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Written about Saturday 2008-01-12
Written: (4639 days ago)


That's about all I can say...

Aulden... We were talking about missing each other, and he said he loved me...


As if my life isn't already confusing. I've always wanted to hear him say that and believe it, I think I finally can. But is it too late?

I mean... I am about to get married in September...

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Written about Saturday 2007-06-23
Written: (4842 days ago)

Today is my birthday, but dangit!


It's a bronchial feeling thing because it hurts when I breath and I'm also coughing a lot...

But hey!

I get to go play Laser Tag!!!

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Written about Saturday 2007-06-09
Written: (4856 days ago)

What is one supposed to do when they are in love with two people, and also have been crushin on one since forever?

Ha, fuck the one, and screw the two?

lol jk...but seriously?

oh well

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Written about Thursday 2007-04-26
Written: (4900 days ago)

So I didn't REALLY see Joe today. But I did take a good look at his life he has now.

The one without me.
The one I should be a part of.

The band the life the everything slipped from me when I left. I left for good and I yelled at him.

I hurt him.
It hurt me.

I'm viewing him from the window and all I see is happiness with the guys and the girl I don't know.
Yeah I miss him. He was my best friend. I left, but I had no choice. I miss him.
I miss him

[oh god I miss him]

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Written about Monday 2007-04-23
Written: (4903 days ago)

My "friends" should go kill themselves.

They aren't very kind.
They don't care
They never cared I think.

They don't appreciate me
They don't know me
They never knew.

And now because of their misunderstanding me, they will suffer.
They must not know my capability.
They must suffer.
I suffered for days.
I cried for years.
I've always been different.
I've never been like them.
They've always looked away in shame
Like I've killed them.
They've never seen the shadows like I have
They've never seen the dead rise like I have.
Their soul has never been torn like mine.

One day they'll remember me.
And they'll die.
They'll see me.
Smiling at them.
And they'll remember what they have done.

Oh friends, you'll remeber what you've done to me.

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Written about Saturday 2005-04-09
Written: (5647 days ago)

*cough* my throat hurts and i want to play the game!!! *sigh*new shoes are smell funnyish...i want some food...yaah!

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Written about Friday 2005-02-11
Written: (5704 days ago)

valentine's day is a shame
all it gets is fame
no one cares
that it's not fair
oh well
how swell....

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Written about Thursday 2005-02-10
Written: (5705 days ago)

i'm sick of people's perverse ways.<
 they all sicken me. everyone is always like
 "oh me me me!" tell you what...we don't
 care. even your friends do not care. they're
 sick of your continuing whining and wish
 that you would die in a fifty foot hole.
 then, when you least expect it, these people,
 these horrible excuses anyway, try
 to be nice to you. even after they have just
 said the most awful things of you. like
 when they say very inappropriate things of
 you, then all of a sudden they expect you
 to help them out because: "aren't you
 my friend!?" NO! no one is. they're sick
 of you too. can't you see that your
 relentless whining makes all your best lovers
 despise you?! they laugh at you while you
 cry about some person giving you the
 cold shoulder. take my advice:
"Shut up and live, don't worry about
yourself. live for others and not yourself"

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Written about Tuesday 2004-05-25
Written: (5966 days ago)

a day in the life of ashley m carver consists of being bored 24/7

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Written about Sunday 2004-05-23
Written: (5969 days ago)

JOE HUGGED ME---wOo-hOo!!!!

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Written about Friday 2004-05-21
Written: (5971 days ago)

People looked at me weird today at school. I wonder if I had something in my teeth bc it was at lunch. I should've kicked those bastards fucking staring at me!!! Joe came to my house, how wicked is that? VERY!! Aww Terri went to her cousin's so now my friend is gone, I am sad.

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