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Written about Monday 2008-02-25
Written: (4663 days ago)


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Written about Thursday 2008-02-14
Written: (4674 days ago)
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im currently in college. there are no lessons on cause its a teacher training day, so me and leigh have came in to do some extra work. but all we are doing is interneting it up and dancing aorudn to dashboard confessional.
screen printing is my best hobby

we are facking stunners


last night i gave todd logan munroe marriott a valentines day card and he gave me a hug it is true love for sure

ben bainbridge for life...

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Written about Monday 2008-02-04
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i woke up late this morning and by the time i go to the busstop i had missed most of the buses, the next one was late... meaning i got on it at 8:45am. the journey takes around 45 minutes and i had to be in college for 9. obviously i was going to be very late. i hit a lot of traffic jams which is never good. by the time the bus got to my college i was over half an hour late, and considering i just had a 1 hour lesson this morning i thought there was no point in me going to it. it was just a tutorial lesson anyway to get the news bulletins about the college etc. not a real class. so i stayed on the bus and i rode it out to the end of the route. i then got off and got the metro to sunderland. this takes about 20 minutes by rail. as soon as i got to sunderland i went to the bus station and there was a bus there which would take me right home. so i hopped on and here i am.

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Written about Friday 2008-02-01
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Written about Friday 2008-02-01
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phew! the snow is falling all around me. a woman on the news said somethign about the worst weather in living memory although i am sure that is some sort of exaggeration. however we do have very strong winds and a lot of snow. i left the house at 1:35 this afternoon and set out on a half an hour walk to my friends house. i had chose to wear a skirt and tights which may not have been the best idea because my legs started to get very cold very fast. i also did not wear gloves which is terrible it made my fingers sting a lot. i wore a jacket then a thicker jacket and a scarf and a hat and wellies however. i also took out an umbrella althoug this was pointless beucase the snow was coming from all directions and the umbrella could not defend me from all directions. however it did keep my face and heead free from thwe snowfall. i headed up my street then due south along hall lane. i check my watch and i had only been walking for 10 minutes so i batteled on. i passed a man who was fat and was only wearing a hooded sweater i think he must have been pretty cold. i smiled at him and me smiled at me. my upper legs were very cold at this point as they were being hit by the most of the snow adn they were only covered by thin tights. my hands and face were also cold as the skin was exposed to the bitter wind. making it to the steps of the enterprise centre my umbrella got stuck on some low hanging tree branches, i freed it ok though. i then crossed the road to the massive steps leading to my friends house. these took atleast 5 minutes to climb up! my arm was aching off battling the wind with my umbrella and my face was sore off the cold. a man in a car stopped me to ask directions but sadly i am not very knowlegable of the area so i apologised and he drove away. my friend lives near a hillside and when i reached her street the whole of the surroundign area was covered in snow. i could not tell where the hill ended and the sky began. u was nearly there... so i hurried up the street and eventually maede it to her house. her brother answered the door and called me a snowman. howver my tights have dried up a lot faster than what a pair of jeans would have so i think that it was betetr that i wore tights because i hate to be sitting aruond indoors in cold wet clothes. my friend is currently finishing her costume for tonight and i am still warming up and drying off

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Written about Sunday 2008-01-27
Written: (4692 days ago)

the time is 9:58am

last night i went to the bowsers house, with ben stacey graeme jen and amy and adam was there. i was half an hour late but it was ok. we were going to watch the japanese grudge but we had the scene on pause for so long while we were talking we decided to turn it off. adam left. we got the dance mat out and stacey and jen danced, although its not really dancing you do on a dance mat, but that happened. stacey was already drunk. we ordered pizza which took an hour and a half to get there but when it got there is was gooooood so we ate lots and lots and then passed out - we were stuffed. we watched forrest gump while our stomaches were trying to digest the vast amounts of pizza we'd just consumed. at 10 o clock ben jen stacey graeme and i went to the busstop, and amy went home. we got the bus through to town, and got into town at around 10:30pm. i went to the cashpoint, the guy behind me in the queue was someone called yaz i talked to at freevolution... so i explained this to him and he said oh yes yes. i wore his glasses that da and everything. we talked a little about freevolution and went our ways. we went to various places thanks to stacey's indecisiveness. i had a coca cola in Paddy Whacks whilst an irish band played some music and i spied on an attractive boy with dreads and another one with nice hair and eye(s). we left for varsity over the road. that dirrrrty xtina fella was on. off to the white rooms for another coca cola. some hot chip pete bjorn and john etc. then at midnight we went to independent. i payed stacey in. from hereforth i drank a bottle of magners and 2 of these blue cocktail mix things that are independents speciality. however i did not get drunk and i was very proud of myself, it meant i could dance all crazy and no-one cares cause they are all drunk anyway. this horrible man stalked me. and OH MY GOD, william 2 (one of the many loves of my life) was there. i follow him all the time when i see him in town, although leigh won't let me anymore. the last time i saw him was at robots in disguise so it was good to check that he was still alive. i may have made everyone dance near him but that's ok. actually a good thing cause a fight broke out on the dancefloor and we got pushed into him. good times. we saw gary the sleaze sleazing a girl or two and even a boy at one point. was very awkward when he brought a girl onto the dancefloor and turned around and saw us there. he then grabbed the girl and moved away. a man with a scabby face tried talking to us but i managed to escape. there was a lot more stalking of the hot boy. we talked to his friend and found out he was called ian. he then took his glasses off cause it was all getting very hot and sweaty. he still looks good glasses-less. i am in love. went outside to cool down and so jen could have a fag. we saw yaz from freevolution had another chat with him. stacey was meant to be getting a taxi with us but she pissed off early. back inside we saw jamie. he's not a bad soul bless him but he is very creepy and overly friendly at times. him and his friends pointed at us then came over. he said i was beautiful followed by jen being beautiful and ben was beautiful too. well we are the beautiful people. we also saw jonathon ross (do not be excited guys, it's not the real jonathon ross!) and he spoke of gary so we left him. probably some other stuff happened. jen found her friend and me and ben left. we saw yaz AGAIN, exchanged myspaces etc, wierd times. this was around 2:30. the taxi queue was MASSIVE could not explain it. so we walked to the next queue which was just as big. then we were on out way to the taxi queue near relfex, and a taxi went past in the street. we hailed it and it stopped! the driver was a good soul and we gave him a big tip. got home at 3am and watched some friends. the episodes in bardados. then i fell asleep

