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A test page for working out character personalities and development.

On Mardi Gras night of the current in-game year, amid the drunken, confetti-throwing crowds, two of the mansion's mutant, René Chastain and Lirerial, are braving the streets and the people of New Orleans, Louisiana. Neither have made their way to the mansion yet, or returned, as it is with René, but on this night, they meet coincidentally. René is simply here for the partying and Lirerial is on a hunt.

She was dancing; her body swaying to the music as she moved through the crowd; taking on one dance partner before discarding him for the next. A silver sash glittered around her slender waist and a short black skirt swished around her thighs as she moved expertly in a pair of black wedge heels, her tanned skin was exposed to the night air by a moderately tight shirt that covered her back but dipped down into her cleavage. Although, she danced and smiled, blending in with the crowd, Lire didn’t allow herself to give in to the festivities. She was here for a reason. The weight of her knives, hidden from view by the sash, reminded her of why she couldn't just have fun. It really shouldn’t have surprised her; he’d been her contact and had often passed information to her about numerous targets she’d been assigned to eliminate, it stood to reason that he would do the same to her. However, she wasn’t the type to let it go; she wasn’t angry… definitely not angry nor did she feel any regret. She simply felt indifferent; she’d seen to much death, been betrayed to many times in this past year to feel much beyond one goal. She wanted him dead. She wasn’t nervous where she was, he wasn’t expecting her. Hell, he thought she was in Ireland right now; she knew that he’d sent her pursuers after her and she knew why. He’d helped her stash the money she’d taken with her; he knew where she’d hidden several of the cashboxes that contained a fraction of the wealth she’d accumulated during her time as an assassin. The temptation of the money combined with payment for the information he gave must have been to much but Lire was done caring. She could see a few people she suspected of being guards but it didn’t bother her. She looked like a normal teen to them; they had never met her; the one person who knew what she looked like was somewhere in one of the clubs and she couldn’t wait until she had him alone.

His cheeks were rosy and he was already on the verge of having too much to drink, despite that fact that the night seemed to have just started. His clothing was no different that what he normally wore: a pare of worn, tight-on-the-ass boot-cut jeans, hanging over brown cowboy boots and secured with a brown leather belt, and a black and grey plaid button-up, sleeves rolled up to his elbows. There were a mass of shiny plastic beads hung around his neck and a multicolored, decorative father mask poking out from his back pocket. Moving in the opposite direction as the hidden assassin in the crowd, he stopped a cute, petite blonde, who looked to be substantially more intoxicated than he, and reached up to jingle his beads at her with his free hand, a massive mug full of cold beer held in his other. After getting the quick flash of exposed skin from the girl, 21-year-old René gave the pretty lady a wink and tossed her the beads, which, cleverly, had a small tag attached with his phone number on it. He mouthed a 'call me' before moving on in the crowd, hoping he might be able to drag that one home with him that night. He passed a few more cute girls, though none seemed quite worthy of his number just yet, or were perhaps too far out of reach, or maybe even already surrounded by guys, but after a few minutes, he felt someone brush past his shoulder, and he turned to see a lovely dark-skinned vixen slide past him, her long hair flowing behind her. "Whooah, hey there, sweetheart," he announced drunkenly as he reached a large, rough hand out to gently grab her shoulder and try to spin her around to face him.

Drunken whores. Lire thought scornfully as she glimpsed what the women around her were doing in exchange for cheap plastic beads. Lire was no innocent but she had more pride than to intoxicate herself and act like in fool in front of so many people; let alone flashing her breasts to every man that asked. She became aware of a drunken man stumbling towards her and, after a quick assessment, she disregarded him as a threat and tried to get past. When his hand landed on her shoulder, however, she just barely tensed up, maybe she'd made mistake; why else would she be stopped? She allowed him to turn her around and stepped forward as if she'd been jostled by crowd until she was up against his chest. In the same movement she slipped one of her knives free, palming it so that it was ready at her side in case she needed it but still hidden from view. She was very careful not to look directly at his eyes when she got a whiff of the liquor on his breath. No, he wasn't a threat; her original assessment was correct, she thought to herself as she carefully slipped the knife back into place; hiding the movement under the guise of smoothing her shirt and tightening the sash. She could understand the point of partying; she'd done it herself even though it had been a while but she could not comprehend the idea of willingly clouding one's own judgement; basically drugging one's self; the idea sent a shiver of disgust down her spine but she still smiled up at him, looking up at him through her eyelashes but still careful to avoid catching his eyes, "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to do that." She apologized; she didn't mean it, not even a little bit, hell she half wished she had finished the move she had started just for daring to lay a hand on her. She studied him for a few short moments, this time taking in his appearance, something that had escaped her at first considering she was looking for signs of danger. He was very attractive and under any other circumstances she would've enjoyed his attentions but right now she had a job to do so she took a step backwards, "I was off-balance." She lied, she just wanted to get away, back into the crowd where she could disappear.

