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Written about Wednesday 2007-05-02
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Chapter Five Sunday Davis's story Romance

Davis woke up at 1:52AM to a horrible dream. But he couldn’t remember it. All he knew was that he felt sadness and terror. He got up and walked around his room for a few minutes than decided to go for a walk.
He walked around for a while than heard someone yell “Casey”. He froze and than glided to where the voice was coming from. He saw Ty and Levi. He walked up to them cautiously and Levi ran up to him fear in his eyes.
“Davis..” He said quietly. Than Ty came behind him and looked right at Davis in amazement. Davis looked at Levi and than realized he was not touching him. Davis looked behind himself to see if Ty was staring at something else.
“Davis..” He heard Ty say quietly. Ty grabbed Davis and hugged him.
“You’re alive.” Davis shook his head confused. Alive? He pushed Ty back and looked him in the eyes.
“I’m not alive.. Ty... your ... dead...” Ty looked at him confused and so did Levi.
“Levi you didn’t know?” Davis stared at Levi and he shook his head.
“I’m dead.. but how...” He stared off into space and than terror reached his eyes.
“I remember... dad...he shot Casey.. and than I tried to help and...” Davis went pale and looked around.
“Where’s Casey?”
“I don’t know...we have to find her...” Levi said because Ty was still way into shock. Davis started to panic. Casey alone here? He looked at Levi and he nodded.
“Ok Ty, you’re going to a friends house. Levi and I will look for Casey.” Ty just nodded still in shock.

Fifteen minutes later they were at Angel’s house. Davis knocked on the door franticly and finally Angel answered the door groggily.
“Davis! What the hell do you...” She trailed off when she saw Ty. “Oh my god..” Ty stared at her in shock.
“Angel?” She nodded slowly. Than he just fell over. Davis didn’t have time for this. He picked up Ty and brought him inside of Angel’s house and put him on the couch. Than dragged Levi right out the door.
“Are you sure we should just leave him there?” Levi asked.
“Yeah it’s fine. Childhood friend.” Davis looked around.
“I don’t know where she would be..” Levi looked at Davis and asked.
“Well, do you know where she felt safest? Where she knew you would come to her?” Davis looked around and than he remembered.
“Of course!” Without another word Davis glided off quickly. He was on his way to the park where Casey and him first met. She lost her brother there and was crying and Davis helped her find him. He started to move faster. Casey. He was almost there when he heard a scream. Davis listened and then heard it again. Casey! He glided faster and heard the screams getting closer. Finally he saw her and some creep chasing her. It must be the one that was stocking her when she was alive he hurried towards her and took one last leap and jumped on top of the guy. The guy hit the ground hard and Davis turned him over and started to punch him in the face over and over and over again. HE finally stopped and took deep breaths. Then he realized whom he was hitting. Derek! This is the creep that has been stocking her! Davis lifted him in the air and yelled.
“Why the hell are you stocking Casey and how do you know where she lives?!” Derek looked terrified staring down at Davis angry face.
“I..I followed you one day and than saw her and I..” Davis lifted his fist up, about to hit him again.
“If I ever catch you by her or hear you laid one finger on her body. I’ll kill you..” Derek swallowed slowly and nodded. Davis dragged him to the swings and tied him up so he couldn’t move.
“Hey, what are you doing?!”
“This is to make sure I find Casey before you.” Davis backed up and looked around. Now where did she go. That dumb girl. He sighed and walked to the park and than passed it to the field where they found Ty. She would come back here soon. He laid down and stared up at the sky and before he knew it, he fell asleep.
He woke up around 6 AM and when he did someone was snuggling up to him. He looked and saw Casey. She was shivering and trying to warm up. He smiled down at her and than slowly took his jacket off and placed it on her. He was only in a muscle shirt now. He sighed. Than laid down by her and put his arms around her pulling her close. She stopped shivering and nuzzled her face gently against his chest. He smiled and let her fall fully asleep again.
After he was sure she was asleep he picked her up slowly and glided home gently, so to not wake her. When he got there he opened the door to the house and saw Nina on the chair. She must have been waiting for him. He walked past her than went to his room. He than remembered he had no sheets on his bed. He sighed and walked out and knocked on Sara’s door. HE heard a little shuffle and than Sanders opened the door. Davis smiled at him softly and was happy him and Sara made up already. Sanders looked down and saw Casey his mouth dropped open than he mouthed “What happened?” Davis just shook his head and said quietly. “I need Sara’s room, my bed has no sheets...” Sanders looked in and motioned Sara to come. She did and than she saw Casey. His face a little happy and confused. Sanders picked her up and than brought her to his room.
Davis smiled at them and than went to Sara’s bed and placed Casey in it. He covered her up and than turned the light off. He walked out quietly and closed the door and then smiled to himself. It disappeared when he looked up and saw Nina.
“Who is that?” She asked jealously. Davis walked past her and ignored her and she followed him.
“Hey, I’m talking to you don’t you ignore me!” Davis walked to the phone and called Angel.
“Hey Angel.”
“Oh hey, did you find her?”
“Yeah, she’s fine. You can bring Ty over if you want, ok?”
“Ok, I think I will tomorrow because he finally fell asleep not to long ago.”
“Ok, see ya babe.” She chuckled.
“Bye.” Davis hung up the phone and Nina was glaring at him.
“You moved on that fast?!” She accused.
“Nina there was nothing to move on from.”
“What!? What about everything we had! I even told you I loved you!”
“We had nothing and I never loved you, now leave.”
“I will not!” She yelled. Davis looked towards Sara’s room where Casey was sleeping. Nina better not wake her. Nina followed his gaze and than started to walk towards it.
“Who does that bitch think she is!” Davis grabbed her arm and pulled her back.
“Its time for you to leave. It’s over.” He pushed her out the door and locked it. He sighed and took all his cloths off beside boxers. He jumped into bed and laid there and than heard his door open and than close. He heard footsteps coming towards him. He sat up and turned on the lamp.
“Nina, I told you its ov...” He trailed off as he saw it was Casey. She stood there staring at him with his jacket.
“I saw you walk in here and I didn’t want to be alone...” She stared at the ground. “And I missed you..” She muttered shyly. Davis sat up and walked to his dresser and put on his muscle shirt and than grabbed some boxers and a t-shirt and handed it to Casey.
“Here, put these on there probably more comfortable than those.” He pointed to her daily outfit. She blushed again and grabbed the cloths than waited for Davis to turn around. She glared at him when he didn’t.
