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Written about Saturday 2006-08-26
Written: (4972 days ago)

Who Feels Like <img:http://media.tinypic.com/24lj82f_th>?

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Written about Friday 2005-10-28
Written: (5273 days ago)
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today was one of the AWSOMEST! days of my life today was Homecoming and it was me,my girlfriend Brittany,wil,tiffany,russel,and his date brittany.we all went to pizza hut over on valley mills that was ok we had to take pictures for our parents i dont like pictures but my girlfriend looks Beautiful in all of the pictures my mom got of her. after we ate we went to the game at the WISD stadium it was funish, my friend carter threw his shoe at me and i took it,then i passed it to my friend amanda and she did a good job of taking it she kept it for half an hour.when the game was over we went to the dance(10:35p.m) while we were at the dance i was holding my Wonderful girlfriend that was fun then my stomach runed everything cause it started to hurt but i try'd not to let it bother me, soon after that they wanted to leave so i guess it wasnt to bad to have a hurting stomach, while we were waiting for my Girlfriends parents we were sitting on the steps infront of my school and i Kissed her on her cheek but i dont think she liked me doing that so im going to wait a couple of months to kiss her again cause shes Special and i dont mind waiting for her,her parents got there and we left,we dropped off my friend wil first his house is huge compared to mine, then they dropped me off and Brittany walked me to my door and we had to take one last picture but i didnt mind,and i gave her a hug goodbye,
thats about it Sorry its so long i dont usually type this much. I LOVE BRITTANY LOTS AND LOTS!!!!

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Written about Sunday 2005-10-23
Written: (5279 days ago)

im so damn happy right now its almost hard to believe yesterday i was at the mall with my friends wil,tiffany,and brittany we walked aroud for a couple of hours lettin the girls look at stuff and they tried on an outfit that looked FREAKIN SEXY on BRITTANY!, it was ok on tiffany(wils girlfriend)
then we went to the part of the mall where the food court was
and we sat there until brittany and tiffany had to leave while we were sitting i was holding my NOW girlfriend the whole time
and that me the happiest person on earth then when i got home i made her mum for homecoming and she called me and i asked her out and she said yes that made me even happier so yeah thats pretty much why im so happy..... i guess thats all ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm........... bye.

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