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2005-07-15 22:16:48
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The Jewel Guild

Hey all, I, [Dil*] have created a guild dedicated to creating jewels and shinies for your descriptions and wiki's!! So all you shiny-object-obsessed people join immediately!! You get cool jewels, glass orbs and other awesome stuff, but you must be in the guild to use them. So join now!

Wiki owner: [Dil*], since i created all these jewel things, i will allow most jewels to be used by guild members, except that certain jewels are for myself and some of my friends only, so pay attention to which ones you can use. I made these orb things by doing a glass ball tutorial in photoshop, except i failed the tutorial, like i always do; but i went backwards and then improvised half of it. And voila, here's your orb :P

If you want to join, add your name to the jewel guild members


Jewels you can Use (only if your in the guild)

>one color's for your wiki pages, another for your description page, all done by [Dil*] of course :P<<<

<img:><img:>-blue orb

<img:><img:>-purple orb

<img:><img:>-magenta orb

<img:><img:>-grass-colored orb

<img:><img:>-ocean orb

<img:><img:>-sun orb

<img:><img:>-silver orb

<img:><img:>-orange orb

<img:><img:>-blood orb

<img:><img:>-dark green orb (sheona's request)

<img:><img:> -blue square jewel

<img:><img:> -green square jewel

<img:><img:> -ocean square jewel

<img:><img:> -red square jewel

<img:> --these are special, i put them in elftown graphics so any person can use them, even non-members

<img:> -I made a desktop with the same type of crystal things, message me ([Dil*]) if you want me to send it to you.

<img:> -diamond jewel

<img:> <img:> -purple dividers

<img:> <img:> -alternative pink jewel

- Glowy purple jewel

>>more coming soon<<<


Do not use these jewels

If i see anyone using these ones, either than the people specified, i will personally kill that person...or report them for stealing my art.

<img:><img:>-for my exclusive use (the first one i made)

<img:> <img:>-for [Zaran's Song] only (friend ^_^)

<img:><img:> -for my own personal use :P

<img:><img:> - for my own use (first square one)

<img:> <img:>-only for [Pyra] cause she rox :)



1.No taking the jewels your not supposed to take.
2.Don't be a jackass in general
3.No complaining about rules.
4.No spamming (common sense), but some adverts are okay.
5.No claiming the jewels are done by you, I made them, i get credit where credit is deserved. (a bit of ego i got :P)
6.Also give credit to the people that have donated jewels.. :P
7.If you are not a member, do not, i repeat, do not take any of these jewels, i will not be very pleased. (I'll kick you ass)


Jewels done by others

<img:><img:>-cloud orb By:[Falx]

<img:><img:>-pink orb By:[jo kick ass]

<img:><img:> -blue striped orb By:[jo kick ass]

<img:><img:> -red fine cut jewel by: [Falx]

<img:><img:> -space orb By:[Lunnie]

<img:><img:> -purple crystal By:[Falx]

<img:><img:> -fire orb By:[Jewl]

<img:><img:> -river orb By:[Keeper of Darkness]

<img:><img:> -violet orb By:[Kamikaze Girl]

<img:><img:> -milky orb By:[Kamikaze Girl]

<img:><img:> -candy jewel By:[jo kick ass]

<img:><img:> -embedded green jewel By:[joe64]

<img:><img:> -purple jewel By:[joe64]

<img:> -the Keystones of TorĂşn by: [Falx]

<img:> By [Zab]

>>all jewels touched up a bit by me, [Dil*] and you are welcome to send them into me, one at a time, and only one from each peron a month. I can shrink em and put down the right background color<<



<img:> By:[Kamikaze Girl]

<img:> By:[Falx]

<img:> By:[Dil*]

<img:> By:[Dil*]


Fun Stuff

1.story of the jewels

2.jewel tutorial -made by [liiga]

Other Wiki's I've Made, Visit Em'!
elftown graphics dilandau
ranting room
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2005-08-10 [dani california 311]: wow

2005-08-10 [Akayume]: yay!

2005-08-10 [dani california 311]: woo hoo!

2005-08-10 [Falx]: Squerk!

2005-08-12 [dani california 311]: squeak

2005-08-12 [Akayume]: can we put the badges in our homes? and how where the orbs made? they are so awsome

2005-08-13 [dani california 311]: hmm,idk

2005-08-14 [Akayume]: thats alright

2005-08-14 [Falx]: I believe [Dil*] said that it is ok to use any of the jewels and badges as long as you say where you got them and as long as they don't come from the Do Not Use These Jewels section. Oh, and there's a link to the jewel tutorial below all the shinies. In the Fun Stuff section

2005-08-14 [Akayume]: okay. I wanted to know...thank you

2005-08-15 [dani california 311]: wow

2005-08-15 [Akayume]: wow, what?

2005-08-16 [dani california 311]: idk

2006-01-15 [Dragonschild]: mmeeepps! i love shiny stuff!!!!! hi i'm hyper right now.....

2006-01-15 [Kiristo]: shhhiiiinnnyyy....

2006-02-01 [dani california 311]: yes, shiny. shiny is good

2006-02-01 [Pyra]: Ha-ha. I'm in the Do not use jewels section! You know what that means? Dil loves me more than she loves you! Nyah! *sticks out tounge* *in all honestly is joking and in no way means to offend anyone*

2006-02-01 [Akayume]: *pokes* meh, that maybe true.

2006-02-01 [Pyra]: It is! ^___^ I'm loved. Nyah!

2006-02-01 [Akayume]: ^^

2006-02-01 [dani california 311]: hehe

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