René was able to get a good look at the girl's face as she turned to him - a beautiful olive complexion with thin, arched eyebrows and a straight nose, and gorgeous shapely lips - at least what he could see through his mildly spinning vision. What he didn't notice, however, perhaps because she hid them from view, were her eyes, only a glimpse of silver that he managed to notice. "Il est bien, ma cherie," he commented as she gave her apologies, unaware of the disgust she may have had for him or others at the party and their actions. Neither did he notice her act of preparing a knife, or the fact that she seemed to be in a hurry. The only thing on his mind was that this was a beautiful woman, and he was very interested in getting to know her. If anything, he was hoping his mild use of French might entice the girl and pique her interest in him, as it seemed to do so with many of the ladies who came around to visit good ol' N'awlins during Mardi Gras. Even as she took a step away, René took one forward, switching his beer over to his right hand and reaching out towards her hair with his left. "Though, you could always repay me with a dance," he offered with a seductive gaze as he tried to run a finger through a strand of her hair and move it back, behind her ear.

The French words were close enough to Spanish to make Lire pause, she could guess what they meant and they were such a welcome change from the harsh English language that they brought on a wave of homesickness. She stayed still as he reached for her until his fingers brushed her hair, causing her to flinch back away from him, the move was fast enough that it gave away the fact she was some sort of mutant, if he was paying attention. His voice, when he spoke, was so deep that she shivered slightly; combined with sight of golden brown skin stretched over strong arms and broad shoulders sent temptation curling through her body. It had been months since she’d been with a man and years since she’d allowed herself a simple night of fun; now she was craving the idea of being with someone even if it was just one dance, of feeling strong arms holding her and the warmth of another body close to her. No, she couldn’t. She was here to eliminate her target and then she needed to leave; she couldn’t get distracted; she scolded herself. You don’t have a deadline…. No one knows you’re here… You could always just take one dance before finishing the job. A little voice seemed to whisper into her head, he’s drunk, he won’t remember you in the morning anyways. it continued, Having company will make it easier to get past guards. that tiny voice suggested. She was standing in place watching the man in front of her as indecision warred within her; "I don't think that's a good idea." She said softly; she looked a little like a wild animal posed to turn and vanish at the slightest mismove. She was at enough distance that he could see her eyes even though she was still careful to keep her gaze concentrated on his chest so she wouldn't accidentally freeze him.

A cocky grin played on the Cajun man's face as he noticed the small catch in Lire's step at his French words, giving her a wink. René's eyebrows shot up, however, when the Hispanic vixen took a step back, shying away from his gesture. In turn, he moved one step forward, trying to get close to her again. For now, he assumed it was only a game, that the girl was teasing him and toying with him to get him closer, an exciting prospect for the Louisiana man. And he was far too intoxicated and carefree at the moment to look for any signs of the girl being a mutant, though she did seem quick on her feet. Besides, if she didn't want him, wouldn't she just say no? Unaware of the things churning in her mind, he gave the girl a questioning gaze, asking deeply, "Oui?" Hoping she'd say yes, René felt a little defeated when she declined his offer, pretending to pout a little with a disappointed, "Awww." He smiled immediately afterwards, however. As much as René loved women and sex, he wasn't a man who would try to pressure or force a girl into his bed, though this one he would have loved to seduce. "Alright, alright. If you got a boyfriend, I ain't gonna push," he said with a handsome smile, flashing his straight, pearly whites. "Offer still stands, though," he added with a tilt of his head, raising his beer to the girl before tilting it up and taking a large gulp. Expecting her to leave right away, he stepped back, giving the assassin some room, and finally concluded with the slightest hint of a slur, "I'll be here all night if ya change your min'."

