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the old kingdom

created by [jesska]

Imagine a world where magic is a living thing, and those that can master it can venture into a place between life and death to bring back the good and banish the evil.

Traveler of this treacherous land, be wary of the dead that linger far from the running water, and the dangerous magic of the Free Magic Sorcerers. Beware, but above all else, beware of the Bell-Wielding Sorcerer.

          [ Five Great Charters knit the Land
                 together linked,
                      hand in hand
                           One in the people
                                   who wear the crown
                                      Two in the folk
                                           who keep the Dead down
                                                 Three and Five
                                                     became stone and mortar
                                                          Four sees all in frozen water


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the charter marks

the old kingdom books

the old kingdom quotes

the old kingdom author

the old kingdom geography

the bells of a necromancer

the old kingdom bloodlines

the old kingdom book covers

the nine bright shiners

gates and precincts of death a much shorter version of this page can be found here the realms of death


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1. garth nix personal website

2. the official abhorsen site in the uk.

3. the official fanlisting of lirael

4. to read an excert from abhorsen: chapter one : a house beseiged.

when the ninth gate calls who can resist its summons? the adventure is only just beginning


all characters, storylines and information on these pages belong and were created by garth nix.

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2005-07-10 [jesska]: please leave a comment

2005-08-31 [guiltyangel]: hello! omg i love these books! im re-reading Sabriel at the moment! i really like this wiki. you know it would be good if you could get some sort of role-playing section going too if you can find enough members.

2005-09-01 [jesska]: an rp would be good. ill set up a page for any one who is interested in playing it.

2007-01-19 [Twilit Wanderer]: OMG! I FOUND IT! what a cool wiki page. couldnt believe the coincidence of guilty angel being here too! click on me to see who I am :P hi jesska, you've done so well with this wiki, you must've put so much effort into it!

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