“Oh.. sorry...” He turned around. Getting a hard on at the thought of her naked right behind him. No no no calm down. He thought to himself.
“Done..” She crawled into his bed and got comfy. He hesitated before turning the lamp off and crawling in bed with her. He never slept into the same bed as a girl without first having se. Well, besides Sara but that was an accident.
He laid on his back and than Casey lifted his arm to put it under he head and around her. She than laid her head on his chest and wrapped her arm around his body. He stiffened for a minute and than relaxed and placed his free hand on her arm and rubbed it.
“I missed you too, Teddy Bear.” He whispered softly. She nuzzled closer to him.
“Davis don’t ever leave me again...” She trailed off falling asleep.
“I won’t.... I promise...” He sighed and fell asleep with her.

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Written about Wednesday 2007-05-02
Written: (5007 days ago)

Chapter Four
11 months later
Davis's story

Davis woke up feeling shitty. He felt her naked body against his and turned to see her. Nina and him had been "dating" for 11 months. He finally slept with her after he went to Casey's and found out she was going on a date with some "new guy." That was 6 months ago, he made sure to check the guy out and he was... prefect. This pissed Davis off even more, so he went to Nina's and fucked. She always tells Davis she loves him and all the BS. But he knew it wasn't true, she always tried to control him and she cheated on him with 6 different guys. She started that only 2 months after they started to date. She still does it when he won't give her any. He doesn't buy her that much stuff and when he does it usually is for his own pleasure. He also never complements her properly or does romantic things with her. Like he said he don't love her.
He's become a bitter person since Casey and the "perfect new guy.' He sighed and got up, he stretched and walked to his dresser and grabbed cloths. He walked out of his room and heard noise in Sara's room. Davis smiled mischievously and walked up to the door and wiped it open.
"You better not be doing anything naughty!"
HE yelled. He heard a scream and a yell. He looked at Sara and Sanders trying to cover their naked bodies. Sara turning bright red with her hands on her face. Than Sanders yelled at Davis.
"Davis you ass! I went like instantly limp! You dick!" Davis laughed lightly. The most happiness he has felt in a while. He closed the door and walked to the bathroom, than peed, than showered and than got dressed and left the house without telling anyone.
He walked around for a while not really paying attention to wher3e he was going. He walked around for about 2 hours and ended up at Casey's house. He cursed to himself silently and stared up to her window, it was closed. HE sighed and was about to leave, when at the corner of his eye he saw something in her window STARING at him. He looked again quickly and the face disappeared. He swore again and than jumped up to her window lightly and stood on her window ceil. He pulled on the top of it till it opened. He went into the room and looked around and there he caught him. He ran up to the guy and grabbed him and yelled.
"Why are you in Casey's house!" Than it all turned to confusion when he saw who the guy was. It was the "perfect new guy' Casey was dating. Davis's mouth dropped and he let go of the guy and stumbled backwards.
"B...but your a human..' He stuttered. The guy nodded.
"Yes and your Davis, who died about 2 years ago and walk stalking me when I first asked Casey out." He looked at Davis and than went to sit on the bed. He looked up at Davis.
Davis just stared at him and than sat on the window ceil and said.
"But I thought you were a lifeful..I mean human... How can you see me?" The guy looked down and than back up and smiled.
"I'm both... " HE looked at Davis's confused face.
"My father some how managed to get a human woman pregnant... By the way my name is Levi."Davis went up to him and examined him, than sat next to him.
"I'm quiet impressed on how you can touch the human things so well... I mean move them..." Levi said smiling. "And if it makes you feel better Casey and I stopped dating about 3 months ago...she told me about your visits and I told her my "gift" of seeing the dead. So she asked me to come over and see if I can see you. But you haven't been here in a while. She knew you must have seen her and I." HE smiled and chuckled softly. "She dumped me after she found out you knew..." Davis looked to the side.
"Doesn't that make you mad?"
"No, of course not. What makes me mad is that spirit or lifeless or whatever you want to call it. That has been stocking her." Davis shot up.
"What! Who is stocking her? I'll kill him!"
"Well, he started to appear more after you stopped coming. He's not scared of me, because he knows I can't catch him. But you... he is very scared of you.... For some reason..." Davis felt his rage increasing.
"Where is he?"
"I don't know he hasn't been here today." He pulled Davis down. "Calm yourself.. Casey should be..." Before he could finish Casey walked in.
"Levi, who are you talking to.." Davis stood back up quickly and stared at Casey, all his anger disappearing and turning into sadness. Levi stood up to and put his hand on Davis's shoulder and nodded once. Davis didn't know what was going on. But than Casey looked at him right at him not even through him. Casey's eyes filled with tears and she just stared at him. Davis took one step back and Levi's hand fell off his shoulder and Casey looked fearful like he just disappeared...disappeared. He looked at Levi and Levi said softly.
"I also have one other girt..." Davis went up to him and put his hand on Levi and looked at Casey. Casey ran up to him and stopped right in front of him and slowly put her hand up and put it on his face. Than she fell into his arms and hugged him and started to cry. Davis stood there in shock and than put his arms around her and kissed the top of her head multiple of times. She looked up at him and stubbornly said.
"What took you so long? You shouldn't be such a dumby!" Davis just smiled down at her. She smiled back and than started to get closer to his face slowly closing her eyes. He started to go down her ready for the kiss. When out of no where Ty opens the door and freezes at the sight of Davis. He was about to say something when Levi fell to the ground unconscious. Davis picked him up, so to Ty and Casey it looked like he was floating, than he placed him on the bed and covered him up. Davis went back to the window and leaned against it.
Three hours passed and Levi finally opened his eyes. He looked around and saw Davis. Davis walked up to the bed quickly and looked down at him.
"What happened...are you ok?" Levi looked away.
"When I touch spirits they drain me of my energy..." Davis looked at him sadly.
"I'm sorry Levi.. I ... didn't know..." Levi interrupted him.
"No, its fine, I'm happy I got to see you two together. She really does miss you a whole lot." Davis looked down at him and smiled.
"I know...thank you Levi." Levi just smiled and nodded. A few minutes later Casey walked in with soup. She saw he was awake and walked up to him quickly.
"You're awake! I'm so happy.. I was getting really worried." She looked around the room. Levi smiled and pointed towards Davis. She smiled and looked to where he was pointed.
"Thank you for coming to see me... Davis." Levi watched Davis smile and than open the window and jump out of it.
