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Written about Tuesday 2005-08-09
Written: (5181 days ago)

Take my hand
hold me close
and don't let go....

I'm so alone
I'm so cold
bla bla bla -_-

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Written about Thursday 2005-08-04
Written: (5186 days ago)

    I've had an....amazing past....heh, and just because I call it that, doesn't mean I've had it easy, but you know what? There is so many countless children, teenagers and adults even, who have it so much worse than I do, that I don't have a single right to complain....There's something I wish I did have....have here I mean....someone to hold me....someone to kiss me in the rain and tell me I'm beautiful even tho I'm not and I'm having a horrible hair day...someone who can stand by my side and not be afraid to hold my hand infront of his friends....Someone to love...that I can touch....here....

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