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Written about Monday 2009-12-07
Written: (3575 days ago)

In need of Assistance:

I am currently working on a Modern Occult Horror novel and am in need of art pictures of the three main characters of the story. Any Elftown artist is welcome to message me for the details. (I'm a terrible artist) =3

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Written about Wednesday 2009-03-11
Written: (3846 days ago)
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Last month I lost a friend, he had been in a car accident driving friends home from a bar in another town. I am told that he was hit by a truck on the autoban (highway in Germany). He was rushed to a hospital and his family was brought over from the states, he died less than a week later in the hospital. Today, March 11, 2009, at 1630 local (Germany) time we had a memorial for him. He was a good friend and, though I did not know him long, he was like a brother.

If you read this, danke (thank you).

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Written about Wednesday 2008-11-12
Written: (3966 days ago)

Go to urbandictionary.com and type in your answer to each question in the search box, then write the FIRST definition it gives you.

1) Your name?
1. The kind of guy who doesn't get labelled. He gets made fun of all day long and can still come home and call it a good day. A great guy who's real easy to get along with. He's very smart in the ways of the street and in the ways of the school but is in no way considered a "Nerd"
2. A boyfriend who cooks, cleans, pays, and drives. A Joshua.

2) Your age?
-The age at which one is finally considered human. 

3) One of your friends
-Kyle Brovlofski, one of the four potty-mouthed kids (along with Stan, Kenny and Eric Cartman who are the main characters in the Comedy Central cartoon "South Park". Kyle is the good-hearted kid who always tries to do the right thing (just as Stan is the rational/practical one and Cartman is the racist a-hole), but usually wraps himself around the emotional axle trying to do it. Kyle is constantly tormented by Cartman for being Jewish. The second half of the "They killed Kenny" / "You bastards!" joke.

4)What should you be doing?
-Photography is actually the art of capturing the beauty of life, the act of appreciating ‘the moment,’ and used as a personal database in one quick snapshot.

5) Favourite colour?
-A deep rich purplish red colour.

6) Birthplace?
-A lame city located on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington State. Known for: high crime rate, hookers, meth, navy sailors, and the ever frightening bremelo. Should you find yourself in bremerton you have taken a dangerous wrong turn.

7) Month of your Birthday?
-A month when mostly the hottest girls are born

8) Last person you talked to?
-Jerry was used by the British in the Great War as a nickname for the Germans. One possible origin is that Jerry was thought to be a common name among Germans, like 'John' with Americans. Another, and perhaps the true origin, is that bed pans/chamber pots were called Jerries, and the Germans helmets looked like them, so... Jerry was one of many nicknames used to call the Germans, the French preferred Boche, the Americans, Krauts. Another common one was 'Hun'. The usage of Jerry, and the rest, although I can't say I have seem much use of Boche outside of WW I related things, continued during the Second World War. The gas/water container used by the Germans in WW II was nicknamed a Jerry can. During the Great War, the Germans, when talking to the Englishmen in the opposite trenches, would use Tommy to reference them, while the British, of course, used Jerry in regard to the Germans.

9) Nickname?
-Artificial gekko, amazing artist and musician. Accept no substitutes. Extremely heiss, creates randale.

10)Hair Color?
-an East Indian person

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Written about Saturday 2008-11-08
Written: (3969 days ago)
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Christmas shopping

I have a major challenge this year for Christmas:
  A friend of mine has problems finding bras that fit, the actual problem is that I'm trying to buy her some bras for Christmas, since she rarely has any. The bigger problem is a question, "Where can I find regular 36F cup bras for a reasonable price?"

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Written about Wednesday 2008-03-26
Written: (4196 days ago)

I'm on for only a short while today, the next time I will be on may be a month depending on how long it takes me to get a new laptop. My basic training at Ft Benning, GA is done next I move to Ft Huachuca, AR for my advanced training. ASAP I will post an address for mailing if you feel like sending a letter, thank you for reading this.

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Written about Monday 2008-01-07
Written: (4276 days ago)

Shipping out to Fort Benning, GA for basic training in th US Army. Fort Benning has been known to be the toughest boot camp for the Army, it is an honor and a privilage to me to be going there.

This will be the only diary entry for a while, I will be in training for about nine weeks before I am finished and begin my job training.

Peace, J.R. Cook

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Written about Tuesday 2007-06-05
Written: (4491 days ago)

I need a peanut gallery. I'm working on a story and am stuck at the beginning, I need to design a hero/heroine, but all I have to work with is the current opening phrase:

"What is it that lies in the dark conners of human hearts? Why do so many fear it? Why do so many succumb to it? What happens to those who embrace it?"

It would also help to have a base setting to the story. But, the real thing is those who fear the darkness, those who succumb to the darkness, and those who embrace the darkness. Those who fear it are also those who fight it, the basic good guys. Those who succumb to the darkness, the usual bad guys who claim to have embraced the darkness or call it their destiny. So, who are the ones who actually embrace the darkness and what happens to them?

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Written about Thursday 2007-04-12
Written: (4545 days ago)

I need a giant desert monster in a post apocolyptic Earth setting for the main hero to be introduced.

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