Davis felt so much better as he glided home, but something was still bugging him. Felt like something was going to happen soon. He just shrugged the feeling away and took in what had happened a few hours ago. I t felt so wonderful to get to touch her again.
Davis flew around two for an hour hoping the feeling wouldn't end. He finally decided to go, when he got home he wished he hadn't. He walked up to his room and heard Nina having sex with someone. Annoyed he opened the door and stood in the doorway and leaned against it. They didn't stop, so he grabbed one of his books and dropped it. They stopped and stared at him, The guy jumped off of Nina quickly. This next thing took him by surprise it wasn't some random guy she was fucking it was Sanders.
This made Davis remove himself from the wall and take a step towards them. Sanders looked at him annoyed.
"Dude! Why do you keep doing this to me!" Davis took a another step towards him and said angrily.
"What the fuck are you talking about! Why the hell you screwing Nina!" This caught his attention.
"Dude, its not..." He trailed off as he saw Nina there. He looked back at Davis like he just seen a ghost. "No, dude I wear. It wasn't her." Before he could finish he heard a gasp behind Davis and saw Sara. Tears filling her eyes, she was shaking her head slowly and than bolted to the door. Sanders tried to chase her and Davis stopped him.
"What happened?" Sanders stared past him to where Sara went.
"It wasn't her when we started. I swear Davis it wasn't I remember drinking a little and than Sara, Not Nina came on to me... please...I have to get Sara..." Davis let him pass and than glared at Nina. She tried to play innocent.
"Davis he's lieing to you! He seduced me! It was all him.. I tried to fight him off.. but he wouldn't." Davis laughed then went up to her and kissed her and slowly brought her to the door leading outside. Than he pushed her out and through her close at her.
"Don't come back either..." He was about to close the door. "And oh yeah, I know every guy you have fucked since dating me... " He laughed at her shocked face and than closed the door. He laughed to himself then went to his room and laid in bed remembering that people just had sex on it. He jumped up quickly and ripped all the sheets off than laid on it plain. HE fell asleep instantly.

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Written about Wednesday 2007-05-02
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Chapter three, Saturday Davis's story Romance

He looked around afraid and unable to move. He had a morning wood and a hot girl rubbing her body on him. He turned to look at her and her mouth was slightly open as she lay there silently. He grumbled and than slowly scooted away from her until he fell off the bed.
"Ow." He said quietly. He got up and went to the door. He listened to see if there were any sounds. No sound, ok good. He opened the door quietly and peeked out, no one good. He went out and then slowly closed the door, than when he turned. He saw Sanders staring at him his mouth dropped open. Davis went pale.
"It's not what you think!" Davis yelled quickly. "I swear!" He waved his hands in front of him. But it was too late, Sanders wasn't listening. He came charging toward him and tackled him down.
"She hasn't even been here one day and your already having sex!" Sanders yelled jealously while trying to hit Davis. Davis grabbed Sanders head and slammed it against the wall, than pinned him down.
"Sanders! Listen to me nothing happened! She was having a nightmare and asked if I would stay till she fell asleep! But I fell asleep to! You should know I wouldn't go for a girl you like!" Sanders looked and saw Sara staring at them horrified. Davis got off of Sanders and helped him up. Than Davis slapped him over the head and whispered.
"Plus you should know she's not that type of girl." Davis looked at Sara and grinned.
"Sorry for waking you Sara. Sanders here was just being a numbskull, see ya." Sara looked at them confused. Sanders smiled oddly than laughed. Davis shook his head and walked away smiling. He went to the bathroom and sighed. Ty would never have accused him of that. Ty was his best friend in the lifeful and also Casey's older brother. Ty and him were very close. Never stealing each other's girls and certainly not flirting with them. Ty never knew about his crush on Casey though, he just thought him and her were like "brother and sister". He missed them.
Sanders is a great to, but still didn't trust him. Sanders died in a car accident a few months before Davis died. They were friends but not as close as he and Ty. They have gotten closer since they died, because they didn't have anyone else.
Davis started the shower and got in it.
After about ten minutes he got out of the shower and realized that he forgot cloths. He laughed annoyed than grabbed a towel and dried his hair. He wrapped the towel around his waist and walked out of the bathroom. He walked to his room, opened the door and closed it. He looked up when he heard a gasp. Sara was sitting on his bed, what was she doing in here?
She turned bright red and looked down quickly when she saw he was in only a towel. Davis looked at her confused.
"Is there something you need?" He asked. She sat there silent still not looking up. He walked past her grabbed some cloths and put them on knowing she wouldn't look.
"There." He smiled coming to sit by her. "So why are you in my room?" He noticed she already bathed because her hair was still wet. She had her hair down and was wearing a big dress that covered every inch of her. Nothing like the school uniform. She noticed him checking her outfit out.
"I have nothing to wear...for the date tonight." She said shyly. Davis laughed and Sara blushed.
"That's all? I thought something bad happened." He patted her back. "Don't worry. I'll buy you something and call a friend of mine to help." She smiled brightly.
"Really? You would buy me cloths?" She hugged him. "Thank you." He laughed.
"Alright.. You're welcome. Go got ready ok?"
She nodded and still smiling and ran out happily. He smiled to himself than picked up the phone and dialed. It rang once, than twice, than a third time.
"Hello?" A female voice answered.
"Hey Angel. It's me Dav..."
"Davis." She finished for him. "What is a perv like you calling me?"
"Ouch, that hurts baby.." He smiled to himself and heard her laugh.
"Don't call me baby you idiot. So what is it you need."
"What makes you think I need something? Maybe I called to say hi or have phone sex." She laughed again.
"Because I for one don't have phone sex and you only call when you need something."
"How do you know me so well..." They laughed. "But you're right I need some help. Could you meet me at the mall in a half-hour?"
"Sure, I mean its not like I had a hot date."
"Your don't, plus I'm the only hot date you will ever have a chance of getting."
"you're such an ass." He laughed and she hung up.
Angel was Casey's best friend when they were alive and she died two months after he did. It was a horrible year for Casey. Angel died by an abusive boyfriend. When Davis found that out, he went to that guy's house and scared the shit out of him.
He walked up to his wallet and grabbed it. He got paid well, all he had to do was help people find what there looking for. He only worked when he ran low on money. He looked in his wallet, which he was running low. He smiled and walked out of the door. Where Quinn stood waiting for him. He looked at her and she handed him a bottle with weird gel in it.