His confidence was attractive to her and Lire was content to ignore the idea of it being alcohol induced. She didn’t move away from him when he followed her and felt a small spark of disappointment when he stepped away. One dance wouldn't kill her... it had been far to long since the last time she'd taken some time for her own, besides a companion would help her blend in. She finally made her mind and a slow smile spread on her lips as she took a step forward and placed a kiss on his cheek, her eyes were never quite met his even though now he could get a clear view of their color. "Solo un baile." She said in Spanish, relishing the sound of her native language, and knowing that it to was often a turn-on for many men. "No boyfriend." She promised him as she smiled. She was free, why keep her father's rules if she could relax and have a little bit of fun? She could always pick up where she left off. She thought reassuringly to herself.

There was a short wait between René's final words, at which point he honestly expected the girl to leave and maybe even not return, and when the pretty little assassin stepped forward and pressed her soft lips against his rough, unshaven cheek. With a giant, cocky smirk, the man looked down at his new dance partner, seeking her silver eyes, while he snaked a hand to the girl's waist, resting it gingerly on her side. "Seulement une danse," he replied in a deep voice, the connection between their native romance languages enough for him to be able to make an educated guess at what she was saying. He pulled back only for a second to down the rest of his beer, finding a small round restaurant table behind him on which to leave his empty mug, then focused on his companion once more. As if the confirmation that she was single suddenly gave him more confidence, which it did, René swiftly moved his hand to the girl's lower back and pulled her against him, pushing his hips forward to meet hers in a rather sexual move. "I like to dance close. Hope you don't min'," he explained in a significantly less-drunken-sounding tone as he leaned down to whisper in the girl's ear, at least as quietly as he could with the loud music reverberating all over the streets. He did not yet make another move, however, waiting to see how the girl would react to his first bold action.

Lire allowed his hand to rest on her side and smiled up at him as he spoke. She was skilled in avoiding his eyes, it was something she'd always known so she concentrated on his lips instead. She was feeling triumphant and high on a realized freedom that stemmed from taking a detour that normally would've been severely punished. So much so that when he pulled her against him she moved her hips in a way that, while subtle, gave away that she was very familiar in that type of dance. It was when he spoke again that she was instantly back on edge although she managed to keep her body from reacting. He sounded different than before, not as drunk and she was instantly wary as to the change. She didn't push away though or give a sign that she'd noticed, if he was an enemy better for him to think her oblivious. She was confident in her ability to defend herself as well as reluctant to give up the opportunity to do, what she viewed as, a small rebellion so she pushed her suspicions away and let her hand slip up to his shoulder as she pressed her body full length against his. "I'm sure I'll survive." She answered coyly.

René's earlier grin, at least the one that had persisted throughout the night, grew into a devilish smirk as the beautiful Latina shifted her body against his, followed by pressing herself completely against him. He was completely unaware that she might have any suspicions as to the sudden sobriety he'd gained along with the confidence that he might end up with a pretty brown-skinned girl in his bed. Right now, he just wanted to be as charming as he could, and slurring and falling onto one's face wasn't exactly sexy in many people's eyes. Running his hand then from her waist over her rear, René pulled back enough to look down at the girl, holding back from biting his lip at the sudden and exciting prospect of taking her home. He didn't want to let himself get too worked up - the girl seemed capable of ditching him on a dime, if she wanted. Smoothly, he pulled his hand away from her back, brushing his fingers through her hair, as he had a few moments earlier. He had realized that the two were simply pushing their crotches against each other, and not even dancing. "Maybe we should actually dance," he growled as he leaned down to her ear again, putting his hand on her shoulder and slowly dragging his fingertips along his skin. Before he could reach her hand, however, he drew in a sharp breath, as if something had struck him, and his arm shot out to his side as he pulled back from the girl quickly. In the blink of an eye, a beer bottle was hurdled into the man's hand, and he caught it flawlessly, the foamy liquid spraying out of the opening and showering the two standing together. "Fuckin'.." he mumbled, bringing the beer down to look at it. His brow furrowed at first, but then a smile spread slowly over his lips, and without a second thought, he lifted the glass bottle to his lips, taking a long swig from the Sam Adam's. Pulling the bottle away from his lips, the Cajun swallowed and gave a satisfied 'ahh' before holding the bottle up in the air. "Thanks!" he called out in the direction from which the bottle had come at him before stepping back to leave it in the same place as he had left the glass mug before. "So... shall we?" he asked, lifting an eyebrow as he held a hand out to Lire in an invitation to dance.

