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True Form

Deep within the bowels of the earth lie far greater powers than man. Ancient beings that have long since decided to forget their lives and return to dormancy within the great mass of life-supporting rock. The modern age has replicated that of all the other ages by destroying itself from the inside out, without pause. Mankind has nearly been wiped clean from the earth. Millennia have passed as their world reset itself and awakened those creatures of old from their sustained slumber.

Human kind has been reduced to a handful of their once great numbers. Technology has been abandoned in hopes to outlive the natural catastrophes that broke their lives apart, destroying millions. Only in select areas have the humans been able to survive, resorting to many ancient lifestyles. The area of interest for this roleplay will be Europe. As a collective, languages combined, seeing how there only appears to be no more than a hundred people living in clusters of 8-35 people over the entire continent. Strange creatures believed to have merely been fiction or legendary beings have been sighted. Whether those creatures are here to help them or here to remove the remainder of the beings that initially caused this world-wide upset in the balance of everything will be up to you to decide.

True Form Registration is where the application and acceptance process will take place.
True Form Character Information is where you can find accepted characters and their players.
True Form Species is the references used for any character you wish to create.
True Form Europe is the roleplaying page and will be locked until enough members are reached to officially begin.

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