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Written about Tuesday 2008-01-22
Written: (4697 days ago)

picture the scene.... christmas day 4789ad, the bainbridge and ritchey residence, mars.
a metal tree in the corner, decorated with moon rock and alien eggs. we exhange shrink wrapped gifts and pods. ben got me a new oxygen tank, the darling! i got him some alien repellant, those little buggars can be a right annoyance. at the dinner table our dehydrated food is delicious, we ordered it in especially from venus. its not even in tablet form, its this fancy new block food which came just in time. leigh bowser is not invited, especially after last christmas when she brought that martian round as her 'plus-one' and he absorbed all our alcohol via osmosis. we just couldnt risk it this year. after dinner we settle down to watch the queen's hologram speech, its so good thats she's lasted this long. the queen's hologram teleports away, and cat runs in through the air tight chamber. he's been out for a play in the red dusty craters. he makes such a mess!! *tuts*

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Written about Sunday 2008-01-20
Written: (4699 days ago)

i had a dream and in my dream i was listening to the arcade fire then i woke up and you know that state of daze where you are still asleep but also awake. i was thinking about the arcade fire and i thought to my self i will listen to them today. and i turned on my laptop put itunes on and the first song that came on was an arcade fire song oh the fate of it all

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Written about Friday 2008-01-18
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today i had to get up at half 7 which sucked but then i got ready, i chose to wear this excellent teeshirt which has 3 people one is saying THERE one is saying THEIR and the other is saying THEY'RE i love it. i also wore a red skirt and some wooly brown tights and my brown rocket dog boots they are very comfortable. i got the 8oclock bus, which got me into college at 10 to nine. i got a hash brown sandwich for breakfast and ate it on the way to my exam. I first had a general studies exam about culture, it lasted 1 hour 15 minutes. I thought I did ok in it. Then we had a 5 minute break and had another general studies exam about sociology, I think i did rather well in this because it was about government, and one of my best friends studies politics and she always tell me about it. I finished a bit early, left the exam with about 10 minutes left. I got the bus home and i had a lovely nap against the window whilst listening to music. I woke up a few stops before my stop. Then i got off the bus and came home. My mother is out somewhere or other. But my nana is in because she never leaves the house because she's very elderly. I had a little chat with her then i came up to my room and here i am. I am waiting for my best friend ben to finish work so we can go to town. We're gonna get some gig tickets, maybe have a look in some of the charity shops to pick up a bargain or two, then go to the pub for a few. I am looking forward to it a lot.
at 2:30pm i met ben in houghton, we got the bus to heworth then got the metro into newcastle. we wet to get gig tickets but the box office was closed. so we got milkshakes (i got reeces peanut butter cup whatever flavour). then we went and got some ice creams, i regretted the flavour i choose because it was not nice. we went to topman to spy on the hot boy who works there but he was not in, a very shame. so then we gave up and went to the pub, 2 bottles of wine and some cider = a good night. and on the way home a man took a photo of us which is apparently going to be in the local newspaper

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Written about Monday 2008-01-14
Written: (4701 days ago)

Hello it is 12:05pm and I have just came home from college. I had an exam this morning, it was General Studies which is a useless subject. It started 9:15 which meant i had to get the 8:05am bus, which got me to college at 8:55. This was horrible because i hate waking up early. There are 3 General Studies exams in total, and today's was the Science Domain, which I am not too bad at. I think that it went well overall, I am sure that I excelled in question 3 which was about overpopulation of the earth. However i didn't think i did too well in question 2. Question 2 required me to make up an experiment about plant growth using a scientific method supplied. The question was worded badly and I didn't quite understand what i was meant to do but I completed it the best I could. I left the exam 15 minutes early, at 10:15. I then made it to the bus-stop quickly and luckily i caught the 10:20 bus. I got home at 11am and I am now back in bed which is nice. However i am rather hungry i might venture downstairs in the near future to prepare myself a cheese sandwich.

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