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Written about Sunday 2005-12-04
Written: (5122 days ago)

Hello everyone!! How are y'all!! Not wrote in here in a long time!!.... My last diary ebtry was a while aho now.. everyone has grieved for Stef... but thing are looking up we are building a skate park for him!! its going to be great

Well. Its close to Christmas yeyeye cant wait! XD How are you all leave a comment in my guestbook!


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Written about Saturday 2005-06-04
Written: (5305 days ago)
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Today was areally bad Day Stef died yestyerday and today everyone cried and we boght flowers fr him Kenny spent the nigt in the cells lastnigth and got out at 9 tonight i was sooooo sad I love them both so much and didnt want to see them get hurt nd they did ! Why this world is the shittiest place ever its just depression in a dome !

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