"Here you'll need this." He looked at it and than took it.
"What is it?"
"It will make them all disappear, besides the very first one." Than she walked away. What was she talking about, that crazy woman. But he knew she was always right. He put the bottle in his pocket than walked to the front door. Sara was waiting and talking to Sanders. They looked happy he thought to himself. He walked up to them slowly.
"You ready to go, Sara?" He asked. She nodded and walked out the door. Davis was about to follow when Sanders grabbed his arm.
"Sorry about this morning Davis..." Davis looked at Sanders and smiled.
"It's all right." Sanders smiled heavily and nodded.
"One more thing. Where are you and Sara going. She told me she didn't know." Davis laughed.
"Its a surprise my friend." Davis smiled and left.
Davis and Sara met Angel at the mall fountain. He introduced them and told Angel to make Sara look good.
"What's the money limit?" She smiled.
"4,786 dollars..." Sara's mouth dropped open and was about to object spending that much on her but Angel dragged her away before she could say anything. Davis laughed at Sara's expression.
Davis sat on a chair waiting for Sara to try on a dress and Angel came up to him.
"So why you buying her stuff and not hitting on her?" She asked him casually. He looked at her than up at the ceiling.
"A date.."
"With who..." She asked suspiciously.
"Sanders..." He said quietly
"Oh, I thought that you..."
Davis shook his head. Angel looked at him knowing there was something he wasn't telling her.
"Davis? What is your date wearing? I don't want to feel odd..." Sara yelled to him.
"I don't know, Hun." He called back to her and sighed.
"It's a double date..." Angel looked at him sadly.
"What about Casey..." She asked quietly.
"What about her..." He said so softy she could barely hear him. She could see the sadness burning in his eyes as he looked at the ceiling.
"Angel, I don't think I should wear this..." They heard Sara say from the stall Angel got up and walked to the stall.
"Which one?"
"The red one with black..."
"But that one is so pretty." Angel started to open the door.
"No don't come in!" Sara yelled. But it was too late. Angel went in and Davis heard Angel gasp horrified. He stood up quickly and saw Sara run out crying. She ran right into the girl's restroom. He looked at Angel worried. She was pale as a ghost. He told the clerk to watch her and he'll be back with the shirt. Davis didn't give him time to object. He ran to the girl's bathroom and opened the door. He could hear Sara sobbing.
"Sara?" He yelled into the bathroom softly. "Will you come out?" He heard her cry something and he assumed it was a no. He walked into the girl's bathroom slowly making sure no other girls were in there. Than he walked up to the stall she was in. He heard Sara shuffle in it.
"Sara...will you come out her please."
"No.." She cried.
"Come on, Hun. I'm sure it's not that bad. Plus its not gonna make me think any differently of you. You're a very beautiful and Sanders likes you a lot and Angel likes you to. You can trust us with anything. We will still like you no matter what ok?" HE said gently. He waited a few seconds and than heard a click. She walked out looking down ashamed.
"Ok, show me.." He stood there quietly and than Sara turned around. He thought she was about to go back into the stall. But than he saw her back. His eyes widened in horror. She had brutal scars everywhere on her back. He heard a sob some from her again.
"I'm sorry..." He whispered. Than he felt a jab in his leg. He looked down and than remembered the bottle Quinn gave him. She said it would make them all disappear besides the very first one.
"Here I think I can help." Sara turned and looked at him confused and saw the gel in his hand.
"Trust me, Sara." She nodded slowly and turned her back to him again. Than he applied the gel to her back. He put some on every scar. He watched as they all started to disappear. He looked at it confused. There should be one left. HE turned her around.
"Sara?" She looked at him
"Are there more scars?" She looked down.
"Where?" She looked at him and than slowly lifted her shirt. On her stomach was a long scar going down. Her pulled it down.
"What happened?" He asked softly.
She looked down and replied. "I was pregnant once when I was alive. My father found out and...."She looked own and Davis hugged her. She started to cry. "After that he hated me and always hit me with things." He hugged her tighter. AS she started to cry harder.
"Shh, it's ok Hun. No one will ever hurt you again. Sanders and Angel and I will protect you ok?" She started to mellow down.
"Really?" Davis nodded.
"Oh course." Sara smiled lightly and Davis brought her to the mirror. She looked at his confused and than he turned her around so she could see her back in the mirror. She gasp and than hugged Davis and cried a little more.
"Did that gel do that stuff?" He nodded. "Can it make ...." She looked at her stomach.
"No, it can't do that one.. I'm sorry." She shook her head and smiled.
"Don't be, I'm very thankful..." She hugged him again. He set her down.
"I think we should get back because you stole this shirt for one." He winked. "And Angel will be worried." Sara looked down sadly.
"Is she mad at me..." Davis laughed.
"Of course not." She smiled and than they both walked out and back to the store. Angel was sitting down waiting for them and quickly got up and looked at them and hugged Sara. "I'm sorry, it just caught me off guard." Sara smiled just shook her head and than dragged her to the next store. Angel yelled back to Davis.
"Don't forget to pay." Davis sighed and walked up to the cashier.
"How much is it all." The cashier looked at him annoyed.
"It will be 468 dollars and 88 cents." Davis sighed and looked down and than remember he grabbed the tag off the shirt Sara ran off with. He handed it to the cashier.
"This was the tag on the shirt she ran off with." The cashier took it and scanned it.
"501 dollars and 14 cents." The cashier smirked. Davis handed him the money and left with the bags.
By the time they were finished it was 4:30 PM and he spent 2,348 dollars on Angel and Sara. Angel told Sara she would come over at six to do her hair and make up. They waved goodbye to Angel and Davis picked up all the bags and boxes and started to walk home. On the way home Sara looked at Davis and asked.
"Davis...who's Casey?" Davis stopped and looked at her cautiously.
"Why?" She looked down.
"Last night you were saying things about her." She blushed. "You even grabbed my breast thinking I was her." Davis looked down and started to walk again.
"It's ok."
"She's a girl I like... liked a lot when I was human...Her brother was my best friend to. Angel had a crush on him and was Casey's best friend." Sara was silent for few seconds.
"Can you show me her?" Davis looked at her shocked.
"Why?" She shrugged. "I'd like to meet her." He looked at her for a long moment.
"Ok, after we drop off this stuff." HE smiled lightly.
After they reached the house and put all the stuff in her room and left. Davis carried her on his back as he glided to Casey's house.
