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Winter Sauri


Winter Sauri

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2012-02-20 [SilverFire]: Yay. I was just thinking if pestering you to show some art stuffs.

2012-02-21 [iippo]: I've gotten myself sucked into the endless night of research via reflective practice. I'm becoming increasingly aware of the fact that this self-portrait project is so personal and so revealing that it scares me to death, and that I might never show it to anyone >_> Hopefully that won't be the case. And therefore, for now, I shall hide behind research and writing while I gather up the courage to even want an exhibition of it (though booking the time now would be a good idea, seeing how long the waiting times are...)

But it is interesting how differently I approach my work here in the solitude of the Finnish backwoods and back in art school. As much as I love the machines for their look and for what they symbolise for me, they were also very much about hiding and not saying things straight.

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