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Star Writings

Here's where I will plague you with words that can make your eyes bleed. :D

Featured Poetry

Featured Stories

Carefully Addicted
Dangerous Secrets (Made Under Previous Account)
Forbidden Magic (I'm waiting until I have a full chapter before allowing anyone to see it.)


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2009-08-17 [Piercedskull]: *claps* Me likes alot. I think my glass heart is my favorite^^

2009-08-17 [Lin Star]: I've gotta add more, sweetheart. xD
Just gotta find 'em from my other home-site. lol

Stories are slower in coming. *nods*

2009-08-17 [Piercedskull]: Still,out of these ones, A glass heart is my fave

2009-08-17 [Lin Star]: Good to know. :D I would say "I'll let you know when I add stuff" but you're watching the page already. xD

2009-08-17 [Piercedskull]: X3

2009-08-18 [Lin Star]: Yeah. xD

2009-10-26 [Koho Ai]: Interesting

2009-10-27 [Lin Star]: Yup. What can I say? I'm a natural neat freak.

2009-10-29 [Koho Ai]: lol

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