set that points down towards his chin and curves, much like a ram's horn. The spines along his back are sharp and barbed, but look and flow much like spiked hair. They continue along the majority of his actual spine from the base of his head/neck to the tip of his tail. His claws on his front paws have five digits, the fifth one moved upwards on his paw, much like a cat's, but his hind legs only have four digits on which to walk.
Mix:Usually, in this form, he has clawed fingers with a human-like hand and his wings are visible, but scaled to fit a more humanoid body. His legs appear to be similar to his dragonian legs with joints moved to different places and claws on his feet. He also has his tail and horns present in this form. His spines are not visible other than his hair that has gained a barbed feel.

Human: In his human form, S'rak usually wears a dark cloak that hides everything on him. Underneath that, he wears a plain dark colored tunic, belted around the middle with a dull brown leather belt that has pouches and loops for whatever he feels the need to carry. Tied to his belt is a strange looking patched leather satchel, one that looks like it'd be used to carry personal utensils separate from his carrying bag, but he doesn't have anything more on him than that small bag. He doesn't carry any weapon with him, unlike many creatures in his world that feel the need to. He wears dark pants and a long sleeve shirt beneath the tunic that's so white, it almost looks divine and shines with light. He has foregone armor as well.
Mix: S'rak still has the cloak on, but it cannot hide his wings without discomfort to appear simply bulky. Thus, the cloak flutters between the wings as they attach to his back and keeps the hood over his face. He wears just the tunic now, revealing his pale skin almost transforming into his scaley dragon skin on his hands and legs.

Other (Appearance):
In all forms of S'rak, a bright silver necklace with a large piece of polished Amber, carved into a perfect circle and slightly convex on one side, hangs around his neck. The necklace has been enchanted to change lengths as needed to accommodate his size transformations as necessary, although the Amber does not change with it.

S'rak is a very distant individual bent on observing everyone before finally deciding them worthy of his personal introduction and attention. While he may not have been royalty, he is the descendant of a ruler that had once united the lands and somehow, he feels more of a connection to the long dead king than any living relative. His views on the world seem quite out dated, but sound in logic. S'rak is often the person to go to for help answering difficult questions, even about one's personal life as, for as far as he'll willingly tell you, he's got the know-how on most things that have lived throughout the universe.

S'rak, being one of the last of his specific species within the Dragonian race has literally performed a disappearing act. He rarely transforms into his mixed form and even more rarely into his dragon form. S'rak has literally disappeared from the world in hopes of finding a bride of another race, one that has the power to resurect his breed and to enhance it. While Dragonians are rumored to be blood-thirsty war-mongers, the truth about them is they are strategists. Their race has survived many years past most other ancient races for the fact they are willing to be the bad guy that the world needs and be the hero it deserves in the shadows. S'rak is no different.

S'rak is often playing instruments from across the globe, having many skills in musical arts from actually playing instruments to composing. He is also decently charismatic and has used it to his benefit on more than one occasion.

Other than natural transformations that occur because of his species rather than because of a spell, S'rak is generally seen as not very good with magic as he prefers not to use it for anything less than dire need.

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