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Written about Sunday 2009-03-29
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Well this is certainly good news indeed! Last night I started talking to my good friend Calvin and I was just about to ask him if my ex truely had moved down to Missouri, which he has. Thats good because I dont have to worry about bumping into his ugly ass again! :P

Well, I also found out from Calvin that he also was doing drugs and drinking heavily under the age since he was kicked out of my house and moved in with him, even though he was told not to do so. Typical of my ex, because he never follows the rules anyway because he just doesnt care at all.

I sent a email to my lawyer while my mom sent one to my case worker explaining the situation, so I hope that his ass will be sent to jail immediately. I am also hoping that this will open the damn court's eyes and show them what kind of person this schizophrenic bastard truely is. This has truely gotten out of hand....the prick should not be allowed to see my daughter again. And besides, she doesnt belong to him anyway, shes mine and Kal's daughter.

I hope something truely gets done about this so that I can move in with my husband sooner...

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