In spite of her suspicions Lire shivered as she felt heat trail over her skin where René touched her. She didn’t know what she wanted; she was going against training that had been drilled into her since she was a child and it felt so amazing to do something selfish and self-gratifying even while it kinda scared her. She would never admit though and she smiled and nodded when he suggested they dance. She felt his body stiffen a fraction of a second before he breathed and flinched away from him just as the beer splashed over them. Luckily the liquid only barely reached her, leaving a few gleaming drops on her tan skin that she quickly brushed away. The idea she’d run into another mutant excited her, especially since apparently he had powers similar to her former lover, an idea that softened her attitude towards him. At the moment though her irritation over being splashed by beer, while bypassing him, was transferred to the thrower. She turned to look in the direction it had come from and, while René’s attention was directed away from her, she slipped one hand down to her waist with the intention of pulling out a small throwing knife. She stopped when she realized that there was no way she’d be able to kill him without being noticed, besides, wasn’t this what she was trying to overcome? Had lives become so cheap to her that she was willing to kill over such a tiny infraction? She dropped her hand away from the knives just as René turned his attention back to her. She slid her hand into his and smiled, “Yes, we shall.” She answered as she pulled him deeper into the crowd, away from the temptation and chance of getting covered in more beer.

Despite Lire's excitement over her discovery of his mutation, or at least part of it, René had absolutely no idea that the assassin girl possessed the X-gene, as well. Just as well, he was blissfully unaware that the girl might know his secret, and frankly, he wasn't even worried about it. Most people just assumed he had quick reflexes and left it at that, and so he thought that would be the case in this situation, too. However, his ignorance was short-lived as he caught a movement from the corner of his eye just before he turned to face the girl again - she made a move for something underneath her shirt. She had stopped short for some reason; what reason, René didn't know, but from the certain uneasiness she displayed, the Cajun assumed it must have been some sort of weapon. Smiling at the girl as she took his hand, the man did not yet display his suspicions, feigning his usual carefree attitude but keeping a sharp eye trained on her every movement. As the two began to move into the crowd, the eclectic soundtrack of music filling the air changed, the speakers blasting out a fun and fast-paced, modern salsa song, and René smirked at Lire in spite of the situation. Finally buried within the crowd, the man took one long stride forward, nearly pressing his body up against Lire's again. In one swift movement, René switched his hand from the Latina's right to her left, pushing his palms up against her fingertips and holding her hand in the air. "I'm guessin' you can dance to this, right?" said the man as he placed his right hand directly on the girl's waist, just above where he had seen her reach earlier. The position of his hands was almost obviously intentional - if he had his hand near whatever it was that she had hidden under her shirt, surely he could keep her from reaching it. Trying to get the girl going, René moved his hips a little, at the same time giving Lirerial's waist a tiny nudge, and took a small step forward.

Ugh. She really shouldn't have done that. Lire was disgusted with herself for having reacted without thinking and now she wasn't sure if she'd escaped notice or not. She was started to think she was home-free as they waded into the crowd and even grinned when the music switched to something she was very familiar with. However, the feeling was short lived when she felt hands right above where one of her knives had been concealed. It was a small knife, and flat mostly but it was hard and could be felt if he so happened to skim over it. She almost immediately took a step backwards, moving opposite from him to that she could twist her waist and that particular spot a bit further from him. The rest of her knives, were hidden in the folds of her sash, easy to slip out but not easily seen or felt unless one unraveled it. She wasn't worried about those; they were also smaller ones compared to the larger ones she sometimes used. As the dance continued she didn't give a sign of what she was thinking; instead she decided to try and distracted him, since he'd seemed so attracted by her appearance before, she let herself give in to the music. Stepping in time to the music as she swayed her hips with each step.