When they got there, he put her down and looked up at her house. Her window was open. He picked Sara up and jumped into her window. Sara got off his back and sat on her bed feeling the softness of the purple blanket. The door opened and in came Casey and Ty. Sara jumped up and ran to Davis. She saw the look of longing in his eyes as he watched them.
"Casey he has been dead for a year!" Ty yelled at his sister. She turned around and glared at him with tears in her eyes and yelled back.
"I know! I just haven't found any body I like!"
"That's BS! That Ken guy you've liked for so long finally asked you out and you just rejected him like it was nothing!" Sara saw Davis tense at the words.
"He's not my type any more! And you know what! Why don't you get yourself a girlfriend!?"
"Because I haven't found anybody I like..." HE stopped and looked down sadly. "I'm sorry Casey, I just don't want you to be sad any more."
Casey looked at her brother sadly and then away. Ty knew she wanted him to leave so he did.
Casey walked over to her desk and pulled out the blue picture frame of her and Davis. She sat there staring at it and than tears started to fall on it.
Davis looked down and than grabbed Sara and dragged her out the window. He couldn't bare to see her sad.
Neither of them spoke all the way home.
Angel left the house at 6:45 and Davis went to his room to freshen up a bit and than him, Sanders and Sara all left.
On the way there Davis noticed that Sanders couldn't take his eyes off of Sara, who couldn't stop blushing. She was wearing a tight red dress. It tied in t he back and went down to her knees. It had a slit going to the hip. Her hair was up in a sexy bun, with curls hanging down in random places.
Sanders wouldn't stop complementing her and Davis just laughed. When they reached the meeting point Nina was already waiting there.
Davis was the first to see Nina. She wore a tank top that showed her a little of her belly and made sure to show her nice rack. She wore a jean skirt, which went down to her knees, it had a slit going up the side like Sara's. Davis smiled when he reached her.
"You look hot." He said.
"You do to." She smiled and than he watched her gaze travel to Sanders and Sara a puzzled look crossing her face.
"Oh, I invited them. You know a double date..." He went closer to her and whispered in her ear lightly, feeling her tense and breath ruggedly. "Only way to get them together." He smiled satisfied. Knowing he just turned her on bad. She nodded and ok, unable to speak. He chuckled. "So are we off?" Everyone nodded.
They all decided to eat at a Mexican restaurant and than watch a movie, girl's choice. Sara and Sanders couldn't take their eyes off each other. They were so in love already. This made Davis sad and think about Casey more.
Nina kept trying to hold Davis's hand and he kept avoiding it. Eventually he gave up and held her hand. Sanders winked at him and Davis just gave him a weak smile. Than noticed Sara staring at him sadly, he just looked away knowing she could see all his thoughts about Casey.
The date finally ended and he dropped off Nina and she stole a kiss from him and asked if he wanted to go on another one. He agreed and than walked off trying to ignore the sadness the seeked him in every corner. When he got home, the first thing he did was get naked and got to bed.

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chapter 2 Friday Davis's story Romance

Davis woke up to four little kids, rushing into his room and jumping on him yelling. "Its time to get up!"
"Get off me!" He grumbled angrily.
"Quinn said to wake your lazy butt up!" The shortest one yelled. Davis looked at the clock 3:30 PM. Goddamn it. He slept too much.
"Come on Davis! Get up and take us to the park!" Telly yelled, pulling on his hand. Davis grabbed her hand and heard her squeal and than pulled her under the blankets and started to tickle her. The other kids heard her and jumped on top of Davis and he pulled them all under the blanket. He crawled out from under it and than grabbed the blanket ends and made it a sack type, with kids in it. He laughed at them while they yelled.
"Hey kids are you ready for the stink bomb!?" He listened and all of them started struggling and laughing. "No Davis! That's gross!" They yell while laughing.
"Its too late here it comes!" They all started screaming and he stuck his butt in the blanket opening and farted. He heard them laughing and yelling EW. He chuckled to himself and ran out of the room, while they all started to get out of the blanket. He had made sure to put his cloths out the night before. Today was Friday after all, and every Friday he brought the little ones somewhere and spoiled them rotten. He jogged to the bathroom, then locked the door. He looked up at the ceiling and sighed. He loved kids, it was weird and no one knew he did. Maybe Quinn did, but she knew everything.
He walked over to the mirror and took his shirt off. He looked at himself in the mirror. Brown hair that was shortish, blue eyes that of course left the ladies drooling. He chuckled to himself. The ladies, all of them wanting him but one. But it didn't even matter now. He checked himself out in the mirror some more. He didn't understand why he was so built. He was so lazy and ate like a whale.
He shook his head lazily and than stripped the rest of his cloths off. He did a few stupid poses in front of the mirror, than laughed and turned to the shower. He liked almost blistering hot water and turned the water on and than the shower. He waited for a few seconds to make sure it was perfect. Than he stepped in, and relaxed imedently. He loved showering it was so relaxing.
About a half-hour later, he walked out of the bathroom and all four kids were glaring at him.
"So who wants to go to the park." He cheered and they all smiled yelling yay!
"You also owe us ice cream!" The oldest said, his name was Nick and was born here in the lifeless. Like the rest of these kids.
"What! Why is that you little boogers!?" He grinned at them all.
"Because you made us smell your butt!" Telly yelled while blushing. She was the shyest and Davis's favorite little kid.
"Well, I thought you guys would like a treat and I was thinking I would bring you to the candy store. And let you fill two bags up with all kinds of candy. But if you guys only want ice-cre-" Nick jumped in before he could finish and said eagerly. "We want candy!"
"Well, all right!" They all cheered and then they were off.
They stopped at the candy store and spent 20 minutes in there because Telly couldn't make up her mind. When they finally left, he surprised them, by taking them to the toy store. Telling them they all can have one toy each. After they finally went to the park. Davis sat on the chair, watching them play. He started to think about the lifeful and the lifeless and how common they are. Lifeless was the same was the lifeful. only thing different is that they couldn't see the lifeless and the lifeless were magical some what. He sat there pondering about why this after life exists and what happens when you die here. Quinn knew, but never told anyone, what she knew. Always a big secrets with her.
"Davis!" Telly yelled. "Come play with us!"
"Ok, coming." He walked to them and started to play.
By the time they got home the kids were exhausted. Davis was carrying them all. Only Nick walked holding Minnie on his back. Davis was carrying Telly and Teddy in both arms their heads on his shoulder. They were all asleep when him and Nick walked into the house. Nick was a good kid and never complained so he was glad he was the oldest.
