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Written about Sunday 2006-11-26
Written: (5007 days ago)


PMS Barbie walking down the street
Watch as she passes, dragging her feet
As bitchy and rude as she may be
She’s just a normal girl, you see?

Plastic and fake is how they’re now made
Their smiles, incinerated soon to fade
Decaying souls now rising in the air
The greedy bitches don’t play fair

Fighting to be the most plastic whore ever
They glare at one another thinking ‘Pfft whatever’
Melt their spirits and the girl still inside
Plastic is the only thing in which they choose to confide

Wanting more, N E E D I N G more
Makes them whores straight to the core
As layers of plastic melt and peel off
The stench surrounding them makes us cough

Fighting to be the best
Better than all the rest
Speeds up the process of their transformation
Plastic whores are sweeping the nation

The plastic whores sit and stare
Looking so perfect with their bleach blond hair
I set them on fire and watch them burn
F U C K you plastic, now it’s my turn…

Old song:]

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Written about Friday 2006-06-23
Written: (5164 days ago)
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Your personal PLAY THING.
Ready for an emo poem?
too bad:]

The sound of your voice threatening the silence
The look in your eyes when you stare me down
When you analyze every aspect about me
The look on your face when you discover my secrets
That I’m not the perfect girl I was thought to be
But somehow, you look past it
Dig deeper then those who’ve tried before
What’s that saying again?
‘A man on a mission’
You’re the man, but what pray tell is your mission?
To discover what exactly is wrong with me?
What my single weakness is?
Tell me, I’m dying to know
What exactly it is that you need me for
You’ve got me hooked
So spin me a web, a web of deceit
Create me a getaway
A place much like heaven
Where you can use me all you want
And I never have to know
Tell me all of your secrets
Every last one
Careful not to spare a single detail
I’m itching to know everything about you
Once you feed my addiction, I’m yours
You’ve become my heroine
So pierce my skin and venture my veins freely
Spread your temporary rush throughout me
God knows I need it, I need you
At first, you’d give me a regular dosage
But suddenly, you disappeared
I’m in withdrawal
Dying a little with every passing day
You’re exactly like the others
Only you were a better liar
Convinced me of things I never thought possible
Such as being loved
Then tore it down so swiftly that I broke nearly instantaneously
I had convinced myself that I needed no one
And shut everything and everyone out
But you managed to break through
You weakened me to the point of demise
Then left before fixing me
So here I lay
A broken doll full of nothing
Nothing but sorrow and regrets
Lies, deceit and a betrayed black heart
Only you could put me back together…
Glue my pieces to form something that resembles a shape
But you left me there to crumble
In pieces, I lay here for you
Awaiting your return
Waiting for you to fix me…

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Written about Thursday 2006-04-13
Written: (5234 days ago)
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Your words have lost all meaning
Your kisses lost all taste
This world has turned to black
Each breath is but a waste
The sky is a romantic gray
The rest is merely black
I dream of a fairytale ending
Like the one with Sally and Jack
You were the angel in my dreams
Beautiful in every way
You were perfect in my eyes
I dreamt of you every day
I’d go to sleep with a smile on my face
Knowing I’d be with you
A loving sinner in disguise
Sinning being all we could do

I started writing a song and kinda lost it XD

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