Well this was certainly turning out to be an interesting night. This girl was something special. She had something under her shirt, and René knew it, but she seemed to be aware of his knowledge. Even as he tried to slide his hand down her hip, she stepped away, effectively moving her hip, and whatever she was hiding, out of his reach. Of course, the Cajun was determined not to give up, and his smirk only grew as she so obviously tried to avid his reach. Wouldn't it be something if it was an item as simple as a cell phone hidden under there. But, oh, how much more fun it would be if it happened to be something significantly more dangerous. Completely intrigued now, René made it his goal to find out what this mystery object was, and when Lire began to dance along with the music after his cues, he followed suit, mirroring her steps - forward when she stepped back, and backwards when she moved to the front. His hips smoothly followed along with the beat, showing that he clearly had some sort of experience in Latin dance, even if just a little. However, knowing he would never reach his target doing a simple two-step, the Louisiana man decide to step it up a little, and taking a step back, he lifted Lire's hand with his own and attempted to twist it, indicating he wanted her to spin. If anything, this might throw her off a little and he'd have a chance to make a grab for her waist again. If she didn't comply with the spin, then she'd be risking him finding out she was up to something, and René was willing to bet that wouldn't happen.

Lire was actually starting to have fun, this was similar to the games she'd played with Alex. The possibility of discovery had added an element of excitement that she was enjoying. When he asked her to spin, Lire grinned, flashing him a half smile as she complied. It was easy for her to twirl expertly on her heels, the only thing that kept her skirt from revealing her undergarments was the weight of her sash. She stopped just out of his reach and smiled at him teasingly, letting her hair fall over part of her face so that the silver of her eyes shone between the dark strands. She lifted her arms over her head, twisting them as she swayed her body to the music, moving her hips the rapid beat. René wasn't aware of it but he had started a dangerous game. Lire's original intention had been to have a dance and then disappear from his life but now he'd peaked her interest. She knew if the game went to far and he became a threat then she'd get rid of him; otherwise, for now she was content to play.

Obviously this girl was a feisty one, but honestly at this point, René wasn't sure if she knew that he knew there was something hidden under her shirt, or if she was just being a little flirt. Then again, she had been quite different from the start, and she had yet to actually look him in the eye. There was definitely something mysterious about the latina beauty. Figuring he could step up his game a little bit, as the girl twirled on her feet, he did the same, but in a much more manly fashion, of course, though he held tight to her hand, not even daring to let her go. The beat of the music had by now invaded his body, and his feet shuffled and hips twisted along to the fast-paced metronome of the song. He let things pass this way, content to do so for a few seconds only, before grabbing the girl's other hand and pulling her towards him, a bit roughly, but disguising it as a drunken dance move. Holding her body against his, the man slid his hand down to her lower back and carefully leaned forward, dipping the girl low and close to the ground and holding her there for several long seconds; in the meantime, the man, in order to maybe tease her a bit, had his cheek pressed against hers, looking down at the ground with half-lidded eyes, and brushed his lips lightly against her neck. "You're quite an interesting woman," he growled into her ear, unable to hide a grin on his face, although she couldn't see in their current position.

Lire wasn't naturally a loner; she still enjoyed being with people, as long as they were someone she approved of. This man had proven he wasn't stupid, he'd managed to notice she had a weapon on her, although that was her fault for not thinking. Frankly, she'd underestimated him, he'd surprised her and it was something she realized she liked. She knew she should be leaving, continuing her mission but it had been so long. She was just starting to debate leaving, had almost made up her mind when he roughly pulled her close. She came wllingly, his roughness was something that drew her closer, she wasn't one for the sweet and gentle, she enjoyed someone who challenged her control, however, she so wasn't ready for the dip. She had to force herself to relax, to let herself stretch out on arm in a graceful gesture as she pressed her face into his shoulder. "You have no idea." She managed to murmure against his rough cheek. Her natural distrust of people ran deep and now she was in a position that forced her to trust him. Suddenly, she abruptly changed her mind, she would let him find the knife. She was so curious to see how he would react, this man who kept surprising her, who'd kept her interest. Would he run? She knew it was the best way to figure out if he was a "friendly" or an enemy or if he deserved her attention.

The shared whispers and soft voices between he and this mysteriously beautiful woman sent shivers straight down René's spine, and he couldn't help but turn his head slightly, his breath hitting her ear lightly as he tried to get a look at her face. "Trust me, I'm quite interested," he responded to the girl before dipping her just a couple of inches further. Even for a man with super-human senses and incredible reflexes, the position was a bit hard to hold for too long, and he soon grew weary of their stance, so he stood straight, pulling the girl with him. This time, intending to figure out what the secret object of the night was, the man didn't waste any time in putting his hand back on Lirerial's hip, grasping at the knife under her shirt before quickly reaching around her back with his other hand to grab her arm. As soon as he though he had a grip on the thing, he pulled her hand with his, making her spin out and away from him, and hopefully leave him with whatever she had hidden in his hand.

