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Written about Wednesday 2005-09-07
Written: (5419 days ago)

here is more about me. i am single and lookin for a bf. i am always lookin when i am single.lol. all u gotta do is ask me things and i will most likely tell you. i am not shallow but i want my guy to be good lokin/fine and have a good personality. i love to right poems. i love to juss be out of my house. usually i am with my friends or bf (if i got one at that moment). age aint really an issue when i am lookin for a guy. but they got to be between 3 years of my age, but not younger than me. 4 years is ok too if i like the boy alot. and trust i am not a tramp, but i am not good either.ttyl. bye

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Written about Monday 2005-09-05
Written: (5421 days ago)

i am 5'3'', brown hair, not fat but not thin. brown eyes. i think i am cute (not to be self-centered), but i have heard i am cute to by many boys, so i guess i am. but yep i love to dance,flirt,hang out with friends, and talk on the phone. i am boy crazy. but overall i am good people. people can trust me, i'm nice most of the time, and i am really good, but only when i want to be.i can be really bad to.but only when i want to be. but other that thats it.

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Written about Saturday 2005-09-03
Written: (5424 days ago)

my mistake on listin my friends its not sunburst12 its ~danielle~.

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Written about Thursday 2005-09-01
Written: (5425 days ago)

i am new to elftown and my friends are fast carz and loud guitarz, ~punkprincess~, and sunburst12. But i knew dem before i entered here. but yep dem my gurls. they real cool people.

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