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Star Art

For recent images, I'll link with an icon to them through Deviant Art.

My DA is feel free to check it out.
Also, my graphics record is a PhotoBucket account: feel free to check it out too.

Featured Art

This wonderful piece I drew, traced, and colored myself in the span of 10 hours or so over 2 days. C: I'm very proud of it. x333 This is the uncolored version of the first image. You're all welcome to color it should you choose to. I actually started out with the woman in the nude, just to get a good feel of how to create line art. Believe it or not, I was really using this style of creating line art for the first time here.
This is my first, ever, deviant ID I've ever made. I'm happy with how it came out. xD I wanna redraw my picture, though, now that I've learned a better way, for me at least, to do line art. This is an image in support of many of my friends who are homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, or what have you. Feel free to show off in your house, so long as you link back to me or to this wiki or my DA account. I really like doing Sudoku so I went ahead and made one of these to start a once-a-week thing somewhere, but never really got to it, you know? I'm a lazy bum and all that. lol But this one has an answer sheet on my DA, in case anyone cares. x333

Uploaded Images to this Wiki

<img:stuff/aj/188188/listcode.png> This image was made to help explain just what the heck I'm talking about when I say "list tags" so Hedda may possibly add it. C:


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2009-09-01 [Piercedskull]: very nice. me likey

2009-09-02 [Lin Star]: THANK YOU!!! *huggles* You should check out my whole gallery, though. This is just the featured art. x333

2009-09-02 [Piercedskull]: wheres your gallery/

2009-09-02 [Lin Star]: On deviant art. Click the first link at the top of the page, darling. ;P

Or, click this:

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