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2006-05-17 16:18:47
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Welcome to my wiki ~♥~Art contests~♥~

Owner: [Dragonhearted elfgirl]

Here there will be a art contest every month! The contest this month is to draw an angel. It can be a guy or a girl, you choose! Just a angel, ok? Does everybody understand? Ok, then we're on!

If anyone got some ideas for a subject another month, just message me, please! I do need help with the subjects!

We have two new banners now! ^^ One I made and the other one's done by [Scandinavian Lullaby]! ^_________^ *big smile* Thank U!
If anyone else has a banner, just put it up or send it to me.

1. The art must be your art! No stealing allowed.
2. You may work a pic together with someone else, but then you must write both names.
3. You may use any way you wish to make your pic. Photo-manipulations are allowed.
4. You may put up 2 pics each if you want to ^^
5. Pleas follow the subject! No ducks are allowed when the subject is elves!
6. Have fun! X3

This wiki is a wiki were you can be a member because there will be different contest every month, so if you wanna join just sign up here:

1. [~♥~Dark angel~♥~] yay! X3 I'm the first!
2. [Kisa_sama] WOOT I'm in!
3. [Scandinavian Lullaby] Sure I'm in. =)
4. [someelf] Number #4 w00t :p
5. [Aki kun] ahh sounds like fun =) hope no one minds that i join xD
6. [DietCOKE;;Phiz]
7. [Makuro] Yay!!!
8. [Galenfea] Room for one more? :)
9. [Dragonsoul]
10. [Elthia]
11. [Eveilber]

Btw, if you want to be a member but don't want to participate this month you can sign up anyway, because you don't need to participate every month.

This month's contest's started: August 7th :S

This month's deadline: ?

It will be three prices; 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place. The winners will get a "Price-pic" each that they can put up at there infos.

Any questions, just send me a message!

~♥~The pics~♥~

Username (or number or email):


2005-06-07 [Dragonhearted elfgirl]: How do u all want the winner's to be choosen? Do u want me to choose or do u wanna vote? ^^

2005-06-07 [someelf]: Hehe, I think you better can wait till next month.. >.> So everyone has a drawing, I want a fair contest ^^

2005-06-09 [Scandinavian Lullaby]: I've got a drawing too, now. It's not completely done, so I haven't scanned it yet, but I will do as soon as possible. I think you should continue the contest for this next period as well.

2005-06-10 [Dragonhearted elfgirl]: Ok so I should make the deadline a bit longer then or should I change the subject?

2005-06-10 [Scandinavian Lullaby]: Longer, I think.

2005-06-10 [Dragonhearted elfgirl]: Ok...I can make it to....hmmm.....the 30th of July? Would that be good? ^^

2005-06-10 [Scandinavian Lullaby]: sure n.n just to see if some other pictures comes in

2005-06-10 [Dragonhearted elfgirl]: yep ^^ then I'll change it right away! ^-^

2005-06-10 [Dragonhearted elfgirl]: Oooops! O.o I meant 30th of June! ... Sorry ^^

2005-06-10 [Scandinavian Lullaby]: That's okay ^^;

2005-06-10 [Dragonhearted elfgirl]: hehe ^^ I'm so clumsy... lol

2005-06-10 [AnGeLeYeS O_o]: Ummm... Could someone please tell me what a drow is? *feels stupid*

2005-06-11 [Dragonhearted elfgirl]: It's a dark-elf ^^ and don't feel stupid, because I didn't know what it was either when I first heard the name... ^_^ lol

2005-06-11 [Scandinavian Lullaby]: Neither did I, I had to ask as well n.n;

2005-07-12 [Dragonhearted elfgirl]: Yay! We have ten members! ^_________^*big smile* lol

2005-07-26 [Scandinavian Lullaby]: I think we should change the subject. You know; make a new contest.

2005-08-07 [Dragonhearted elfgirl]: yeah, sorry for that! :S I've been away for a time and I'm going again soon, but I'll changes the subject now! SORRY!!! O.O

2005-08-07 [Dragonhearted elfgirl]: Ok. Done! ^-^ sorry for taking so long!

2005-08-30 [Galenfea]: Yay! This one I can do!

2006-08-30 [Drackon(TaleZ of HadeZ)]: how do I sing up for any of these things!!where do I need to do

2006-09-10 [Dragonhearted elfgirl]: If you want to be a member, then sign in in the members-list on this page, but if you just wanna join the angel drawing contest, then just put up your picture in the pictures page. ^^

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