Quinn smiled when they walked in and used magic to get them al in bed, with out wakening them. Nick smiled at Davis, than walked to his room. Quinn smirked and tapped her wrist than walked away. Davis looked at her confused and saw the time. He had a half-hour to get to school. His school started at 6 Pm and ended at midnight. He walked to his room and grabbed his bag and walked out the door.
Outside Sanders waited for him, Davis stopped knowing something was up. He looked at him, then started to walk. Sanders walked next to him.
"So Davis, doing anything tomorrow night?" Sanders asked trying to sound casual. Davis glanced at him.
"Maybe, why?"
"I don't know thought maybe you had a date?" Davis looked at Sanders annoyed.
"There not my type..." Davis said annoyed. They walked a few minutes in silence.
"What about Nina?" Sanders blurted out. Davis looked at him.
"What about her?"
"She's hot and the most popular girl in school and you know she digs you. Why not ask her out?" Davis stopped they were already in the school and at his locker. "Because..-" he started to answer but was interrupted by Nina, who just happen to walk up to them.
"Hey guys!" She said happily."
"Hey Nina." They said together. She smiled and looked at Davis.
"So Davis, doing anything tomorrow night?" Davis glanced at Sanders quickly annoyed. Than looked back at her. She had blond long hair with black streaks. Her eyes were brown, a boring color. She was wearing a shirt with a V neck line and the prefect bra with it, so her breast suck out...A LOT. She knows what she's doing. He looked at the rest of her and she was wearing jeans and not a slutty skirt.
"Hello, Davis? Why don't you say no and go out with me and check me out then." He looked at her smiling his most seductive smile and watched her blush and look to the side. Than he looked at sanders, telling him to say yes. He sighed and looked at her. "Ok, I guess I can go with you somewhere tomorrow. where do you want to meet?" She smiled happily, trying hard to not look too excited.
"How about seven at the south side park?" He smiled lazily and nodded.
"Ok, meet you there." She said gleefully and walked off. Slowly making sure he got to see what he gets tomorrow. She was confident all right.
"There you go Davis! See that wasn't so bad was it?" Adam said happily patting his back. Davis just rolled his eyes and walked to his first class.
He sat there in math, thinking about his date tomorrow. He wondered what Casey would say or do. He closed his eyes, remembering the first time he asked a girl out.
He wanted to ask Casey out, but thought she would reject him. So he asked her best friend out Angel. She was a pretty girl and nice but not his type. He asked her out in 7th grade.
"Hey Tracy, would you like to go out with me.. on a date?" She was so happy because the most "popular boy" in school asked her out.
"Yeah, sure!" She said happily running off quickly to tell everyone. That's when Casey came up to him and asked her why Tracy was so happy. He looked at her and casually said.
"I asked her out." She went pale and yelled.
"You what!?" Tears were starting to fill in her eyes.
"Casey, what's wrong?!" He asked with urgency.
"You jerk!" She yelled and slapped him and just ran off. He had no idea then, why she was so mad.
To be honest he never understood till now. God, he was stupid. But it didn't matter because Tracy dumped him a few days later. He knew she only did it because she knew liked Casey.
Casey didn't talk to him for almost 2 weeks after that. He kept giving her things, to apologize. But she was still mad, he didn't even know why she forgave him when she did. But one day she just forgave him like that.
He heard the bell ring snapping him out of his trance and then walked to his next class.
When it was finally lunchtime, he was glad. On his way to the lunchroom he ran into three guys and a girl he never saw before. He stopped and decided to watch them, knowing the guys were up to no good.
"Hey there Hun, what's your name?" Derek asked. He was the boss of the group, his minions Ted and Paul were just his lackeys.
"S..Sara." He heard the girl say.
"That's a pretty name. So Sara have you ever had a real man?" Davis chuckled to himself. A real man, god this guy is lame. He watched Sara turn bright red and fear grow in her eyes.
"I take that as a no.." Derek said as he put a hand on her shoulder so she couldn't move.
"No..please.." She whispered. He just put a finger to her lips and then slowly started to put his hand up her shirt. She whimpered and this was Davis's Q. He stepped out in the hall and started to walk towards them.
"Hey guys, what's up? Getting some untouched meat?" He glared at the three guys. They got away from her and glared back at him.
"Hey Davis, we weren't doing anything. Just asking the new girl out." Derek answered with a cruel smile. Davis stood right in front of him.
"But Derek don't you know? I already claimed this one." Derek's eyes narrowed as he glared at Davis. He saw Derek's fist clench.
"Sorry, about that Davis..." The three turned around and walked away, pissed. He got into a fight with them when he first got here. He only had one bruise letting Derek get him good so he wouldn't look like a pussy. After that he just laid them out. They're afraid of him now. He's always been a good fighter, so he never backed out of a fight.
He walked up to Sara who was now on the floor. She must have fell from anxiety.
"Are you ok?" He asked while holding a hand out to her. She glanced at it unsure and then placed it in his and got up.
"Yes, thank you." She glanced around nervously.
"Don't worry there not coming back." She smiled shyly.
"Thanks, I'm Sara." She said holding her hand out. She has never met any one willing to protect her. So right away she became fond of Davis.
"I'm Davis nice to meet you." He shook her hand.
"So are we off to lunch? You can meet my friend Sanders. He's not an ass like those other guys." She looked down and than at him
"How did you do it?" She asked quietly.
"Do what?" He asked confused.
"Get those guys to go away so easily. I mean there were three of them and one of you."
He looked at her and laughed. "Oh that." He smiled and explained it on the way to the lunchroom.
When they got to the lunchroom, Sanders saw Davis and Sara walking. Sara was staring at him with awe. Davis was laughing at her expression.
When they reached the table Sanders asked in an odd voice.
"Who's the girl?" Davis looked at him. "Sara, this is Sanders." Pointing to him. "Sanders this is Sara." Davis looked at Sanders and raised an eyebrow when he saw how nervous he was.
"So Sara I have a date tomorrow and I was wondering if you'd go with my friend Sanders here." He put a hand on Sanders shoulder. He looked at Davis annoyed. Sara looked at him and blushed looking down. "If he wants to I guess it would be nice." Davis laughed at Sanders stupid smile. "Yeah, that would be nice." Sanders said stuttering. Sara giggled shyly, making Sanders look ever stupider. They heard the bell ring and Davis muttered angrily.
