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S'rak Nal Ighorn

Created by [Lin Star]
For Malevolent Darkness
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[Lin Star]
Character Name:
S'rak Nal Ighorn; Ighorn is a chosen name. His actual surname is Kattalakis. To humans, he's Sarik Ighart.
Assigned City:
St. Louis, Sanctuary
S'rak is very patient, which is rare for his race. He can wait eons to prove a point, and he does that quite a lot. While he might be patient, he's not always tactful and can cut people down to ribbons with his words. Often times, he's considered harsh and strict as well as patient and understanding. He really cares about stopping the war between the Arcadians and Katagaria, but he is often concerned with what happens to those with him. He usually doesn't reveal his interest in their wellbeing and portrays himself as being selfish. Very few people actually realize that beneath the rough exterior he's quite soft, and even fewer still live today.
Physical Appearance:
S'rak is approximately 6'7" and very thin and lanky. He's not malnourished, just skinny as all get-out. He has long limbs and weighs near 165 lb. (His bones are hallow to allow flight, if necessary; see abilities.) He has dull, un-shiny black hair, kind of like Harry Potter's, but a bit longer and not as messy. His eyes are a dark indigo hue and often mistaken for black. Along his collar bone lies a lighter colored scar, which no one really knows the story of how he got it because he could blast off several options to several people and make it believable. He usually talks to humans about his scar, and only if asked. S'rak's skin is a warm, olive tone that's a bit deeper than most, giving him a mocha look, like he tans when he doesn't. Usually, he wears the general stuff, slim-fitted t-shirts, occasional designs on them but usually with nothing on them, a plain jacket that only looks like leather, jeans, and comfy shoes. Overall, he's a very laid back appearance although he looks amazing in a suit and tie. One Halloween, or possibly several, he wore Victorian style clothes and they seemed to suit him far better than any modern clothing. His ears have a slight point to them, often joked around with by being called an elf when his ears weren't that obscenely pointed. He wears a necklace on a black cord that's a silver dragon. He's had it since he hit puberty. S'rak's eyes, instead of being surrounded by white, are surrounded by a silvery film that makes his eyes sparkle and shine naturally; he often wears contacts that dull the sparkle and shine.
No on at the Sanctuary has seen his true dragon form.
S'rak is a silvery-white dragon. His eyes are a bright violet color and he has pointed ears that follow a strict point towards the back of his head. He has two, slightly twisted horns that follow the same direction as his ears. His eyes are thin and long, often only seeing a slight amount of eye at any point in time. He is very long and seems quite thin and aerodynamic. His face is quite long and almost pointed and his lengthy arms and legs allow him quite a large reach. His height, at his shoulders, is 16'8" and his wingspan is 22'4". His tail, body, and neck are approximately the same size. His length is 25'7" from his nose to the tip of his tail. He doesn't have very obvious spikes on his back, just raised bumps that are small protrusions from his spine. His scales are quite smooth and surprisingly soft to the touch, almost feeling like very find fabric, but if you brush against the grain your hand will be cut multiple times. His scales are hard and when tapped on, sound similarly to a full metal box. His wings have a membrane that's sheer and glossy, almost feeling like water. His arms act like legs and still have four fingers and a thumb. His feet lose a digit and the fourth shifts to above the ball of the foot on the inside of his legs.
S'rak has an amazing poker face that only those who have gotten to know him severely well can see through. He also has a wicked way of twisting words together and using what people say against them, should the need be. He's psychically strong with rather high levels to his senses, more-so than people expect considering the animal he is, and is often quick to react.
S'rak doesn't always stop to ask questions, often preferring actions over words. Once he looses trust in someone, they rarely gain it back and he's quite a suspicious person, rarely giving people a chance to show them their worth. S'rak also assumes too much. He tends to take out his anger physically, usually resulting in the destruction of an inanimate object or putting all his effort into something that ends up destroyed anyways. When his fuse ends, he literally blows up in people's faces so badly, he rarely makes up to them for it, despite how apologetic he really is.
S'rak has strapped a staff to his back that separates into 3 different sections connected through the center with metal chains. The staff appears wooden, but is in fact, made of metal. He also carries with him several long pointed metal needles (think sticks like the game "Pick-up Sticks") that sit in a special pocket or pouch, depending on the choice of clothing for the day, hidden behind something. He has several of these pockets and pouches and no one knows how he makes them or where he stores them when not carrying them around.
S'rak is a huge fan of Chess, even though occasionally, he loses to someone. He's not the best player, but he enjoys the game whole-heartedly. He also enjoys sculpting creatures from clay and making pottery with creatures around them. He's very nimble with his hands and enjoys doing anything with them, such as carving or painting. He's a decent artist and, playing the part of a human, is a popular local sculptor.
S'rak can half-change into a dragon, an adaptation he took to perfecting considering seeing a real dragon in a world where dragons are mythical beasts with varying attributes would upset many, many humans under that impression. Half-changing means he gains proportionate wings that can allow him to fly, a lengthy scaled tail, long enough to drag on the ground for a foot, scaled areas around his wrists and ankles, that seem to shift, giving him another half-foot of height as in that form, he walks on the balls of his feet, clawed digits, and horns that sprout at both temples. His ears also change color and become slightly scaled at the point. His facial features remain mostly human, while his eyes become angular and the iris seems to take up the area seen on his eyes and a brighter violet color. His scales are a silvery-white.
He can communicate telepathically to anyone with intelligence, including animals that are straight animals, not were-hunters like himself. He is also telekinetic. Clairvoyance isn't an ability for S'rak, but his father had it to a degree (10 second flashes of a few still images; like the paintings in Heroes, if you've seen it), and S'rak, instead of seeing the future, just gets feelings of things happening, good or bad, and often misinterprets them. He would never read anyone's mind who wasn't willing without dire need (like life and death kind of need).
S'rak has 2 alley cats, one that seems calico with a white base and only gray and brown spots along her face and back named D'Ane and a pure black cat with a white spot on his chest named Apple. Both cats have taken a liking to S'rak, and although they live in the alleyways around the Sanctuary, they consider themselves his cats and 'talk' with him frequently. They have no need to enter the Sanctuary, and S'rak hasn't offered it and told them why.
At birth, S'rak was close to the center of attention. So far, there hadn't been any children that retained the dragon were-hunter form. At puberty, S'rak gained a necklace that was said to be a family heirloom from Lycaon's Arcadian dragon son, and passed down from dragon to dragon. That's the story anyways. S'rak became an adult and left his father after his mother's death. His father withdrew from society and became highly reclusive, barely speaking to anyone, even S'rak himself. Having some artistic abilities among the human population, S'rak made a living carving and sculpting commissioned pieces through a network of artists that combined to make the best, one-of-a-kind artistic pieces, S'rak the carver/sculptor, another person to paint it, and another to advertise it. Being ingrained in the human population, S'rak chose Sarik Ighart to be a name they know him by, rarely using it inside the Sanctuary, although no humans know of him as S'rak Nal Ighorn, the name he uses now instead of his birth name S'rak Kattalakis. Currently, he's out of work, by choice, and living at the Sanctuary, working there whenever asked, and sometimes even when he's not asked. (He's often a waiter, bartender, or cook, whichever one can be used there.) S'rak is related to Vane Kattalakis and Tacia Kattalakis.

I do plan on drawing him, just so you know. C: If you want a reference image, let me know.

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2010-02-04 [Gypsy Mystik]: I really like your character ^_^

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