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Dart-VM (Västgöta Championships in Dart) was held.

Andreas won over [Hedda] in the final.
[MrE] and Pontus came third.
Lilith, Lotta and MigMag fought well.
What on earth is that in the bar...
Would you buy a beer in this bar?
Jindrich starts to make me realize that I've forgotten to turn on the flash.
There! Nisse and Rikard.
Petter and the...
Not a bartender to pick a fight with!
Festa säkert! = "Party safe!"
Linus and Hedda
Marcus, Peter, Helene arriving. Tow, and MigMag
Andreas, winner of Dart-VM 2009!
He had some luck there! [Hedda] was just one dart from victory.
Basse, Lotta and Pontus.
Texas hold'em.
Suddenly there were 4 aces in the flop.
Tore had a queen and took the pot.

/ [Hedda]

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