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Written about Sunday 2006-12-31
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okay so umm diary...what shall i put oh. Yeah, well christmas was fun. MY dad was uplodding the new version of i-tunes on the computer and my wallet wouch i have had for over 3 years now that he bought me was sitting on the computer desk. He got up really fast and was like "Is this urs courtney?" and i was like yes it is. and he stated yellnig at me saying that i dont know what the symbol means and stuff.I was like "what what does it mean?!?!"
He goes "It stands for the nazi swazin (however u spell it)are you in it are you in a gang?"I was like "Dude why r u asking me if im in the nazi that is retarted?" He goes "Why would u buy something like this?"I was like "Hello, dad u got it for me for christmas like 3 years ago" He was like "I would NEVER i repeat NEVER buy something like this" i was like "well u did" and i ended up getting grounded for something he bought me... IT SUCKED!!! <img:stuff/an.gif> <img:44166_1164145272.gif>

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