"What's wrong?" Sara asked. Davis was about to answer, when his stomach did for him. It growled really loud, and than he started to laugh. Sara giggled softly and handed him her lunch bag.
"Here you can have my lunch." He looked at her. "Are you sure?"
"Yeah, I had a big breakfast." He smiled and grabbed the food and wolfed it down, on the way to class. The rest of the day went by quickly.
When school ended Davis waited for Sanders and Sara. He and Sanders were suppose to walk Sara home. He waited for 10 minutes and than started to think that they ditched him. When Sara turned a corner with Sanders, he smiled.
"There you are, I was starting to think you two ditched me for some alone time." He laughed as they both turned red.
"Ok, Sara lead the way." She smiled shyly and started to walk. They followed her. They chatted about school and the students. When the brought up the subject on Derek and his "minions" Sanders got very angry, Sara just stared at the floor. when they reached her house, Davis burst out in laughter and Sanders mouth dropped open. Sara looked at them confused. "What?"
Davis looked at her and smiled
"You wanna come over to my house?" She looked confused for a few seconds and then realized what he was talking about.
"You guys live here to?!" Sanders and Davis nodded, Sara giggled delightfully. That's when Davis thought Sanders was going to pee himself. Davis laughed at the thought, as he walked into the house. They went to there rooms Sanders entering his first saying goodnight to them. Than Davis stopped at his door and saw that Sara's was right next to his. Sanders what going to be so jealous. They said goodnight to one another and then went to their rooms. Davis laid in his bed unable to sleep. He laid there for 45 minutes, when he heard a cry. Just a small one coming from Sara's room.
"Sara?" He said quietly. He got up and put some pants on and snuck out quietly. He knocked on her door and whispered.
"Sara? Are you there? Are you awake?" He listened and there was no answer. He was about to go back to his room when he heard another whimper. He opened her door and walked in. He closed the door and whispered "Sara?" He heard a movement than a light came on. She turned red at the sight of him shirtless.
"Are you ok? I heard you cry." Davis asked concern in his voice. Sara looked away and didn't answer.
"Davis? Will you protect me?.. I know it's strange to ask. Especially since we just met...I just..." Davis walked to her bed and sat at the edge and smiled gently.
"Of course, I have no problem with that. No one in this house will let any one hurt you." She smiled, Davis got up and was about to leave but she grabbed his are. He looked at her confused.
"What's wrong?" He asked softly. She looked down and started to blush.
"Will you stay with me until, I fall asleep?" He turned red. "um, sure." He lay back on the wall her bed was against. She placed a pillow on his lap and than laid her head on it.
"Thank you." She muttered sleepily.
"Your welcome.." He said sleepily and the next thing he knew it was morning and she was cuddling her entire body to his.

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Written about Wednesday 2007-05-02
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Chapter one... Thursday Davis's story Romance


He sat on the building looking down at the lifeful and the lifeless, as they walked around. He should've been in school, learning his new "powers" as you could call them. But he decided to sit here watching the lifeful and the lifeless, "crash" into one another. He sighs and falls back and closes his eyes.
"Davis, you're so immature!" He hears her voice echo through his head. God! How he missed her! AWWWWW he leaps up yelling. "How the hell did I die like that!" He looks down at the lifeful and the jumps with his hands in his pockets and slowly floats to the sidewalk. He sighs and looks both ways and a young woman walks through him. She turns around quickly frightened her hair falling over her shoulders. She looks around with scared brown eyes and turns around not even noticing him, there, right in front of her he stood. He watches her walk off and decides to go see her. He glides through the air quickly, faster than the cars. His brown hair flying back, his muscles tightening each time he bounces off the ground. He sees her house now, one last leap and he lands in her front yard.
He looks up at her window that has no lights on. He sighs and closes his eyes. He imagines her light brown hair, cute round face, beautiful green eyes. Oh, and her fantastic body, perfect breast and an ass that just... shit. He takes a deep breath, and concentrates, trying to make his erect friend go down. He grins as he sees her light go on, he watches her and she opens the window.
The lifeless can't go through walls or any object like that unless you have the gift to. So he was lucky she opened the window for him. He jumps to her window and into the room. She shivers and decides to close the window.
He goes to her bed and sits down on it and watches her. He comes here a lot to watch her. She always writes in her diary, but sometimes she just lies there sadly. He watches her go to her desk and take out her pink diary that has little flowers on it. She sighs and then starts to write in her diary, chewing on her pen some times when she can't think of a word. He stares at her sadly, wishing he could hug her one last time. The very last time they saw each other they got into a fight. He told her she was just an annoying little brat with an annoying voice. Which wasn't true at all. She got mad and yelled at him telling him, that she hated him and didn't ever want to see him again. Sure it hurt when she said stuff like that, but that's just how they showed each other they care. They were always fighting, but if one was down. They would try and help. He wishes they had a better conversation before he died.
As he watched her, she opened up her drawer and pulled out something. This was something new. He got up and started to walk towards her to see what it was she had, when he heard a sob come from her.
He stopped as sadness filled him. Oh no, please don't cry Teddy Bear. That was his nickname for her ever since they were little. She use to carry around this teddy bear she found (and Davis secretly gave her) everywhere. He made fun of her all the time for it; it was an excuse to talk to her, to notice her. It was all great till her dog killed it. She was so sad and wouldn't stop crying. Davis told her that she didn't lose him that he is apart of her now. Since then he called her teddy bear. He knew he was lame, but they were only ten years old. He was usually never nice to her, unless she was sad. He couldn't stand it when she was sad, it broke his heart. That's when he usually gave her something or beat who ever made her sad up, or say relatively nice things to her.
One time he remembered he was about to go up to her to pull on her pigtails. When he noticed she was crying, he walked up to her quickly and asked her what was wrong. She turned toward him with her green eyes filled with tears and snapped. "Like you would care!" That hurt him, but he didn't let it show.
He looked at her and stubbornly said. "I don't care, but I don't like my friends crying." She started to cry harder. Davis started to panic.
"What! What did I say?! Please stop crying!" He pleaded; she looked at him as her hair fell to her face.
"Do you think I'm ugly..." She asked quietly and looked down?
"What! IS that why your crying!" He yelled annoyed and regretted right after he said it as she started to sob harder.
"Why are you asking me such a stupid question?!" He asked guiltily.