Lire felt him grab hold of the knife a second before he sent her into a spin and pulled the knife from it's place. This was going to get fun, she thought to herself as she decided to play with him just a little bit. Would he run? She hoped not; she couldn't stand a coward and if he tried to sound an alarm she would have to kill him. A prospect that she considered more bothersome than some type of emotional attachment. As it was she spun back into him, putting one hand on his chest and the other on the hand holding her knife. "Still interested?" She said as she tilted her head and looked up at him, this time she looked into his eyes, just for a moment long enough for him to feel the cold paralysis start before she averted her gaze.

Finally! Pride initially washed over René as he at last managed to get his hands on that pesky object hidden beneath the woman's shirt, but as he looked down briefly to see the blade now in his hand as the girl spun away from him willingly and stood there, watching him, his expression twisted at first into a frown, but slowly into a smirk. He clutched the knife tightly in his hand as he looked back up at the black-haired vixen, only to be met with her own gaze. Had the paralysis not hit him so suddenly and had it given him time to react, a small gasp would have escaped his throat. However, the reaction of his body was instant, and he was frozen. A million thoughts ran through his head, the most prevalent being that this girl was definitely a mutant - of that, there was no doubt. Unable to do anything else, René stared at the woman for as long as she stared back. He had no choice. However, after a few very long seconds, the girl looked away, and the Cajun reacted quicker than possible anyone she may have ever met. In half a second, the man was behind Lirerial, grabbing at both her hands and pulling them up behind her back, arms bent at the elbows, and holding them tightly. Grasping her wrists with one hand, René slid her knife into his back pocket. "Even more interested than before," he finally replied to the girl, licking his lips a little at the excitement coursing through his body. This girl was dangerous, he knew that much, but if she wanted to hurt him, she would have done it already. Still, he wasn't ready to take chances, and he held her there as he leaned in, pressing his chest against her back. "Now what on earth would a pretty little lady like you be doin' with a knife like that in your pocket, uh?" he whispered at the back of her ear, stepping forward to try to usher her towards the edge of the street. If something was going to go down, he would prefer it to be out of sight and reach of the people there. "And just what kinda trick was that you pulled? I'm kinda perplexed at the moment so I'd appreciate you enlightenin' me."

Lire grinned, the expression quick and feral. His speed took her breath away and she forced herself not to struggle when he grabbed her arms. No, struggling wouldn’t do any good, she knew that, she needed to go along and play nice until he let go. That lasted a few seconds and then she realized he was trying to maneuver her away from the crowd. Her heart started beating faster but she resisted the urge to struggle; she needed to lull him into loosening his grip just a tad bit, enough for her to break loose. She leaned back just a little so that her back was against his chest, hopefully it would make it a little more difficult to maintain his grip, not to mention she’d be able to feel if he started any suspicious movements. The thought that he may be one the guards she was supposed to be avoiding did cross her mind and she was irritated at herself for deviating from her training. If he was a guard he'd done a damn good job at getting her to allow him close. If he wasn’t… well… he'd certainly won some respect as well as really made her curious. What normal civilian would react like this even if he was a mutant? He must be a fighter of some sort she assumed seeing the handsome man in new light. She might actually find killing him slightly sad, although certainly not enough to restrain herself, should the need arise. “Oh… you know. Just in case I decide to go hunting.” She answered lightly as his warm breath sent a shiver down her spine. She grinned, “As for my eyes… well that’s just part of my magic.” She said with a sly smile as she tossed her hair. It was hard to believe that her arms were being restrained and she was basically being marched down the street. She certainly didn’t act as if anything was wrong; she may as well be walking calmly beside him. She neither felt nor portrayed the slightest bit of guilt or embarrassment at freezing him or carrying a knife. Hell, if he so happened to put his hand on the sash wrapped around her waist he would find at least 3 more weapons hidden in the silvery folds. It was hard to describe how she felt; she wasn't scared. She had nothing to fear from being discovered but she'd have preferred to avoid the act of alerting the man to her presence simply because her skills lay in deceit, not confronting a group of people. It made her job harder if he decided to fortify himself or go into hiding.

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