"It's not a stupid question!" She yelled and then looked down. "Its not, I just wanted to know, because Ken told me I was ugly, after I asked him out..." Davis stiffened with anger and jealousy. "He said that's why he would never date me." Davis turned around and started to walk away angrily.
She stood up confused and yelled. "Where are you going?! What's wrong?!" Davis ignored her and went up to a flower and picked it and then walked back to her and tucked it in her ear.
"Casey, that is a stupid question, you're not ugly. You're very beautiful and he is stupid for saying your not. I'm sure he'll change his mind about what he said." He looked down turning bright red and Casey kissed him on the cheek. He looked up and she was smiling.
"Thank you, Davis." She said beaming. Davis looked at her annoyed and then said meanly. "Don't thank me, you're still stupid." She glared at him. "You're such a jerk!" Davis turned around and ran away from her smiling to himself.
The next day at school Ken went up to Casey and gave her flowers and apologized in front of everyone and told her she wasn't ugly and that he couldn't go out with her, because she was to good for him. She was so shocked she didn't say anything or notice the black eye ken had. But she was happy that is all that mattered.
But this time its different, he can't make her happy. She can't even see him. He watched her sob and slowly he went up to her. To see why she was crying when he got to her, she was holding a blue picture frame. He couldn't see the picture; he tried to move around, but couldn't get a glimpse of it.
"Casey! Come down here a second!" He heard her dad yell.
"Coming!" She put the picture back in the drawer and closed it. Damn. She ran down stairs, slamming the door on the way.
Davis stood there annoyed. Stupid girl. He took a deep breath and reached for the drawer. His hand went right through it. Damn it! He should have paid attention in class, this would be so much easier than. Ok, think what did that annoying ass teach us about this. To concentrate, think about how it would feel. He shook his head and hands and feet. He took a breath and reached for it again and his hand went through again. He tried a few more times, till he got it open.
"Yes." He muttered. Now for the picture frame. He took a deep breath and tried to grab it and failed. He tried a few more times and finally grabbed it. He slowly pulled it up concentrating and set it on the desk. He sighed and looked at the picture and shock ran through him. He stopped breathing, the picture frame was blue with "I Miss You" on the top and hearts around it.
He stared at the picture for a long time. It was the one Sanders took of him and Casey. Sanders and him set it up, he was to g up to her and than grab her breast. She caught him before he could, so he just kissed her and than grabbed her breast. This was that picture, he was kissing her smiling and she was blushing like hell. He didn't understand how she got it or how she missed him. She always told him, she hated him and couldn't stand him. Sure they were some what close, but he didn't think this close.
He turned his head looking away from the picture. He felt so numb and sad now. She missed him and has no way of telling her that he misses her to. He looked at her desk than saw the pen. Yes! He concentrated really hard and picked up the pen easily this time. He got the hang of touching lifeful objects. What he was about to do, was against lifeless law, but he had to. So he took the pen and wrote in her diary right under the picture.
"I miss you too teddy bear"
He looked down at what he wrote. God, he still has shitty handwriting, even as a lifeless. He heard footsteps running up the stairs, than her door opening as she popped in. She looked annoyed and was muttering under her breath. He watched her walk towards her desk and froze when she saw the picture on her desk. She slowly walked up to it and looked down and she went pale when she saw the writing.
"No." She whispered softly and out of breath. He watched her examine it, then she turned around looking for him.
"Davis?" She breathed, tears welling up in her eyes. "Davis, please answer." Tears started to pour down her face. He couldn't take it any more. He walked to her window, than stopped. He looked at her still confused face, than slowly walked up to her and kissed her gently on the cheek. He felt her breath catch and than toke a step back. As she put her fingers to her cheek.
"Davis.." It wasn't a question this time, but a statement. He thought for a second and then imagined what it would be like to touch her breast again and than reached out and grabbed her boob. He heard her squeal. "Davis! You perv! I can't believe you still haven't changed!" She yelled halfway smiling. He smiled and walked to the window and opened it. He heard her gasp as she saw the window open, he breathed on the window. Than wrote "Bye"
"No, Davis please...st.." He jumped out the window before he would hear the rest of it. He leaped as fast as he could as tears streamed down his face. God, how he missed her! He kept leaping further and further away. He stopped and screamed at the top of his lungs.
"This is so frustrating!" He heard it echo all the way down the street. He took a deep breath and started off towards the house. At least he has a home to come to now, where he was actually welcome. That was a plus. He walked toward it, still very upset and stared at it. The house had one story and two windows, it looked like a little cottage. He took a breath and than walked into the house, where he ended up in a room bigger than the outside showed. She house is a mansion like figure inside. The outside is just a disguise. He was standing in the living room, which had doors almost every where. Literally there are some on the ceiling and some on the he floor. You had to be careful to not step in a hole. There were some weird creatures living here.
"Davis! Why aren't you in school!" Shit, that's right Quinn is here. He didn't understand why school was at night. It seemed unnatural, he walked into the kitchen. "Davis.." She said angrily. Quinn was the scariest broad he had ever met. She was the most powerful lifeless in the universe as well. She had a tattoo on her face that glowed whenever she was sad or mad. It was glowing right now.
"Sorry Quinn, I only skipped my last hours. I swear." He tried to sound casual.
"Why do you even bother to try and lie to me, you twit." She growled angrily. "You know it never works." He sighed and kicked at the air.
"I know..sorry." He muttered annoyed. She glared at him.
"Davis, what you did tonight can get you in big trouble." She tapped her fingers on the counter. No one knew how old she was or when she got here. To be honest no one knew anything about her. She even changed the way she looks but you can usually tell its her because he tattoo may be invisible, but it still glows when she's angry. Which she usually is. "you're lucky I put a barrier around you so THEY couldn't find you. You're such a pain."
This made Davis look up. "What?"
"Your heard me, don't act deaf!"
"Well, I didn't ask you to do that for me, you old hag!" He muttered angrily.
"Your just never happy, are you?" She said angrily and started to cook again. Acting like nothing had just happened. He started to walk out and said "Thank you." As he left, she muttered something else, but he couldn't hear her. He was already in his room. When he got there he put cloths on the shelf next to his bed and then he fell on to his bed and took a deep breathe. Quinn and him, had a brother sister relationship. She took him in and had been the best guardian he had ever had. He loved her and she loved him. They both knew this, so they never took anything that one another said too personally. "Davis..." He heard Casey's voice in his head. Than laid there sadly waiting to fall asleep and finally he did.

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